A Quick End to Chapter 1

Wow, it hasn’t even been a week yet and we’re already past chapter 1.

Hey there guys, I’m a bit late but this time I didn’t take a “nap”. Yay achievements (what is wrong with my life that something like this is considered an achievement). But anyway, I am now sleepy. And though this seems random, I am really grouchy when I get woken up in the middle of my sleep. And I mean bitchy. I get ashamed just thinking about the times where I wake up from a nap when I am around people. Well, just another (not very good) reason why I don’t really like hanging out with others.

Well, enough of that random stuff. I hope you enjoy the chapter part.

Volume 8, Chapter 1, Part 4


Damn Me!

Crap. I did it again. I fell asleep on the couch. This time it was at 6 pm and I woke up at 1:30 am. I just moved to my bed at that point. Sorry. Here is the next chapter part.


Volume 8, Chapter 1, Part 3

Oh, and go ahead and damn me for the cliffhanger I guess. A way to connect the post to the chapter part like I always try (but mostly fail) to do.

Nearly Missed Post

Man, I nearly missed making this post. I took a nap on my couch, which I shouldn’t do since I get extremely groggy when I wake up from it. And since I easily give up on things when I’m sleepy, I could have easily given up on making a post. Thankfully, I didn’t go straight to my bed and woke up from my grogginess. I really need to just stay awake.

Anyway, here’s the next chapter part. Enjoy.

Volume 8, Chapter 1, Part 2

Finally Starting Up Volume 8

Hey there guys. Did ya miss me? No? You missed Diablo, Rem, Shera, and the rest? Well, that is what you come to the site for anyway, so I understand ya.

It’s a day early for me, but it’s May 1st for some of you, so I thought I’d get started.

Today, I’ve got the Volume 8 Illustrations and the complete prologue. There’s two parts to the prologue, but the second one is pretty much the last part of volume 7’s epilogue so I just went and included it. The saving point is that it comes with an illustration this time.

Also, please forgive me for the poor editing of the character pages in the illustration pages. I don’t exactly have proper editing skills.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy the start to volume 8.

Volume 8 Illustrations
Volume 8, Prologue, Part 1
Volume 8, Prologue, Part 2

A Late End to the Volume

Hey there guys. Here is the ending to volume 7. Sorry about being late for it. I hope you enjoy.

Volume 7, Epilogue, Part 1
Volume 7, Epilogue, Part 2
Volume 7, Epilogue, Part 3

And now, as usual with every end of the volume, I will be taking a break. And this time it is a planned break. Yay for being planned, I guess?

Anyway. The plan I have in mind is that the break will go on until May 1st. Hopefully, I’ll have gotten far enough in volume 8 to release everyday.

Also, I hope that this break will get me out of whatever it is that is causing me to not release everyday like I have been doing these past few weeks.

Well, please look forward to the start of volume 8 on May 1st.

Oh, and to those that have a problem with that, please think about how the original volumes are released. It’s usually released with months in between. Also, I am sadly not as competent as you would like me to be. I am actually very incompetent and I do feel sorry about it. It really does sadden me when I compare myself to other translators that can put out so much content every day or every week. But there really isn’t anything I can do about it. It’s just the way I do things.

Ah, sorry for rambling. But thank you for reading. Enjoy the update.