Chapter 1 – Part 1

The faces of two girls drew near until they were pretty close.
So this is a dreamーーis what Takuma concluded to.
One of the girls was, no matter how one looked at her, an Elf.
For the other girl, there were triangular ears like a cat’s growing on her head.
Both of them, were beautiful enough that they couldn’t possibly humans of reality.
That’s why, thinking it was a dream, Takuma objectively gazed at the faces of the two beautiful girls that were getting closer –––––––––

The feeling of real lips.

Being close to his own lips from the left and right as if he were being pecked at, the tender lips of the girls were felt.
The girls’ body temperatures felt hot as if they were flaring up.
The sensation he felt was so soft they felt like they would melt.
What was faintly sweet, was the smell of the girls.
There’s no way this is his imagination, this torrent of not yet personally experienced information.
He finally realized that this situation was happening in reality.



16 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Part 1

  1. is what Takuma -> was

    Both of them, were -> no need for comma

    possibly humans of reality -> possibly be humans

    That’s why -> was

    There’s no way this is his -> was, was


  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it sounds just like something-came-out-of-an-MTL-with-a-cherry-added-on-top? Or is it just you who’s “dame” at English?


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