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Faltra City, West Gate──
The soldiers were lined up on the ramparts.
The figure of Feudal Lord Galford was also there.
His eyes were narrowed, and was gazing at the western horizon.
It was exactly the time that the sun was setting.
On the grass-covered plains that should have been dyed red from the sunset that shined upon it like usual, a black shadow had fallen upon it.
Galford muttered.
「……You’re telling me, that that’s all Demonic Beings?」
Even the hero that fought to the bitter end in the 《Races and Demonic Being War》 from 30 years ago had some trembling in his voice.
When standing atop the ramparts, the river and Fort Bridge Ulg could be seen close to the horizon.
Beyond that, a countless number of Demonic Beings were closing in, that was the report that came in.
Against that many Demonic Beings, the guards of Fort Bridge Ulg wouldn’t even be able to buy time.
The withdrawal order had already been given.
Reports that the number of Demonic Beings was 200 or 300 were received, but since it was information from disordered soldiers, there was a problem with its accuracy.
Moreover, with Demonic Beings, their numbers weren’t important.
The question was the quality.
Truly strong Demonic Beings could not be given damage unless it was done with a special weapon.
Even if they were to attack with a normal weapon, it would only injure the surface and wouldn’t reach the core.
Just how many high grade Demonic Beings of that type were there……
Tactics change according to the opponent’s war potential.
The faces of the soldiers had turned pale.
There weren’t any weak soldiers that would grieve and moan in front of the commander, but most likely, they were thinking that they wanted to start running away in their innermost thoughts.
If an unforeseen situation were to occur in addition to that, the units were liable to crumble before they fight.
Galford called out to the soldiers.

「Gentlemen, we are here in order to die. We have the conviction to go against any kind of formidable enemy that tries to invade. Until the townspeople have evacuated, and the main forces of the Royal Capital have constructed a war front, even if we are down to the last soldier, we must buy them time. Personally hold pride in the fact that you are disposable pieces. For you shall be the cornerstone to the Races gaining victory in the bigger picture.」
The facial expressions of the soldiers changed.
They went from ones of being crushed to death by fear to faces of men that would die in order to protect.
──However, just how long will that preserve the whole army’s morale?
That is what Galford was thinking.
A thunderous roar resounded.
Was it magic from the Demonic Beings!? is the thought that stirred the soldiers.
It wasn’t.
The sound came from inside the city.
Galford turned around, and witnessed an explosion in the North District.
So it was around the cemetery.
A burst of flames was rising.
No matter how experienced of a commander he was, he was unable to imagine that the Demon King had revived and blew down the church.
「……Wings of light?」
And then, a magic formation that he had never seen before spread out in the sky.
No, Galford had seen something identical 30 years ago.
──The Demon King’s magic formation!?
More than the soldiers that were agitated from wondering what was going on, Galford was even more agitated because he knew what it was.
However, he didn’t let that show in his behavior.
He glared at the North District that had gone silent.
Once more, *Don!*, a loud sound rung out.
There was a considerable distance between the West Gate and the North District’s cemetery. Enough that nobles would use a carriage for it.
Because of that, there should be no way for him to see the Holy Knight and his attendants getting scattered away due to Demon King Krebskrum.
At any rate, a situation that he couldn’t just leave be had occurred.
Galford thought about the unit commanders that he had entrusted the North Gate and the East Gate to.
They weren’t people that would move on their own judgement at times like this.
──So I should be the one to head there myself.
Leaving the West Gate to a unit commander, 1000……no, he would leave 2000 soldiers. He would command 5000 soldiers and go from main street to the North District……

A small figure of a person came climbing up the rampart’s stairway.
It was a Grasswalker.
With an appearance of having light cloth covering only her breast and waist, she came running while her red hair and rabbit-like ears swayed about.
「Yaー, so this is where you were, Galford-san!」
It was the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster, Sylvie.
Galford placed a hand on his sword.
「Now is a time of war. I don’t believe that there is scene for Adventurers to play here?」
She waved both of her hands.
「Ho, hold on a second! Listen to what I have to say. It won’t be of any loss for you after all!」
「I need to have my forces head towards the North District as soon as possible. I do not have the time to listen to your story.」
「Yes! It’s that!」
Galford separated his hand from his sword. He jerked his chin and urged her to continue.
Sylvie pointed in the direction of the wings of light.
「I’m saying~ that I want you to leave the North District’s cemetery to us. Because we’ll be the ones to deal with it.」
「……The large army of Demonic Beings that are drawing near Fort Bridge Ulg, are still outside of the barrier. Instead, the being that appeared in the North District is more of a menace, that is what I have determined, you know?」
「Yup, that’s true.」
「Moreover, that magic formation is……」
「It’s that thing that was seen 30 years ago, probably.」
「You are telling me to leave it to you despite knowing that, is that it?」
Sylvie vigorously nodded.
「It will be fine since Diablo-san is headed over there. Therefore, we’ll be leaving that over there to you, okay?」
「……I see.」
So, again, it is a situation that involves that Demon.
「I do acknowledge the height of his ability, but I cannot say that I am able to trust him.」
「He isn’t a bad person, you know?」
「The one that destroyed the main street and its buildings due to his emotions, put chokers on women and led them around town, refused the Greenwood Kingdom’s demands and didn’t hand over the princess, and fought against the town’s Feudal Lord isn’t a bad person?」
「Hahaha……One part of that was your fault, wasn’t it, Galford-san?」
「As I thought, I cannot trust him.」
「Really? Then, it can’t be helped but……I did warn you, okay?」
Sylvie kept her smiling face.
However, her eyes had an icy shine.
The strength of the Magician called Diablo was something that Galford himself experienced. He had also seen how Diablo fought against the gigantic Summoned Beast that was a treasure of the Elves.
So he had war potential that rivaled that of 10,000 Faltra City garrison force elites. He possibly had strength that surpassed even that.
Galford once again made an inquiry to Sylvie.
「This town has 100,000 townspeople. They are being protected by the barrier situated by the rampart’s eight towers, but if the barrier were to be destroyed from the inside, then the Demonic Beings that appeared in the west would attack. It is very likely that they cannot be held at bay with only the stationed troops. Do you understand the meaning of this?」
「Yup. If Diablo-san fails, then this town will be annihilated.」
「Even further to the rear, there are a great number of towns that do not possess barriers.」
「I know that. It’s fine. Even I don’t want to see a lot of people dying. That’s why I want to decrease the number of approaching people so that it makes it easier for Diablo-san to fight.」
「……I will have a unit of about 1000 soldiers head there.」
「Ahh, really?」
「It will require many hands to keep vigilantes whose sense of responsibility is too strong and curious onlookers away. It should not be Adventurers that protect the townspeople, but the army.」
Sylvie expressed a smile and nodded.
「As expected of you, Galford-san! Well then, let’s cooperate and do our best.」
「I’ll leave the North District to you. You understand, correct? No matter what happens, the barrier towers and the Magician’s Guild must be defended down to the last.」
「Yup, we’ll protect Celes-san. I’ve left her to reliable children, so you don’t have to worry, okay?」
She waved her hand with an impression that seemed like she was a child going out to play, and descended the rampart’s stairway.

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