Episode 7, I Liked It

Hey there guys. Just watched episode seven, and I liked it.

The way it started off kind of made me wonder if a different video was accidentally uploaded for the first few seconds, but in the end I was really glad that they added that flashback scene. It really fleshed out Diablo’s trauma which isn’t really explained all that well in the light novel, in my opinion. It gave a more “tangible” (yes, I know that this is probably the wrong word to use) feel for his trauma with people rather than just saying that he wasn’t used to people.

Then that potion making scene. Gotta love that camera angle from within Shera’s shirt. And the scene was just hilarious as usual. Oh, but I hate how they used “Combiner” as the name for his subclass. It just sounds stupid to me. I prefer my “Compounder”. At least that sounds a bit more like a fantasy job subclass.

It was after the potion making scene that I realized “oh crap, they didn’t include the scene where Kiira was alone with Shera to implant the overwrite magic in the last episode”. I had that feeling the last episode, but I guess I thought that it would still happen later, but forgot that there wasn’t enough time for that. But still, I guess it kind of works without that scene. Would have had a stronger basis for how Shera was affected by the flute, but it kind of works without it if you don’t already know about it. I’ll just think of it as a setup that was replaced with the trauma setup from the beginning of the episode.

That crying scene after Shera left though. It really helps show how Rem and Shera figure out Diablo’s true character in a way that can’t really be described in the light novel.

Kind of wish that they talked about how Diablo felt that a mind controlling item couldn’t exist, but I guess it wasn’t all that important anyway.

As for the slime scene, it wasn’t all that erotic. I mean, sure, it’s pretty much a rape scene, but still, the tentacles could have at least tried to make it a bit sexier. Maybe some more close ups as it climbed up. Oh, and unrelated to sexiness, I only thought about it now, but where did her extra clothes come from after this? I mean, her clothes were a super rare item right? I didn’t think about it before but do they have an auto-repair feature? It’s been a while and I tend to forget things, so maybe they do. But meh, an unimportant thought I guess.

I really like how they dramatized the order/confession scene. I love how it displayed a sort of fight between the power of the collar and the power of the flute.

Finally, the Force Dragon kind of looks stupid in my opinion. No particular reason. Just think it kind of looks stupid. It might be that their necks are way to thick for my taste in comparison to their heads.

Oh well, those were my impressions. It was a good episode in my book.

Now then, onto the chapter parts. Today’s donation part is thanks to Ryo (overflow from last time), moff starfox, Joseph, and William. Thank you very much for the donations. And with that, I am all caught up with the donations. Also, with these two parts, that is it for chapter 3. Up next is an interlude. But for now, I hope you enjoy the rest of chapter 3.

Volume 10, Chapter 3, Part 8
Volume 10, Chapter 3, Part 9



A Slow Start

Actually, it’s even worse than slow. I went and moved backwards.

Ah, but before I start on my spiel, here’s an update to Isekai Maou, the thing you guys are really looking for.

Volume 10, Chapter 3, Part 7

Only one chapter part for today since there wasn’t enough for a donation part. But still, I hope you enjoy the chapter part.


So you know how I said I would start working on Ecstas Online from volume 2, chapter 2? Well, I’ve decided to start from the beginning and went back to volume 1. Jeez, I really screwed you guys over huh. I tried reading the translation of it that was already out, but with it being a part of something that I’ll be translating, the way it was translated didn’t really hit it off with me. So I said screw it and decided to start from the beginning.

So here’s what I’ve got. It’s only the prologue but I hope you like it.

Ecstas Online, Volume 1, Prologue

Oh, and although this was taken up as a sponsored series, that sponsored thing will be put on hold for now. This series has technically been translated up until volume 2, chapter 1, so I would feel really bad for taking your money for something that is already out. So until I catch up to volume 2, chapter 2, there won’t be any of the sponsored thing. I still really want your money though (donations don’t count for me in that. I think of donations as being done out of the kindness of your heart, rather than from the greed of mine).

Ah, but if you guys really want me to start off from volume 2, chapter 2, or even from the start of volume 2, tell me in the poll below and I will obey the majority.

Well, I hope you enjoy it.

Episode 6, Kinda Meh

Hey there guys. Just watched episode 6, and it was, meh. Not much really caught my eye.

The slave part kind of surprised me. I knew that the slaves were treated well, but I didn’t think they would be like that. Plus, it would have been nice if they gave a couple of lines to say why they were like that.

I did get a chuckle out of how he desperately tried to see Shera as a wand. But as for the rest of the scene, I kind of wish they released some kind of aura or something as he was reading the flow of magic power. It kind of felt stupid when the slave trader was so surprised when it didn’t look like anything special happened. Let us see it through her eyes.

As for Shera’s brother, his fake appearance just felt off. During this scene, I just felt it was off. So he was pulled off perfectly I guess. It’s kind of weird how I felt more relieved when I saw his true face at the end. Like I had finally scratched an itch.

And finally, as for the scene between Rem and Shera, it felt nice seeing their bonding scene animated. Just heartwarming.

Well, that’s pretty much it for my impressions. It just felt kinda meh. Maybe it’s because not much action went on. Especially compared to the past few episodes.

Oh well, here’s what you guys really want. Today’s donation part is thanks to Jonathon (overflow from last time) and Ryo. Thank you very much for the donations.

Now enjoy the (one somewhat long and one short) chapter parts.

Volume 10, Chapter 3, Part 5
Volume 10, Chapter 3, Part 6

And the Result is…

You guys have voted and chosen…

Well, wait, here’s what you guys really want right now. The chapter parts to Isekai Maou. Today’s donation part is thanks to Abnom (overflow from last time) and Jonathon. Thank you very much for the donations. Now enjoy the chapter parts.

Volume 10, Chapter 3, Part 3
Volume 10, Chapter 3, Part 4

Now then, the other thing. You guys have chosen Ecstas Online. Yay. Good for you guys who wanted it. It was a pretty close race for a while with Sayonara Ryuusei. It was only a difference of two votes for a while until Ecstas pulled ahead.

Now then, I will work on it a bit starting from chapter 2 since chapter 1 was already done. I also need to read the series to get a feel for it (yeah, I still haven’t read it yet. Sorry). It might be a while until the actual first release of it is ready. I still need to figure out this sponsor thing too. Ecstas doesn’t exactly have places where it naturally splits into parts. Well, it does, but it isn’t all that regular. I’ll have to think about this.

Oh, and out of curiosity, where did the already translated chapters of Sayonara Ryuusei come from? Does anyone know? Since it was a pretty close race, I tried to figure out where I would get the raws from but couldn’t figure it out. So if anyone does know, please tell me so that I can satisfy my curiosity. It doesn’t seem to be the Light Novel.

Well, that’s pretty much it from me. Now then, I am sleepy. See you all again in a few days for episode 6.

Episode 5, Those Skips and Reactions

Hey there guys. Just watched episode 5, and they skipped some of the minor things, which I’m okay with I guess.

I liked how Diablo’s magical power flowed out of him when he got angry. That’s a trait that can’t be left out (you’ll see in one of the later chapter parts).

They skipped the hold up at the gate, again. Well, I’m fine with that since it isn’t really important.

I like the scene with Galford. The music was just right. I also loved how they celebrated his “calm” introduction only to destroyed by Galford’s question. Plus, I love how wise Diablo sounded.

As for Alicia, I never really thought about it before, but the way she interacts with people different ways is so weird. Ah, but I loved the “what a frightening girl” face that Diablo made.

The way that they skipped the blacksmith part is kind of weird. I feel sorry for the guys that watch the show without knowing what that was all about. I guess they didn’t feel like coming up with a character design for her. Plus they skipped the shopping scene, but that’s fine since it’s just shopping for ingredients. I just hope that they don’t skip the actual potion making part.

As for the kidnapping scene, I was surprised by how strong Rem is. She punched a guy straight out of the alley. I would have accepted a small arc going up or the guy falling back, but no, she sent him flying straight out. And I’m finally happy that they recognized him as being so strong for a Magician.

Finally, I really liked that stomach grumbling at the end. That made Alicia a bit more acceptable. But man, they really made Diablo sound wise this episode.

Whew, now that my impressions are out of the way. On to the chapter parts. Today’s donation part is thanks to Krzysztof (overflow from last time), William, and Abnom. Thank you very much for the donations.

Now enjoy the chapter parts.

Volume 10, Chapter 3, Part 1
Volume 10, Chapter 3, Part 2

Oh, and about the poll for the sponsored series, I’ll deal with that later so that you guys get another release of this.


Finally Selection Time

Hey there guys. Time for what you’ve all been waiting for! Another update to the series! …With some nonsense from me attached…(pfft, whatever).

Here’s two chapter parts of Isekai Maou, one of them being another donation part. This donation part is thanks to Dylan, Chris, Jakub, and Krzysztof. Thanks for the donations.

Now onto the chapter parts!

Volume 10, Chapter 2, Part 3
Volume 10, Chapter 2, Part 4

And with that, chapter 2 is done.

And now, onto the attached matter that is not as fun for most…choosing which series will be picked up as a (ugh) sponsored series.

Well, think of it this way. If it doesn’t really work out, I might end up just doing it for free. Yeah, I’m kind of weak-willed about the sponsored part. Still want your money though. Yeah, I’m a pretty terrible person.

Ah, sorry about the negativity.

Anyway, onto the possible series. I went and narrowed it down to a list of series that I’m personally interested in. So, sorry if your recommendation was not included, but there were close to 50 recommendations, and I am sadly only human (no matter what this site is named after) and can only translate so much. I went and chose ten of them so please vote for one (even if you won’t participate in the sponsoring).

Now here’s the list. Continue reading

Episode Four, the End of Volume 1

Hey there guys. Just watched episode 4 and it was nice.

Still not liking how they subtitled Edelgart’s lines. But I did like her fight scene with Diablo. They put some nice effects. And I loved how Diablo just took her attack and acted as if it were nothing. Also loved how White Nova was done, all slow and everything. And how the water rushed back in, I thought that was a nice touch. Didn’t exactly like how Edelgart covered her chest. I kind of feel like she wouldn’t care about something like that. I don’t mind the covering part but I thought that they should at least make it seem like she was trying to suppress a wound or something.

Next, I liked how they did the Magic Reflection. Seemed really game like, and that pause, just great. I also liked how they made the difference in their power in the same spells show. Being faster or bigger than Gregor’s.

And then Diablo’s fainting scene after the battle with Gregor, just hilarious. I burst out laughing. From the part with Shera to the part with Rem, just too funny.

I also really liked how they showed the rebuilding of the bridge. I thought that was a really nice touch that was added. I hadn’t really thought of how they rebuilt it. But still, I didn’t think that Diablo had destroyed that much of it before. I thought he only destroyed half of it when I was translating the novel and the manga. Here, he pretty much destroyed the whole bridge.

Hmm, you know what? Celes didn’t really bother me that much this episode. I wonder why? Oh well.

Now then, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. The next chapter part, as well as a donation part. Today’s donation chapter part is thanks to Jimmy (overflow from last time), Hugo, and Ayonava. Thank you very much for the donations. Now then, enjoy the chapter parts.

Volume 10, Chapter 2, Part 1
Volume 10, Chapter 2, Part 2

Oh, and it looks like most of you guys are fine with me trying to do a sponsored series. So I’ll get a list of plausible series from what you all suggested together and have you guys vote on what I’ll be doing. So you know what that means, right? Yup, you guys are getting another update on Isekai Maou before next week’s episode! Yay, good for you! (Man, I really need to keep ahead of this.) I’ll try to get the list and poll out soon, before I start thinking myself out of doing this. Well, I guess you can look forward to that.