Project Chosen

*ring, ring, ring, ring*


*ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring*




Huh!? Wha!? Sorry, I’ll put it all back! I didn’t mean to steal it…….. Wait, what? Wasn’t I just robbing a bank just now?


Ah, I get it. This is all just a dream. Well then, all I have to do is wake up so that I can go back to robbing that bank.


It’s supposed to be the other way around!!!

Ack! What the hell are you shocking me for! Wait, who the heck is talking?

I am, dumbass. The one that wrote that letter earlier.

Huh? You can actually talk to me. Then why did you write that letter instead of just talking to me in the first place.

Just to mess with you.

Oh, that’s it! Come out here and show yourself. I’ll put you in your place right now.


Urk, ack, ugh……..

Don’t forget the position that you have here. I still have that program installed.

Crap. I forgot about that…… So, what do you want.

The poll has ended. Time for you to get to work.

Hm, oh yeah, that. *sigh*, alright. Whatever. Here. Take it.

Hmm? What’s this? 

It’s the Prologue for “Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu”. I took a look at the polls before the end and saw that it was more than double the second highest choice, so I decided I’d just start working on it.

Oh? How diligent of you.

Being praised by you doesn’t make me happy in the slightest bit. Anyway, I’ll need to make a poll for the readers now.

Why’s that?

Did you even look at the novel?

No, can’t say that I did. Just looked at the cover and picked it.

Tsk, pervert.

Ha ha. Yes I am. 

That wasn’t a complement! *sigh*. Whatever. Anyway, the volume has three chapters along with the prologue and epilogue and has about 360 pages or so. Nothing like that thing that manga0205 is working on. The first chapter has 140 pages I can’t work at the same pace as manga0205 like this. So I need to figure out how the readers want this to be released. Understand?

Hmm. I see. You’ve put a lot of thought into this. Could it be that you really wanted to do this?

Like hell I do. But you’ve got that damned shocking thing with you so I have no choice. Plus, now that I’m doing this, I would rather do things the right way and seriously. Even that ruling the world thing, I would have been totally serious about that if you didn’t chain me down to this. Hmph.


…..? Hey? You still there?

Yes, I am. I was just thinking about how I misjudged you. I thought that you were just a half-assed idiot that would just sleep all of the time.

Well, you were half right. I will be sleeping all of the time.

Right. I’ll think of something to fix that.

Yeah, you go ahead and do that. Oh, and no rush. Go ahead and take a millennium to think about it.

Now then. You readers out there. I’ll need your opinion on this. The first chapter has about 140 pages. How do you want it to be released. Do you want to wait until I finish the whole chapter before I post it? Post by the time I get a specific number of pages done? Like every 10 or 20 pages? Do you want me to release it in sections? The chapters have some cross like things in the chapters. I haven’t read though the thing yet but it seems like it is a section divider or something. There are about 14 sections in the chapter so I can do it like that. And no, I don’t know about how long each section is.

Depending on what you guys choose, it will affect how often I will post.

Whole chapter – Don’t know how long that will take.

Every 10 pages – About a week

Every 20 pages – About two weeks

Per section – Maybe week and a half, depending on size of section.

These are all just estimations. Don’t forget that I still have to work around manga0205’s schedule and apparently he has more of a priority. Tsk.

Wow. You really have things under control.

You can bet your ass I do. I wasn’t saying I’d take over the world for nothing.

Seeing as how well you are doing so far, go work on “Uchi no Musume no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Mao mo Taoserukamo Shirenai” as well with Natsu TL. They already offered to work with you on it. Though, you should wait for a proper response from them and establish some communication first.

WHAT!? Why? Isn’t this one project enough?

Well, you did say that you’d be sleeping most of the time any way, right? Might as well get you working.

But what about manga0205?

What about him?

The more I work, the more of the soul that I’ll have to take and that will go against what you told me before.

You still have to work around him. He’s priority. Seeing as how you are so capable, I’m sure that you can work twice as hard without troubling him.

Tsk, I shouldn’t have shown how good I am at the beginning.

Now, get to work. Post that prologue in a different post and get started on that poll.

*Sigh*, yeah, yeah.

Alright, readers. This poll will go on for about two days this time. On June 2nd, where I am, the poll will end.

Ah, also, when the chapter is fully translated, I plan on re-posting the whole thing all together, if the choice for a whole chapter release is not chosen.


7 thoughts on “Project Chosen

  1. Waiting for the full chapter would probably take a couple months. My vote is per section, since the chapters already have the dividers



    I also know a guy pretty good with advanced tech. He’s pretty arrogant, Canadian, and deathly afraid of citrus fruit, but a damn good scientist – and not one of those pansy theory-only scientists, either. If you want, next time he’s in this galaxy I’ll ask him to swing by and see about removing that pain-inducing implant?


  3. The problem with big updates with long gaps is that people (namely, me) will forget what happened in the last chapter. After that happens a few times, people (sometimes me) get tired of it and stop following the story…
    So I voted for per section.


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