The Return of the Little Piece of ****

Yo, the little piece of **** that you all should be hating now has returned. Ugh, I am really sorry about disappearing on you guys (not that you guys would actually believe I feel sorry about it). You guys really do deserve better.

I have been extremely busy working on another project over at Light Novels Translations if any of you didn’t know (you can go here to check it out: click here). And you know what, there is something that I have learned there. Donation/sponsored chapters are scary! I’m originally supposed to be doing 3 chapters a week there with the occasional additional chapter. But recently, it feels like I’ve been rushing to complete a chapter a day! Sometimes even two a day. I’ve barely had the time or energy to work on anything else. Oh, but please don’t misunderstand, anyone here who also reads YHKO. I enjoy working on it and plan to keep on working on it. This is just idle complaining that does some explaining of what’s going on.

But yeah, the fact that I haven’t been updating anything here is always weighing on my mind. I truly do feel bad about it, you know? But I hope that you all will remember this, I don’t drop projects. Projects might be taken from me, but I will never drop one. That goes for Sendai Yuusha, Janitor-san, Ecstas Online, and YHKO as well. I will only stop if the project gets taken up by someone better than me, it’s completed, or I die. Even if I disappear for a long period of time, I will not drop a project (as I hope that some of you who have been following me already know).

Well, enough of my rambling. Here’s what you guys really want. Enjoy.

Volume 11, Chapter 1, Part 3

Volume 11, Chapter 1, Part 4

Volume 11, Chapter 1, Part 5

Volume 11, Chapter 1, Part 6

Volume 11, Chapter 1, Part 7

That completes Chapter 1. It really took me a while to complete it all in between YHKO chapters. As for when the next update will be……Well, my word and any trust in it has pretty much gone down the drain, hasn’t it. Well, for now, I guess I’ll just have to ask that you look forward to whenever the next one comes out.

Hope everyone has a happy holiday.


Let’s Finally Get Started With Volume 11

Hey there guys. Sorry about missing an update for last week. I’ve been really busy with stuff lately. As well as really lazy with stuff. Sorry about that. Seeing as how this is the start of the volume, there’s going to be color illustrations. And since the prologue is really, really short, I’m also putting in the first part of chapter 1. Also, since I missed last week, I’m also adding in the second part of chapter 1. Hopefully that will make up for being a week late with this. At least a bit, right?

Anyway, let’s get started with this. Enjoy.

Volume 11 Color Illustrations

Volume 11, Prologue

Volume 11, Chapter 1, Part 1

Volume 11, Chapter 1, Part 2

Wrapping Things Up

Hey there guys. I’ve got enough for a donation chapter with thanks to Thomas (overflow from last time), Raymond, Gustavo, and Cezar. And with this week’s chapter part being the last one for chapter 5, the donation part is the epilogue, which is only one part. So it’s the end of volume 10. Yay!

Now then, please enjoy.

Volume 10, Chapter 5, Part 10
Volume 10, Epilogue
Volume 10, Afterword

Two Days Late

Hey there guys. Sorry that I’m two days late. I……yeah…I’ve got no excuse. Huh, to be honest, I don’t really have much to say. Here’s the next chapter part.

Volume 10, Chapter 5, Part 6

Also, I have this ready. So I hope this will appease some of you.

Because Janitor-san Is Not a Hero, Chapter 51

I also have this one ready, though it’s unfortunately not the full chapter. I was hoping to get through all of it before posting, but it’s been too long since its last update. Most of you probably won’t be happy with it since it isn’t exactly new, but still here it is.

Ecstas Online, Volume 1, Chapter 2, Part 1


Meh, I’ve Got Nothing for a Title

Yeah, got too used to the whole episode thing. Can’t think of a stupid title.

Well, anyways, here’s this week’s chapter part. Just one though. And just so you guys know, there are ten chapter parts to chapter 5 and one part to the epilogue. So I will get started on releasing parts to volume 11 in seven weeks at the latest. It might come faster, but it won’t come later than that. And once I get far enough in translating volume 11, then I will start releasing parts every day. But not even I am sure about when that will start.

Now then, on to the chapter part. Enjoy.

Volume 10, Chapter 5, Part 5