Finally back again (again)

Hey there guys. Long time no post, right? I’m really sorry about that. It’s been close to a month now. I’ve actually been back home for close to two weeks now, and so I was wondering……WHAT THE HELL HAVE I BEEN DOING!!!

I’ve been home for close to two weeks, and although I have been translating during that time, enough that I am at the epilogue of the volume right now, I have yet to make an update. What is wrong with me!? I honestly could have started the whole chapter part a day thing like a week ago. Heck, I had the rest of the prologue done when I made that Christmas post, so why the hell haven’t I even posted that up yet!? ARGHHHH!! I’m so frustrated with me!!

Ah…Whoops. Sorry about that. That sorta leaked out. In any case, as you have just read (if you did read it), I am pretty much at the end of the volume right now. Man, I really do translate a lot at work. I think it’s because I get less distracted there. I was working at like the 25% line when in the Philippines (which I did enjoy by the way. Enough that some people, like my dad, say that I looked like I was enjoying myself to them, which is apparently seems like a big deal to them for some reason. Do I not look like I enjoy things all that often?). So I will be doing the chapter part everyday thing again. So please look forward to that.

Now then, on to the update. For today, I’ll do two chapter parts as an apology for being gone for so long, and just to finish up the prologue. Enjoy.

Volume 6, Prologue, Part 3
Volume 6, Prologue, Part 4


Finally back (again)

Hey there guys. Sorry about the long delay in starting up volume 6. It’s been a mentally straining month for me.

I’m sure that some of you won’t want to read my complaint/rant/explanation/rambling, so here is the link for the releases first. And if you want to read what I have to say, you can keep on going down the post.

Volume 6, Color Illustrations

Volume 6, Prologue, Part 1

Volume 6, Prologue, Part 2

Again, sorry about the long delay.

Now then, here is my explanation. Continue reading

Ending the Volume Now

Yup, a double release. Not because I got any donations, but because part 5 is just way too short. I would feel bad for releasing it separately.

Also, remember, I am going to start releasing new updates slower now. For now, I plan on making a new release about every two to three days until I actually finish translating the entire novel. Once I do finish the volume I will revert back to everyday releases.

In any case, here is the end to volume 5. Enjoy.

Volume 5, Epilogue, Part 4
Volume 5, Epilogue, Part 5
Volume 5, Afterword

Starting Up the End of Volume 5

And so we’re at the start of the epilogue. There are five parts to it.

I also want to give you guys a heads up about something. Once the volume is done, I’m not going to be doing updates everyday for volume 6. As for why, well… I got lazy. Having finished up volume 5 so quickly, I started thinking that I had time before the next volume so I procrastinated, a lot. Also, I haven’t reached a spot in translating it that just gave me that translating drive and mojo. As you read in volume 5, there was a lot to be excited about and translating that caused me to just keep on translating. But again, I haven’t reached that spot yet in volume 6. There’s also the matter of the chapter parts being way longer than the ones in this volume (there’s fewer chapters and fewer parts so the chapter parts are longer) but that’s a minor detail.

So yeah, slower releases with the start of volume 6. Once I feel comfortable enough in the translation progress that I can promise everyday updates, then I will do that. But there is no promise that I will get there anytime soon.

Well, enough with the downer information. Here is what you really want, the next chapter part. Enjoy.

Volume 5, Epilogue, Part 1

Wrapping Up Chapter 6

Damn it! I fell asleep again. Sorry about that. Luckily, I woke up only a short six hours afterwards……Damn it, sorry, I’m about 3 to 4 hours late. But you know, I think I figured it out. Why I fell asleep so early. It’s because I was fixing up the raw text. This is just an excuse that doesn’t really excuse me at all but that’s how it is. When I rip the text, it doesn’t come out in the separated lines like it is now. It all looks like one gigantic paragraph. And, for some odd reason, it doesn’t rip the quotation marks from the source. So I have to boringly go through the source, looking for any quotation marks, add them in manually, and separate the lines. I did this while not translating it, so I think I just bored myself to sleep. Yeah, not a very excusable reason.

Well, enough with my excuses. Here’s the end of chapter 6. Enjoy and sorry about being late again.

Volume 5, Chapter 6, Part 5