Wrapping Up Chapter 6

Damn it! I fell asleep again. Sorry about that. Luckily, I woke up only a short six hours afterwards……Damn it, sorry, I’m about 3 to 4 hours late. But you know, I think I figured it out. Why I fell asleep so early. It’s because I was fixing up the raw text. This is just an excuse that doesn’t really excuse me at all but that’s how it is. When I rip the text, it doesn’t come out in the separated lines like it is now. It all looks like one gigantic paragraph. And, for some odd reason, it doesn’t rip the quotation marks from the source. So I have to boringly go through the source, looking for any quotation marks, add them in manually, and separate the lines. I did this while not translating it, so I think I just bored myself to sleep. Yeah, not a very excusable reason.

Well, enough with my excuses. Here’s the end of chapter 6. Enjoy and sorry about being late again.

Volume 5, Chapter 6, Part 5


I Did Not Fall Asleep This Time

Woohoo? I can’t tell if I should be proud of that. Because, to be honest, I fell asleep at around 6 pm yesterday. Way too early in my book. But sadly, for some reason, I get sleepy around that time. Heck, I feel sleepy at any time of the day throughout the day. And I’m only……24 (sorry, I legitimately had to think hard and do math in my head to remember how old I am. I nearly had to resort to using my fingers). What does this mean?

Well, enough of my rhetorical question and my questioning of what is up with me. Here’s what you really want. The next chapter part. Enjoy.

Volume 5, Chapter 6, Part 4

Let’s Quickly Wrap Up The Interlude Too

A double release. Yay! This double release is meant to be as thanks to the ones that donated enough for a sponsored chapter that I had suggested even though I am not exactly doing those right now. I really do appreciate it. So thanks Myron, John, and Son.

Also, the last part of the interlude has an illustration, so do look forward to that. Enjoy.

Volume 5, Interlude 2, Part 2
Volume 5, Interlude 2, Part 3