Last couple of hours

Hey there guys. It’s time for another update. Also, it’s the last 19 hours of my brother’s competition, so please vote for him.

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Now then, onto the chapter part. It comes with a picture that is NSFW I guess? Enjoy.

Volume 4, Chapter 4, Part 2


Starting up Chapter 4

Hey there guys. We’re now starting up Chapter 4, the last chapter before the epilogue. I’ve told you guys (or rather, complained to you guys) this before but there are only six parts to this chapter. So I guess, look forward to how this volume will wrap up.

And as always, if you haven’t already been voting for him whenever you had the chance to, please vote for my brother in his competition. Thanks.

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Now then, please enjoy the chapter part.

Volume 4, Chapter 4, Part 1

And remember, you can get early access for up to three chapter parts for 15 bucks on my Patreon page.

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Ugh, I’m tired…

Ugh, I’m just plain tired…

Hey there guys. Sorry about failing to keep my promise about getting a chapter part out last weekend. Something came up. I would have put it up earlier, but things at work this past week were…stressful. Nothing serious, but just really stressful, like programs not working that were needed for work. Ah, whatever, the week is over so enough of that.

Now time for another stressful thing.

My brother got into the second round of his competition. Here’s a message from him because I don’t feel like converting his words.

So this is me stepping out of my comfort zone, showing something I haven’t really told many people about. Yes, I do sing a little bit. 😏
I’ve entered a competition called Rising Legends. In the competition there are four rounds and in the very final round one winner will be selected to audition for an entertainment company in South Korea. As you can see it says Round 2 because I’ve already passed Round 1, which started with 50 people selected in each of three categories: singing, dancing, and rapping; a total of 150 people. Now there are 25 in each category, and I need your help to move to the next round which consists of only 10 in each category. 🙂
TLDR: Vote for me! Share with your friends too! You can vote every hour for the next 4 days. It would mean a lot to me even if you only voted once! Every vote counts!! ✌
So there you have it. Haa…
I’ll try to support him as best I can. Which means that I have to translate a lot more to keep making posts to remind you guys to vote. Good news for you guys, more work for me. Haa…
Just so you guys know now, this post has parts 11 and 12, which are the last of chapter 3. Then there is a second interlude, and then chapter 4 with six parts, and then the epilogue. I’ve got this all translated, and I’ve started on volume 5, but not very far. I’ve got to up my translating speed along with my other projects. Haa… I really don’t want to have to think about it.
In any case, there are 4 days to vote at the moment of this post. I’d appreciate it if you all could vote as many times as you can. You can vote once an hour. In exchange, I’ll get a chapter part out a day until the end of the competition to remind you guys.
And now here is what you really want. The chapter parts. Enjoy.
Oh, I forgot to mention. It’s two chapter parts today. One for last weekend and one for one of the two regular chapter parts. Well, I guess that second one is meaningless since I’m going to post more than two this week.
Oh yeah. I’ve also got a Patreon or something where you can see up to three chapter parts ahead for $15. Check it out if you want.

Crap, another late posting

Damn it, I’m late again. Haa…

Sorry guys for being late again. I’m going to make another double post. I’ll also make a double post tomorrow.

Today’s double post is brought to you for me trying to keep to that promise of consecutive releases for seven days (which has already been broken several times. Dammit) and as thanks for voting for my brother in his competition. I haven’t spoken to him about it yet, but regardless of the result, I felt that it is needed to thank you guys for it. Tomorrow’s double post will be to keep to the promise of releases and to make up for missing yesterday’s post.

So here is today’s portion of releases. Enjoy.

Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 7
Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 8

Double release

Man, I can never get myself to do what I say I’m going to do. I said that I would get another release out yesterday but couldn’t. I told myself that I would get more of the Isekai Soul-Cyborg story done, but didn’t. I say that I’m going to move to a new site, and that just goes down the drain. Geez.

Anyway. Hey there guys. This time, I’m just going to make a double release rather than two separate posts in order to catch up to what I said about a release for 7 days. I’ll probably add another day to help make up for it. Then I’m going on a two release per week schedule. So prepare for that.

But quickly going over some other news. There are less than 24 hours for the first round of my brother’s competition thing. And sadly, it looks like he’s not going to make it. Nevertheless, I am going to try and be a good brother and continue to promote him until the end.

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Also, I forgot to promote myself last time. Go to my Patreon page to get early access to up to three chapter parts. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but it’s $5 for one, $10 for two, and $15 for three. And it’s a monthly thing. So there’s that.

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Now then, that’s all of my news. Time for what you’ve been waiting for.

Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 5
Volume 4, Chapter 3, Part 6