Did you miss it?

Hey there guys. I wonder how many of you caught my April Fools’ joke yesterday. If you didn’t try taking another look at the previous post.

Well, here’s today’s chapter part. Enjoy.

Volume 7, Chapter 4, Part 7

(And no, this is no mistake)


April Fools’ Day

Man, I wish I were creative enough to create fake chapters like other guys. Sadly, I can’t. Oh well, just a boring regular post. As if I would just do that. Enjoy.

Volume 7, Chapter 4, Part 5

Happy April Fools’ Day. Nice job catching this. I had a hard time figuring out how to do this. As a reward, you get another chapter part. Don’t mention it in the comments though. Enjoy your reward.

Volume 7, Chapter 4, Part 6

Not So Fast, Weirdo

……Yeeeaaah, not the greatest title for a post, but I hope you got the hint in it. Though, you know, considering there isn’t really a picture in the chapter parts, I’m not exactly sure it applies anymore.

Anyway, you guys get two chapter parts today. Donation chapter thanks to Son (overflow from last time) and Alfrilys. Thank you very much for the donations.


Volume 7, Chapter 3, Part 2
Volume 7, Chapter 3, Part 3