The Catch Up Start to Chapter 3

And now here are three chapter parts to help me catch up to what I owe you guys.

Volume 8, Chapter 3, Part 1
Volume 8, Chapter 3, Part 2
Volume 8, Chapter 3, Part 3

Also, sorry about the negativity from last week’s post. I usually bottle it up so I guess I reached the limit for the bottle. Thank you to all who felt concern for me. I’ve always been a negative person and I try to keep it from showing up too much in my posts, or at least I think I do. I’m not sure. Continue reading


The Interlude

Here’s the interlude that follows chapter 2.

Volume 8, Interlude 1

Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys the volume breakdown didn’t I. Here it is:

Prologue – 2 Parts
Chapter 1 – 4 Parts
Chapter 2 – 10 Parts
Interlude – 1 Part
Chapter 3 -10 Parts
Chapter 4 – 7 Parts
Chapter 5 – 5 Parts
Interlude – 1 Part
Epilogue – 1 Part

Total – 41 Parts

Now you know how to look forward to this.

A Really Late Start to Chapter 2

My incompetence rears its ugly head yet again!

Hey there guys. Sorry about the really delayed start to chapter 2. Last weekend, I was away from my computer the whole weekend. And for the other days up until now, I was…tired? Lazy? Yeah, lazy, let’s go with that.

There was a lot of laziness, procrastination, a tiredness of life in general, and a good (probably) unhealthy amount of self-loathing during that time. And I wish I could say that the self-loathing was about fapping, but it wasn’t. Oh, and I was busy at work more than usual, so maybe that was part of it. Maybe like 15 – 20%.

Oh well, you guys don’t want to hear about my problems. Here’s what you really want. The start to chapter 2. I put up seven of them so that should take care of what I owe you guys. Enjoy.

Volume 8, Chapter 2, Part 1
Volume 8, Chapter 2, Part 2
Volume 8, Chapter 2, Part 3
Volume 8, Chapter 2, Part 4
Volume 8, Chapter 2, Part 5
Volume 8, Chapter 2, Part 6
Volume 8, Chapter 2, Part 7

A Quick End to Chapter 1

Wow, it hasn’t even been a week yet and we’re already past chapter 1.

Hey there guys, I’m a bit late but this time I didn’t take a “nap”. Yay achievements (what is wrong with my life that something like this is considered an achievement). But anyway, I am now sleepy. And though this seems random, I am really grouchy when I get woken up in the middle of my sleep. And I mean bitchy. I get ashamed just thinking about the times where I wake up from a nap when I am around people. Well, just another (not very good) reason why I don’t really like hanging out with others.

Well, enough of that random stuff. I hope you enjoy the chapter part.

Volume 8, Chapter 1, Part 4

Nearly Missed Post

Man, I nearly missed making this post. I took a nap on my couch, which I shouldn’t do since I get extremely groggy when I wake up from it. And since I easily give up on things when I’m sleepy, I could have easily given up on making a post. Thankfully, I didn’t go straight to my bed and woke up from my grogginess. I really need to just stay awake.

Anyway, here’s the next chapter part. Enjoy.

Volume 8, Chapter 1, Part 2