Chapter 2: Trying Out Flying Through the Sky – Part 6

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Part 6

The next morning──
When Diablo’s group went to the inn’s dining hall with the four of them, Krum and Edelgart, who had a rare early rising, were there.
Lumachina opened her eyes wide.
「Wh, what is this!? This sinister, dark, evil power that is gushing forth from these people……!?」
Krum stood up on top of the seat of the chair.
「Nuwahー!? What is this -nanoda, this person of the Races!? She has that guy’s stench!」
「What do you mean by that guy?」
Krum shouted at Diablo’s question.
──That’s amazing. They’re the real deal, the both of them.
It seemed that Lumachina could see the magical power of the Demon King that Krum emitted.
If Diablo weren’t doing a roleplay and were a genuine Demon King, she probably wouldn’t haven’t mistaken him for Kami-sama.
Even with Krum, she was able to smell that Lumachina was the High Chief Priest, the one that was closest to God.
Krum didn’t have any malice towards the Races, but it seemed that her hatred towards the God that sealed her for a long time was strong.
──Ahh, it’ll turn into a fight at this rate.
He needed to stop them!
Diablo placed his hands on the heads of the two that were glaring at each other.

「You two, you are not thinking of quarrelling right before my eyes, are you? Dark magical power? God’s stench? That is just noise to stir my displeasure, isn’t it?」

Lumachina lowered her shoulders.
「I, I am terribly sorry, for making such a disturbance.」
「Hmph, she will make the biscuits taste bad. She should sit far away from Maou -noda.」
Krum sat back down in her chair.
Even Edelgart, who looked like she would jump at her at any moment, slowly lowered her fists.
With things ending without becoming an uproar, Rem and Shera let out sighs of relief.
Diablo also wiped the cold sweat in his mind.
──Their compatibility is the absolute worst!
As they had a large number of people, Diablo’s group ended up using the table next to Krum’s group.
While they were having breakfast──
Rem told Krum’s group the conversation they had last night.

「……And that is why we will be escorting Lumachina to a town called Zircon Tower in the former Demon King territory.」
「Fumu fumu」
「……Since there are travel preparations to be made, we leave tomorrow morning.」
「I see -nanoda.」
While she was nodding, Krum stuck a biscuit in her cheeks.
Edelgart raised her hand up a bit.
「Is that~……have to go……no matter, what? Might be……troubling.」
「……Do you have something going on?」
「Edelgart~, has work.」
She was talking like working Players that were invited to net game events.
Rem tilted her head.
「……Could you tell me more about that in detail?」
What she held out, was a poster.
Bakery 《Peter》’s employee recruitment.
Rem was dumbfounded.
「……C, could it be, are you looking for employment!?」
「Edelgart~……for sake of Demon King-sama, will fight! For sake of Demon King-sama~, even make biscuit? Will make!」
She proudly stuck her chest out.
That is some considerable loyalty.
「……That ability to take action is admirable but……Do you understand your own situation?」
「Demon King-sama’s~, servant?」
「……It’s fine. Please take plenty of caution.」
「Leave~, it to me.」
Edelgart made a hand sign that couldn’t be broadcasted on television.
Lumachina was unable to keep up with the conversation, and was baffled.
That was only reasonable──There were two people among the people here that claimed to be the Demon King, and moreover, one of them was a little girl, and the maid that accompanied her was a Demonic Being.
It was too much trouble to explain.
Diablo said what he was thinking since last night.

「Krum and Edelgart will remain here.」

Rem placed her hand on her own neck.
「……Krum has a 《Slave Choker》 placed on her though?」
「This will become an experiment on that. There is no telling the limitations of “not being apart” is, right?」
「……Will that be alright?」
「We will pass through several towns until we reach Zircon Tower.」
Bringing these two along and passing through the gate, that would probably be accompanied by some considerable dangers.
In particular, Edelgart’s make-up, it is something done from the inn’s poster girl Mei’s skill, and it wasn’t something that could be copied so easily.
If it were to rain, they would be in a big pinch.
Moreover, she is being chased by other Demonic Beings.
「It’s fine since this town of Faltra is being protected by a barrier but……When we go outside, there is no telling what will happen. There is no barrier at Zircon Tower after all.」
「Is that true!?」
Rem was surprised and raised her voice.
Shera twisted her neck.
「The thing that keeps Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts from entering is the barrier, right? Are they alright without that?」
──Could it be that it’s different in this world? It didn’t have any ramparts in the game though.
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「We’ll know once we go. In any case, it would be safer if Krum and Edelgart remained here. It seems that they’ve assumed some work after all.」
When he looked over at Krum’s group, they firmly nodded.
「Umu. Maou will not go to a place with no biscuits.」
──I was thinking about her personal safety though……Well, since she’s a child, it ended without a fight. Let’s leave it without worrying about the small details.
「Krum, I shall now give you orders. Listen to me carefully──First, protect yourself. After that, protect the people around you. Within those limits, be sure to listen to the people of the inn.」
「Umu! Just leave it to me!」
While saying that, she stuck a biscuit in her cheeks.
He became worried if she properly listened to him.
「Mu? I listened to you properly. Do not die. Protect. Obey, right? I would normally be the one ordering underling Demonic Beings, but since Maou is magnanimous, I will accept it -noda.」
It seems that she understood.
However, he didn’t feel the flow of magical power.
──I’m starting to doubt if there really was compelling force to make her follow.
It might not work on a Demon King.
She technically did have the 《Slave Choker》 attached but……

Rem raised one hand. The poster girl came from the counter.
「Do you need something? If that wasn’t enough, I’ll bring you some more☆」
Rem made a brief explanation of the situation.
「……We’ll be going on a long-term commision, and it looks like Diablo, Shera, and I will be leaving Faltra City for a short while. Since we’ll be leaving Krum and Edelgart behind, I would like to ask you help them out.」
「That’s oka~y with me☆」
Shera hugged Krum.
「Krum-chan! I’ll be going out on a job, ‘kay!」
「I see. Do not worry, Maou is fine even when alone. I will be sure to practice singing. I have already memorized up until the 32nd verse of the biscuit song -noda.」
「Good, good!」
「Once you get back, be sure to teach me the chocolate song, got it?」
「I’ll be sure to make it!」
「I cannot help but worry since you are somewhat unsteady -nanoda. I shall give you a small bit of Maou’s power.」
「What? Since I’m not a Demonic Being, I can’t receive any power from Krum-chan, you know?」
「On this one here, this one.」
Krum extended one hand out.
She touched Shera’s bow.
The Demon King’s magical power poured into it. This time, he was able to sense it.
Rem reflexively half rose to her feet, and Lumachina tightly grasped her holy symbol. It was enough for even Diablo to secretly extended his hand to his pouch.
There was that vast amount of magical power being emitted.
The wooden bow was something close to white, but it transformed into a jet black weapon tinged with a sinister magical power. Shera’s eyes went round.
「Wawa!? It turned into a strong looking appearance!?」
「Fu fu fu, you should be fine with this -nanoda!」
「Yup. It feels a bit cursed but……Thank you, Krum-chan!」
With a *gyuu*, she hugged her once again.
Shera’s bow was originally endowed with a bit of magical power. It seemed to be a treasure in this world, but in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, it should be at the “hurry up and sell off at the Weapon Shop” level.
As for its grading of either N (Normal), R (Rare), or SR (Super Rare), it was around R.
However, the magical power that the strengthened jet black bow was endowed with wasn’t normal. It wasn’t on the level of Diablo’s equipment but……SR? No, could it suitable to be called SSR (Double Super Rare).
──If guys that spent their lives on the gacha and were in ecstasy from the SSR items that had an appearance rate of less than 1% were to see this, they would definitely cry.
That was an outrageous cheat.
He had the thought that he was really glad that this girl didn’t set out to go to war with the people of the Races.

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