The End of Volume 6!!

Hey there guys. I’m really sorry about missing yesterday’s release. I ended up being busy with something else and became unable to make a post.

In any case, here are the two parts to the epilogue as well as the afterword.

Unfortunately, as usual, I have been slacking off on the translation of the next volume. So I will be taking a break in making posts. Hopefully, I won’t be as long as last time’s break.


Volume 6, Epilogue, Part 1
Volume 6, Epilogue, Part 2
Volume 6, Afterword


Just Desserts

Hey there guys. Thanks for all of the birthday greetings and birthday stories. I wasn’t all that sad about my birthday being like that. But it’s nice to see that you guys care and that it wasn’t that far on how bad birthdays could be. And thanks for congratulating my brother as well.

Now then, this chapter part is an interlude. And as always, the interlude isn’t about Diablo. Can you guess who it’s about before reading? Well, it’s not that hard to guess. In any case, I hope you enjoy it.

Volume 6, Interlude

I’m Back In Person

Hey there guys, I’m back from my trip. And you know, I don’t think I told you guys what the trip was for. It was for my brother’s graduation. I think that it was for a bachelor’s degree in business or something. Yeah, I’m not too clear on the details. I know, terrible brother, right? I’m just happy that he graduated. Now is the hard part, looking for work. I hope he’s fortunate to find some.

In other news, I’m sure that you guys all know that an anime for Isekai Maou is coming out. No news on when it’s coming out though, or at least from what I know. Also, Volume 9 of the light novel just came out and that is probably as far as I am going to get in my translation before the official translation catches up. (At least publicly for me at least, maybe) So yeah. You can almost see the end of this. Oh, and I don’t mean Isekai Maou itself. I bought a copy of Volume 9 and there was a “to be continued” at the end so there is going to be a Volume 10. So Diablo’s adventure won’t be ending yet. Oh, and just because I bought a copy doesn’t mean that I know anything about what goes on in the volume since I don’t read ahead, so don’t ask me about it.

In any case, here is what you guys are waiting for. The end of the chapter. I hope you all enjoy.

Volume 6, Chapter 4, Part 3

P.S. This isn’t all that important, but here’s a sad tale. Yesterday, February 5, was my birthday. Sadly, it was mostly spent on getting home. We went from California to Maryland. Left for the airport at 0600 PST, got there at around 0730 PST, started boarding the plane at 0930, had the plane get delayed due to another passenger’s emergency, ended up getting to Maryland at around 2030 EST, and got home at around 2200 EST. It was a flight that was about seven hours or so including a short stop in a different city, but lost more three hours due to time zone differences. So the special thing I did for my birthday was spend it at the airport and on a plane. What a great 25th. Haha.