Chapter 2: Trying Out Flying Through the Sky – Part 5

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Part 5

Rem asked some questions.
「……Lumachina, what do you plan on doing from now on? If the Holy Knight that attacked you doesn’t return to the Royal Capital, the Cardinal Institute will surely think that the assassination failed. Your life might be targeted once again, you know?」
「Even if that is the case, I cannot just run away and hide. If I do not go to the town Baduta was dispatched to and obtain his cooperation, then.」
「……It was in the former Demon King territory, correct?」
「Yes. I heard that it was the Frontier City Zircon Tower.」
Diablo had heard of that town’s name.
In MMORPG Cross Reverie, it was an area that was put in the middle stage.
It was one of the forefronts up until the large scale update from two years earlier was made, and was the base for the highest leveled Players in those days.
Of course, it was a town that Diablo also used for a short while.
──It was also at that time that I obtained my personal space.
In order to set that up, the place that Diablo’s dungeon existed should have been close to Zircon Tower.
Though, in the game, it wasn’t possible to walk the field and wander into someone’s personal space.
How would it be in this other world?
Could it just be walked into?
Or could it be that Diablo’s dungeon just didn’t exist?
Rem made a sigh.
「……So it’s the Frontier City Zircon Tower……That is one of the bases in the former Demon King territory. I know the route there from Faltra City, but for someone that is neither an Adventurer nor a peddler, it’s a place where you will require good luck just to barely reach it, you know?」
「I have resolved myself. I cannot give up here.」
Shera asked a question.
「Wouldn’t it be fine if you just wrote a letter to that Baduta-san!?」
Lumachina demonstrated her disapproval.
「A letter would surely not be enough to make him take action. Cooperating with me would mean confronting the Cardinal Institute. As I am seeking that much, it cannot be conveyed with a letter.」
Rem nodded.
「……With a letter, it’s uncertain if the person themself even wrote it.」
「Even for me, I would be reluctant if I were entrusted with the fate of someone I never met before. It would be just my own life after all. The Church’s future. That would also be this country’s future.」
「……I understand.」
The story went on to a grand scale.
However, it was probably a position where she should be thinking that far. It seemed that the Church’s authority was comparable with even the King. And then, originally, she would be in a position that supervises the Church.
Lumachina made a declaration.
「No matter how difficult it will be, I absolutely have to go to Zircon Tower!」

Since the story ran a bit long, Diablo organized it within his head──
It seemed that Lumachina was the High Chief Priest, the most distinguished person in the Church.
However, in actuality, the ones that controlled the Church was the Cardinal Institute.
It appeared that the Cardinal Institute earned money with dishonest means, and using those funds, they seized control of the Church. There was probably no mistake that Lumachina, who was going to expose their injustices, almost being assassinated by a Holy Knight was due to them.
Therefore, she decided to rely on the Head of the Holy Knights, Baduta, who was dispatched to Zircon Tower City that was in the former Demon King territory. He seemed to be a trustworthy person.
──Well, it would be best if the problems of the Church were settled by a person of the Church.

Rem came with a proposal.
「How about it, Diablo. How does escorting Lumachina there with us sound?」
「Ah, that sounds good! Let’s do that!」
Shera was enthusiastic about it.
Lumachina was surprised and half rose to her feet.
「That would really help me out but……Isn’t that dangerous!?」
「……We are Adventurers. We wouldn’t be able to do anything if we were to avoid danger. Besides, you should have seen Diablo’s strength, right?」
「Y, yes……Certainly, it was foolish of me to be concerned over Kami-sama’s……Ah, no, Diablo-sama’s well-being. I still do not have enough faith.」
「What will we do, Diablo?」
Rem, as well as the other two, stared at him.
──I do feel that Lumachina’s sense of justice is quite noble, and I do sympathize with her circumstances.
However, he wanted to avoid antagonizing the Church.
Unlike the game, in this world, if you die, then you die. Even if they were Adventurers, he didn’t think of wanting to jumping into known dangers.
Rem added to her words.
「……Also, we can expect a reward. Since Lumachina is the High Chief Priest, once she regains the Church’s authority, the budget she can freely use will surely be big. It will be an amount that corresponds with the work.」
Lumachina swung her head vertically.
「Although I do not possess much now, if Diablo-sama requires it, I will prepare as much as I can.」
Come to think of it, she was under the impression that Diablo was Kami-sama.
Not just the reward, it might be possible to expect her support from now on.
As things are now, this party would end up bankrupt from the biscuit expenses in the near future.
Their snacks went up to 500 F per day──though they say that, in actuality, the amount of money that they needed was many times bigger than that. There was no telling what Krum would do when she ran out of biscuits, and if she begged, both Rem and Shera would indulge her.
──If it’s just escorting Lumachina to Zircon Tower, it would end without antagonizing the Church, right?
Most likely, the Church’s side wouldn’t grasp the situation.
If they didn’t know this side’s strength, they shouldn’t dispatch any significant fighting power. It wouldn’t be a problem if it was just a Holy Knight or two.
Diablo curved the ends of his mouth and expressed a smile.
「Kukuku……So you seek power. In that case, I shall lend you my strength. The strength of a Demon King of another world!」
Lumachina knelt down and put her hands together.

Like this, Diablo misrepresented himself as God for the sake of biscuit expenses and avoiding marriage.

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  2. 「Kukuku……So you seek power. In that case, I shall lend you my strength. The strength of a Demon King of another world!」
    Lumachina knelt down and put her hands together.

    Like this, Diablo misrepresented himself as God for the sake of biscuit expenses and avoiding marriage.

    jajajaja How messed up is his life in another world XD


  3. I feel like there’s something inherently contradictory about using church funds to feed a little maou loli, but whatever.

    A poem for this situation:

    Here comes a troublesome quest.
    But Biscuits are expensive.
    I guess I’m god now.

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