Chapter 2: Trying Out Flying Through the Sky – Part 4

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Part 4

The ones that were in the room were Diablo, Rem, and Shera.
And then, Lumachina, who had been laid down on the bed, now had her upper body raised up.
Since Lumachina’s background was unknown, Krum and Edelgart were told to not come out from a separate room.
Or rather, since it was already nighttime, the two of them were sleeping. Eat, sleep, play──They were living such envious slow lives.

Diablo made it so that the impatience in his mind didn’t show on his face.
──What does she mean “need to become a couple”!?
Since their speaking voices leaked out into the hallway, he was completely eavesdropping.
She was a young girl that suddenly asked him “Are you Kami-sama?” in the nude, and had her life targetted by a Holy Knight.
She was a young girl beautiful enough to make several double takes, and after seeing every nook of her body and even what made her a “girl”……Awawa……Being a couple would be troubling.
With his mouth about to slacken, Diablo gritted his teeth.
──No, no, life is precious.
It was no problem if it was just a single Holy Knight, but it would be dangerous if a faction was involved. At the very least, they were unmistakably stronger than the Adventurers of this town of Faltra and the Elven military forces.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, corrections would be made if there was a many versus one battle, but in this other world, there was probably no such help measures.
Even under normal circumstances, even though he had something to do with the death of the Holy Knight Sadraa……
He honestly wanted to avoid confronting the Church which possesses enough power to rival the King in this country.
There was nothing to gain from that!
──That being said, I guess we should at least hear her situation. It would be too pitiable to throw her out from the inn without hearing her story after all.
Diablo leaned his back on the wall. Crossing his arms, he looked down on Lumachina, who was on top of the bed.
「It would seem that you’ve realized it.」
「Yes, thank you very much for saving me. Um……Diablo-sama, you are Kami-sama, aren’t you?」
──Thinking that Kami-sama would appear to save her just isn’t normal.
He didn’t know how deeply religious she was, but no matter what, to think that she would believe “if she prays, Kami-sama should come to save her”.
──How about you try writing that on Twitter? You’d get an inescapable field of comments calling you an idiot you know?
However, if he were to deny it here, that in itself would be bad.
It seemed that she was under the impression that “if the person that saw her naked was a person of the Races, then she needed to marry them”.
She looked like she was at an age where she was no longer a child but……was she some huge country bumpkin? Did she believe babies came from the cabbage fields or the stork?
──Her appearance is cute. Putting it plainly, if she confessed to me in the real world, she was at the level that I would suspect marriage fraud. However, I’m only getting dangerous premonitions.
Diablo thought about it, and spoke out his evasion plan.

「For certain reasons, I am making it so that I cannot reveal my true identity on this earth. Presume as you will.」

Going *Ha!*, Lumachina opened her eyes wide.
In a rush, she got down from the bed.
It would be fine if she didn’t push herself since her legs were still wrapped in bandages──is what he thought.
She knelt down on the floor.
「I shall call you Diablo-sama.」
「U, umu!」
By doing this, while defending against being called ”Kami-sama”, he should have also been able to avoid the Marriage END route.
Rem kept silent. She most likely guessed Diablo’s aim.
Shera tilted her head. It seemed that she didn’t really understand.
It seemed that Lumachina was under the impression that Diablo was a “Kami-sama that was hiding his identity”.
He once again questioned her.
「Lumachina……Why was your life being targetted by a Holy Knight? Going by your appearance, you are not a Demon King Worshipper, are you?」
Going *guh*, she was at a loss for words.
She probably had a situation that was hard to say.
Rem muttered.
「……It would be in your best interests to speak your secrets early. Otherwise it will invite a situation that you will never forget throughout your whole life.」
She was probably talking about how he had played around with her panther ears and brought her down in order to get her secret out of her before. Diablo also thought that he wouldn’t forget that loud coquettish voice of hers throughout his whole life either.
Wondering how she should explain, Lumachina nodded.
「There is no meaning in creating a secret from Diablo-sama, is there.」
「……If it is hard for you to say, should we leave the room?」
「No, if you are companions that Diablo-sama trusts, then I instead would like for you to listen as well.」
Shera raised both hands.
「……It seems to be quite the burden.」
Rem nodded.
Diablo kept silent and urged for the story to continue.
Lumachina stood up from the floor, and put both of her hands together. A light was created at her chest.
With a *Paahh*, the radiance spread throughout the dim room.
What floated up was a holy symbol that was often seen at the chapel. It sparkled in pure white and was dazzling.

「I am the most prominent person in the Church──the High Chief Priest.」

Rem’s eyes went completely round.
「……The High Chief Priest!? The pride of the Church!?」
Shera was bewildered and went 「Fue!? Fue!?」, raising a strange voice.
「……I had heard that she was a young woman though! Th, that is you!?」
「The real thing!?」
Lumachina nodded.
Diablo kept his arms folded and slowly nodded.
Naturally, he knew──is the composed attitude he took, but in his mind, he was surprised to the point that it seemed like snot would come out.
So that’s it! He could now consent to her thinking that “Kami-sama would appear in order to save her”! She had that big of a position.
Rem made an inquiry.
「……P, please wait a moment. From what we heard from Diablo, it seems that your life was targeted by a Holy Knight, correct?」
「……Unbelievable……The Holy Knights are people that obey the will of the Church. And then, isn’t the Church a group that obeys the will of the High Chief Priest? What’s the meaning of this?」
Lumachina bit her lip, looking vexed.
「Regretfully, I myself do not possess that much authority. There are people called the Cardinal Institute[1], and they are the ones that run the Church. The Cardinal Institute is composed of one chief cardinal official and six other cardinal officials, and the personnel selection is entrusted to the High Chief Priest……is how it’s made out to be, but to begin with, the ones that propose the candidates are the people of the Cardinal Institute.」
「……So the one that can actually move the Church is the Cardinal Institute.」
「That’s because the authority as High Chief Priest was bestowed upon me, but a majority of the Holy Knights, who are the absolute armed might of the Church, obey the Cardinal Institute.」
Though she has the authority, there was no meaning to it unless the ability to get things done accompanies it.
Rem nodded.
「……And so that is why you had your life targeted by a Holy Knight.」
「It seemed that the Cardinal Institute decided to eliminate me.」
「……Did something happen?」
Lumachina put a fingertip on her lip and pondered. It was a slightly child-like gesture.
「Nnー. Maybe it was because I enquired about the flow of dishonest money and goods that were in the concessions of rites? Or perhaps, it was because I gave the order to investigate the rumors of the unjust deeds that the Holy Knights were doing? Or maybe, it was because I made propositions that prohibited priest employment through personal connections?」
「……That is, I certainly do believe those things cannot be overlooked but……didn’t they give you some sort of warning before they started targeting your life?」
「Yes, indirectly from a portion of the Cardinal Institution……No, I was threatened quite bluntly.」
「And you didn’t obey them despite that?」
「I couldn’t possibly overlook such injustices.」
──She sure does have a strong sense of justice.
She seemed to have a personality that prized morals over her own life.
However, as a result of that, she really was about to die……This girl, she’s an idiot. There was no mistake she was an idiot……But even so, Diablo didn’t hate her.
Rem nodded.
「……Lumachina, you’ve said the righteous things. Hence, that is probably why your life was targeted. Doing the righteous thing is difficult in this world after all.」
「And that is why I took action in this latest campaign.」
「……A campaign?」
「Yes. A rumor that “the Demon King revived” in Faltra City had spread. And so I headed to Faltra City in the guise of “the High Chief Priest’s visit” in order to calm the people’s hearts.」
「……Th, the Demon King’s revival, is it. Something like that happening is──」
Since Shera blurted out 「That did happenー」 with a smiling face, Rem kicked her butt.
Lumachina nodded.
「The recent Faltra City has been in continuous turmoil, so I was worried about the citizens. However, I took action for the sake of a different objective. 」
「……And that objective is?」
「It was to report the current situation to the Head of the Holy Knights, Baduta, who was dispatched to a town that is in former Demon King territory.」
Rem cast her gaze off to the distance so as to remember.
「……The Head of the Holy Knights Baduta, is it. I have heard of him. That he is an influential person that experienced the 《Great Races and Demonic Being War》, and that he is quite a noble personage.」
「That is what I have heard as well. That he is a personage worthy of my trust……However, half a year before I was appointed at the High Chief Priest, Baduta was dispatched to the Former Demon King territory.」
「……Just as your life was being targeted, that person was sealed in the frontier……Is that what you mean to say?」
「That is what I believe. However, if he were to know of the current situation, I believe that he would surely take action, and would surely protect me as well──Though, the one that told me that was the Holy Knight Tolia.」
「……Are they trustworthy? That person you just mentioned.」
「If she had not saved me……Around this time, I would be……」
「……That person called Tolia, where is she now?」
Tears rose out from the corners of Lumachina’s eyes. Her shoulders trembled.
「In order to save me……she fell to the other Holy Knight……」
「Is, is that, so.」
Rem was at a loss for words.
Shera was also moved to tears.
「That’s so sad, such a good person was…… Lumachina-chan, you don’t have to worry anymore! We will absolutely protect you!」
「……Again, you’re saying that all on your own……But, we can’t leave her be.」
The two of them were completely intending to help Lumachina.
Diablo thought things over.
──What are the suspicious parts of her story just now? Were there any inconsistencies?
Couldn’t she write a letter to that Head of the Holy Knights, Baduta or whatever?
That would be useless.
After all, if it fell into the hands of the Cardinal Institute, it would just get Lumachina killed. Escaping took precedence over reporting her situation.
In that case, were there any other measures?
Diablo asked.
「Were you unable to rely upon the King? It is true that the Holy Knights are strong but……There are also people with skill in the national armed forces as well.」
Going by his own judgement, Feudal Lord Galford was around level 110.
Holy Knight Sadraa, and the Holy Knight Geibalt or whatever that he fought earlier were on the strong side, but it didn’t feel as though they had broken through the limit. That would make them below level 99.
Lumachina made a troubled looking face.
「I was estranged even from the situation inside of the Church, so I understood even less about the situation of the royal court. If the party that I sought for cooperation were to lead to the Cardinal Institute, then……」
Shera leaned her body forward.
「There are things like that!? I mean, they’re bad people, right!?」
Rem talked with a sigh mixed in.
「……Powerful people that commit corrupted actions generally have money. And then, there are quite a lot of people that would assist with injustice if they can accumulate money.」
「That’s just unforgivable!」
Although Rem looked like she wanted to say something to the indignant Shera, she changed the subject.
「……Lumachina’s insecurity is only natural, and I am able to agree with it.」
Diablo nodded.
He didn’t know what position the Feudal Lord Galford or the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster Sylvie would take in regards to the Church.
Rather, he even thought that it was natural for anyone to support the side that was stronger and had money.
If there was anyone that would take great care of her with only her position of High Chief Priest, it would probably be people that were heavily pious.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Not sure how to translate this. Original: 枢教院

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