In that game, there is only one person that is an existence that is called the true [Demon King].

Fantasy MMORPG Cross Reverie –––––

The true [Demon King] is not an official monster.
It is among the 3○○0,000 people nationwide that are called Cross Reverie’s players.

This game possesses a system where [the player can create their own dungeon, and reign over it as the boss. It’s possible for anyone to become a [Boss Character].
However, among them, there is only one person that is called the [Demon King].

Creating a detailed dungeon that outdoes the official ones, and, with overwhelming equipment and player skills, thoroughly beating up challengers, the true identity of the [Demon King] is wrapped up in mystery.
Only the fact that he has enough ability to be at the point that it’s scary is widely known by the high grade players, and has turned into a legend.

–––––For some reason, the usual [Demon King] goes easy on people.

The [Demon King] that gets serious is so strong that it’s absurd. It’s enough to make people never think of challenging him again.
Many of the high grade players that overheard that rumor challenged the [Demon King] just to try and make him get serious.
However, they didn’t forget how the usual [Demon King] was.
The high grade players start thinking.
–––––Just what will make the [Demon King] get serious!?
Is it the reality of the player’s equipment?
Is it the titles that they possess?
Is it only against those that have high player skills that he will show his seriousness?
They possessed any or all of those things.
Something that will make the strongest player, Demon King 《Diablo》 get serious.
That is–––––

「Ah, these guys are a couple. Let’s kill them.」

Demon King Diablo–––––the one that is that player, Sakamoto Takuma discovered a certain item in the challengers’ item storage and muttered.
He fixed himself and sat deeply into his PC chair.
In his LCD monitor, a dungeon that had been made even to the finest detail was displayed.
On the wall that was grotesquely designed to imitate internal organs, there were skeletal candle stands, and white bone colored candles that were lit. On the field that was a spread out marble floor, a battle was in the middle of being carried out.
The man that towered in front of the throne who was dressed in full black and had horns growing out of him, was the player character that those around him called [Demon King].
The ones that challenged the Demon King were a male magician and female healer pair.
Takuma, like a Demon King would, curved the corners of his mouth.
「The fools that carry the impure thing known as love from the real world into the game world, I, the Demon King, have no choice but to pass judgement upon them.」

Normally, one would think that a girl in a net game would be an urban legend but, it was definitely obvious that those two were boyfriend and girlfriend in reality. Which one was the male and which one was the female was beside the point.

In this game, there was an item called a 《Wedding Ring》.

It seems that it was implemented due to demands from a portion of the players but……
Although it could only be equipped if there was consent from the two players, it was an item that no ability-like merits whatsoever.
Unless they not only knew each other offline, but were also boyfriend and girlfriend, they shouldn’t even think about obtaining one.
Takuma pressed the equipment change shortcut.
「Ku ku ku……If you have the 《Wedding Ring》, then I will make you regret using such a pointless piece of equipment with a ring of my own.」
While having even his heart turn into that of a Demon King’s, Takuma had equipped the item that was the reason why he had come to be called the [Demon King] onto Diablo.

《The Demon King’s Ring》

Bouncing all kinds of magic back, it is one of the strongest pieces of equipment in this game.
By being the first to defeat the 《Demon King of the Brain Enkvalos》 that had made its appearance in an update two years ago, and obtaining it as a ranking reward, it’s a super-class rare item.
Since recovery and support magic will also be reflected, some scheming is required to use it but……
「It will be an extermination! Equipping those things called Wedding Rings that increase neither defense nor attack, for you to challenge me, the Demon King with those on, you damned fools! Net games aren’t just for fun. Also, riajuus should just explode. That’s why! I shall make you explode! In a magnificent manner!」
A one-sided slaughter had started.
Firing the magic that he had mastered, he blew apart his opponents.
With all of his opponents’ magic attacks being bounced back, completely none of them had reached him.
Like this, Takuma had once again made another couple experience fear of net games.

He doesn’t care about the other players.
What made the Demon King Diablo serious, was not for a game-like reason.
—-Kill couples.
Just that desire alone, is what caused him to become the symbol of fear known as the [Demon King].

He never thought in his wildest dreams that he would be summoned to another world as a genuine [Demon King].


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  1. X.x well it’s not like I don’t understand where he’s coming from hahaha! Now where are all the hot elves? XP

    It’s great to see the first release of ISEKAI CYBORG TRANSLATIONS! Thanks for your hard work! Seems like this will be another summoned to ISEKAI MMORPG world type affair, but with a more lighthearted demon lord thing going on.


    • The ‘chapters’ are long enough to be counted as entire volumes, so according to the poll done last week, Isekai is separating them into segments. Each segment could take roughly one to two weeks, depending on its size.


      • thanks for the info was worried when I saw only the short prolog, I’m happy as long as i know its still being translated 😀


  2. I understand so much i once had a couple flirt while we were in a raid, i almost pked them and made us fail the raid because those riajuus were flirting while we fought with all we had.

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  3. It took me a bit to notice this, but 3○○0,000, if it was written as 三○○万, should be 3,000,000 (or just 3 million), as ○ is being used as a placeholder for 0 (an use only seen in LN/WN and traditional restaurant menus).


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