Chapter 4: Rem’s Story – Part 4

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Part 4

Holy Knight Sadraa looked up close to the ceiling.
It should have been a small child.
Growing weird horns and a lizard-like tail……She was most likely a Demi-human crossbreed.
He arbitrarily decided that she was a Demonic Being.
And then, he should have executed her as usual.
She should have been a powerless child that could only be executed, but she changed her appearance into something bigger than himself.
Was she really a Demonic Being?
The blood covered Pantherian that stayed collapsed groaned.
That was the name of the Demon King.
Sadraa once again glared at the gigantic monster.
That child, what did she say? That she was “Maou”?
「It couldn’t be……For her to be the Demon King……No way……Impossible……」
Krebskrum swung her hand out horizontally.
A shock wave spread out.
The Subordinate Knights raised small shrieks and covered their heads.
The church’s walls and roof were blown away. The fragments burned, and turned to ashes before they could fall to the ground.
They couldn’t even tell if what she did was magic.
The classical church was annihilated to the point that its belfry, its holy symbol, its stone walls, its roof, its stained glass, not even fragments of any of that had remained.
Only the floor and walls with barely the height of a person remained.
And then, gigantic wings of light that almost reached the sky stretched out from Krebskrum’s back.
The dazzling light wings stabbed the heavens.
From there, as if it were being drawn on the sky, a magic formation was developed.
What was being magnified were lines and symbols that they had never seen before. As it collided with the barrier that covered Faltra City, sparks scattered.
An ear piercing sound resounded.
──Is it really Demon King Krebskrum?
Sadraa pierced three swords into the floor, and made an order to the Subordinate Knights.
「I am going to use a maximum magic! Become my shield!」
「Y, yes, sir!」
The three Subordinate Knights stood in front of Sadraa.
「Fufu……Even if she is the real Demon King……She will surely disappear without leaving even dust behind by my maximum magic.」
Sadraa was full of confidence.
Even if he was in front of the Demon King, he didn’t lose his calm and composure.
His unshakable faith, was also became his unshakable confidence, and absolute belief in his victory.
Sadraa considered himself to be God.
That he was God himself.
Because of that, he believed that his confronting the Demon King was nothing but a verse that would make up his own legend.
Krebskrum glared at Sadraa’s group.
In her violet eyes, flames of hatred swayed.
It was a scream that made the air shake.
Despite that, Sadraa expressed a composed smile.
「Fufu……So you’ve noticed my magical power, you damned Demon King……However, it’s already too late.」
His magical power took form and his magic was complete.
His ultimate magic.

「You should just get scattered away, 《Flare Burst》ッ!!」

An explosion enwrapped Krebskrum’s body.
And then──
There was no effect.
There was no sign of visible damage being bestowed on the Demon King.
Sadraa solidified with his hand still thrust out towards the Demon King.
Krebskrum raised a fist overhead.
She struck at them.
──It’s still, alright.
Sadraa still had his beliefs.
That he himself was God, and that even if he were to encounter a crisis where it seemed like he would die, he would survive without fail. As for why, it was because he was God.
The upper halves of the Subordinate Knights that had become his shield had evaporated.
His face was scorched by a hot wind.
Nevertheless, Sadraa believed his victory.
──Just watch, it will come soon. The power of God will defeat the Demon King.
──I will absolutely not die. Why, it’s because I’m God.
──Look, it’s will come soon. The Demon King’s fist is already drawing near. Now is the time that God’s power will awaken!
──Ahh, quickly, quickly, come on, come on, come one, come on! Power of God, do it now!

「……Huh? Am I not God?」

Krebskrum’s gigantic fist reached Sadraa’s head.
The bulky armor that had defensive magic cast on it resisted, and his tenacious body tried to fasten down his life.
It was pointless.
Sadraa’s body, which only had the level of strength of being able to stop anything in the range of the people of the Races, was easily smashed up by the Demon King’s blow.
The defensive magic failed, his body scattered blood, and even that flying blood evaporated.
He scattered away.
Sadraa, in the same way as the Subordinate Knights that became his shield and died, had only his lower half remaining.

Still fallen down on the floor, the young Pantherian girl looked up.
Her body slowly became cold.
Looking at her appearance, Demon King Krebskrum raised a scream of hatred.

However, she could no longer remember the reason for that hatred.
Only her intent to kill expanded.
She had awakened.

Demon King Krebskrum’s first cry, resounded in the cemetery.

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  2. Is the Krebskrum class something like a [Magic Berserker]?
    It’s a pity that Shitty Holy has died so fast, it would have been great if he had suffered slowly so his illusions were broken along with his mind before he died…
    Thanks for the translation of another chapter

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  3. hmm I think the problem could be fixed if he restores rem and have her console krum and it should be simple when he has game items and spells raising the dead should not be that hard.
    the hard part will be getting through to krum when she is in this blood rage the back up plan is killing her but that is not the ending he is hoping for.


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