Two Days Late

Hey there guys. Sorry that I’m two days late. I……yeah…I’ve got no excuse. Huh, to be honest, I don’t really have much to say. Here’s the next chapter part.

Volume 10, Chapter 5, Part 6

Also, I have this ready. So I hope this will appease some of you.

Because Janitor-san Is Not a Hero, Chapter 51

I also have this one ready, though it’s unfortunately not the full chapter. I was hoping to get through all of it before posting, but it’s been too long since its last update. Most of you probably won’t be happy with it since it isn’t exactly new, but still here it is.

Ecstas Online, Volume 1, Chapter 2, Part 1



Meh, I’ve Got Nothing for a Title

Yeah, got too used to the whole episode thing. Can’t think of a stupid title.

Well, anyways, here’s this week’s chapter part. Just one though. And just so you guys know, there are ten chapter parts to chapter 5 and one part to the epilogue. So I will get started on releasing parts to volume 11 in seven weeks at the latest. It might come faster, but it won’t come later than that. And once I get far enough in translating volume 11, then I will start releasing parts every day. But not even I am sure about when that will start.

Now then, on to the chapter part. Enjoy.

Volume 10, Chapter 5, Part 5

Episode Twelve and…It was way too rushed!

Hey there guys. Sorry it’s a bit later than what I normally do. Had a dental appointment. Then I got distracted with other things afterwards.

Anyway, just watched episode twelve, the last episode, and I felt…that it was way too rushed and would have been fine if it were a thirteen episode series dammit!!! If you want to properly enjoy the end a bit more, I suggest just reading the manga. Continue reading