A Late End to the Volume

Hey there guys. Here is the ending to volume 7. Sorry about being late for it. I hope you enjoy.

Volume 7, Epilogue, Part 1
Volume 7, Epilogue, Part 2
Volume 7, Epilogue, Part 3

And now, as usual with every end of the volume, I will be taking a break. And this time it is a planned break. Yay for being planned, I guess?

Anyway. The plan I have in mind is that the break will go on until May 1st. Hopefully, I’ll have gotten far enough in volume 8 to release everyday.

Also, I hope that this break will get me out of whatever it is that is causing me to not release everyday like I have been doing these past few weeks.

Well, please look forward to the start of volume 8 on May 1st.

Oh, and to those that have a problem with that, please think about how the original volumes are released. It’s usually released with months in between. Also, I am sadly not as competent as you would like me to be. I am actually very incompetent and I do feel sorry about it. It really does sadden me when I compare myself to other translators that can put out so much content every day or every week. But there really isn’t anything I can do about it. It’s just the way I do things.

Ah, sorry for rambling. But thank you for reading. Enjoy the update.