Let’s Have a Cheer for Another Chapter Part

Because this one has an illustration. It isn’t NSFW though. So be happy or sad about that as you like.

This part and the next one gave me a good laugh. So please enjoy this one and look forward to the next one.

Volume 5, Chapter 3, Part 1

I’ve also put all of the illustrations for each volume on a single page for each volume. You can find the links to the pages in the table of contents.


Back with Chapter 2

Hey there guys. Sorry about being gone for over a week even though I should be in a rush to translate this. The thing is, I kinda got too engrossed with translating it, and ended up translating pretty much most of it. It was pretty fun.

So seeing as how I have most of it done, I will try and get a chapter part out everyday until I run out. Except for today. Today I’ll give you all of chapter 2. Aren’t I just dandy?  Continue reading

Starting up Vol. 5 with the illustrations

Hey there guys. Some of you might have ignored my previous post since it’s the epilogue that was on my Patreon page. But even if you want to ignore my all unimportant rant in the previous post, at least check out part 2 of the epilogue. It has an illustration that wasn’t in the Patreon post.

I say this now because, well, you might be more interested in this post. Why? Well, it’s because it’s the color illustrations. And like with the other color illustrations, at least one is NSFW. So enjoy.

Color Illustrations