Chapter 5: Demon King and Demon King – Part 1

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Part 1

30 minutes before the Demon King’s revival──
The church struck six bells.

Diablo entered the Adventurer’s Guild.
It was right at dinner time, so the first floor dining hall was crammed with people.
Among them, he found Sylvie’s figure. At the same table, Emil was also there.
The Adventurers of Faltra City knew of Diablo’s strength. That’s why, after seeing his figure, they spontaneously just their mouths.
Diablo had that much of a grim look to cause that while not noticing it himself.
Sylvie noticed him coming.
「Yaa, Diablo-san. What’s up?」
「My close friend, it is rare for you to come here alone. Did something happen?」
「Something……That’s it……」
He was mumbling.
──Just how do Demon King ask a favor of people?
He wanted to make a commission to search for Krum.
However, the Demon Kings that Diablo knew of made orders, but none of them had asked people to search for someone.
It was simple if it were an order. All he had to say was 『Krum has disappeared. Rem and Alicia have as well. Go search for them.』.
However, is requesting something done with that kind of attitude?
No matter how much of a communication disorder he had, he knew that some part of that was wrong.
He couldn’t use the Demon King role play.
With that being the case, he had to make the request with his plain self.
He started to have a cold sweat.
Emil tilted his head.
「What is it, my close friend? You’re looking pale, you know?」
He tried to talk about the situation.
But he had flashbacks to the failures he made in his personal relationships up until now.
There were times where he was misunderstood.
There were times where he was hurt.
There were times where he was made fun of.
There were times where, even though he comfortably connected with someone when he talked, he was made into a laughingstock.
Once he remembered that, his throat became unable to move as if it were cramping up.
Sylvie made a dubious face.
「I wonder what’s wrong?」
At that time, a young Grasswalker boy──he looked like a child but his age was unknown──came running in. He had a ragged mantle on him.
「Excuse me!」
「Yaa, did something happen?」
Sylvie tilted her head and extended her ears to the other party.
The ragged Grasswalker whispered and reported something to her.
Now that he thought about it, Sylvie was the Guildmaster that managed Faltra City’s Adventurer’s Guild.
Emil was also the leader that managed the Warrior-type Adventurers.
──To trouble people like them with searching for a child, that might be lacking in common sense.
With his Demon King role play, he could very much say things that seemed like they were lacking common sense, but when his plain self tried to put it out, there were many “reasons to not talk about it” that came to mind.
Although Diablo was having a vague apprehension, he still couldn’t think of the situation as anything but “a simple case of a lost child”. He didn’t know about Rem’s wretched condition, nor about Alicia’s betrayal.
That’s why, he couldn’t break the ice.
He couldn’t do anything but stand there.
Hearing the story from the ragged Grasswalker, Sylvie’s eyes went wide open.
She raised her voice sounding like she was in a panic.
「Diablo-san! Rem-san and Krum-chan were taken by the Holy Knight!?」
「What was that!?」
When he raised an angry voice, several Adventurers were taken aback and fell off of their chairs.
Sylvie stood up.
「Everyone──ッ!! It’s an emergency Quest!! It’s to rescue Rem-san and Krum-chan! Diablo-san, where’s Shera-chan!?」
「She should be searching for Krum in the Central Plaza.」
「In that case, we’ll put that place off for now. Let’s hurry! It seems that the Holy Knight’s carriage was headed towards the North District!」
「Do you not know of the location!?」
「It isn’t definite but, probably, it’s the church close to the North District’s wall! Since five days ago, the Holy Knight had been using that place as his headquarters!」
「As long as I know that much, it’s enough! You have my gratitude!」
Diablo rushed out of the Adventurer’s Guild.
He ran.
He had not gone there in this world, but if it was the North District’s church, it also existed in the game. If it were in the game, it wouldn’t take even a minute for him to dash from one end of the town to the other but……
The other world Faltra City had a diameter of more than three kilometers.
It would be 30 minutes if he were walking.
Since it wasn’t a straight road, it would take even more time.
──However, a level 150 body shouldn’t be just for appearances! I’ll have to run there!
The day had already gone dark, and the market was closed. Thanks to that, there weren’t many shoppers, and he didn’t have to worry about bumping into people even if he were to run with all his might.

At the Adventurer’s Guild, Sylvie’s eyes had become round.
「……He said “You have my gratitude”?」
「Yeah, he said that.」
Emil nodded.
Sylvie smiled, looking delighted.
「It kinda feels like, Diablo-san now as a better vibe from when I first met him.」
「My close friend was a good guy from the start. That guy, he’s an ally of women! It’s because of that that I feel like I want to help him out.」
「That’s true. I guess it’s about time that a carriage has been prepared. Well then, Emil-san, I’m entrusting that place to you.」
「The opponent is a Holy Knight, right? Is there even a need to help Diablo out?」
The matter at 《The Triangle Ears》 was already widespread knowledge. If it was Diablo, even a Holy Knight couldn’t be his opponent, that was the rumor.
Sylvie shrugged her shoulders.
「It would be great if that were the case but……I just can’t shake this bad premonition of mine. Besides, Emil-san, there’s an excellent Healing Magician in your party, right?」
She turned her gaze towards a white robed girl sitting at the neighboring table. The person in question looked downward, looking embarrassed.
She was a shy person, but her ability was for sure.
Emil stood up with his sword in one hand.
「I don’t really get it, but if Sylvie is the one saying it, we will obey! Everyone, let’s go!」
A great number of Adventurers other than the white robe responded and left their seats.
Sylvie gave several directions to the surrounding Adventurers.
A large wagon turned up in front of the Guild. A great number of Adventurers got on board of its load-carrying tray.
Emil asked a question.
「Sylvie, are you not going?」
「It seems like it will be a bit noisy after all. I am going to show my face over at where the Feudal Lord is.」
「I see……We can’t have us being surrounded by the army after we beat up the Holy Knight after all.」
「Yup, also, I didn’t have time to say this to Diablo-san but……It would seem that there was a person that was abducting Rem-san and Krum-chan together with Holy Knight Sadraa.」
「Hou? So a guy like that had companions?」
「It looked like it was Alicia-san……」
She said that with a sigh mixed in.
Emil made a complicated facial expression.
「That’s……Uumu……She is a State Knight. In terms of her position, there might be various things going on, right?」
「Yup, since it seems like there will be various situations, I’m counting on you.」
「Leave it to me! Same to you, Sylvie. We’re counting on you to deal with the Feudal Lord!」
The wagon started to move.

A few minutes after that──
A shockwave spread out through Faltra City from the North District.
Wings of light stabbed the heavens, and a magic formation developed in the sky.
The howl of the Demon King resounded.

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