Not Dead Yet!

Surprise! I’m not dead yet!

I’m really sorry about having not made any sort of news or announcement over the past, what is it, 3 or 4 months? Just to let you know, I do have the next parts ready and waiting. The thing is, I’m in the middle of trying to move to a new site, my own site, and it’s a bit, no, really messy right now. And since I pretty much don’t know what I am doing, I’m slow and hesitant on doing things. Heck, it took me a while to even get started on the move after thinking about doing it.

In any case, I plan for the new site to pretty much look like this site, but with ads. I have no experience with dealing with ads, so if possible, could you give me some tips? I’m thinking of Google AdSense or something, but considering the images put up on this site, I’m not sure if I would be approved, so I would appreciate some tips regarding that. Also, feel free to give any other tips or comments like on how I should change the site in general. Or just make some complaints about the site, or me considering I haven’t kept in contact with you guys.

All in all, I apologize for the lack of communication and the lack of updates. Any negative comments you guys have for me are what I deserve. I would also appreciate any comments that you have in regards to helping me in my move to a new site. I really have no idea as to what I’m doing. I’m sorry for doing this so that I could get a bit of money from ads.

I ask that you give me a bit more time before I make another update to the translations. Thank you.

Isekai Soul-Cyborg


33 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet!

  1. Not gonna bag on you man
    Just glad you’re still alive and translating XD

    can’t help too much with the new site but in regards to money, why not set up a patreon? I’d happily support you as I love this series!

    P.s. in regards to suggestions, maybe nerfarian could help with site as I’d love it to have a night/day mode

    Thanks and good luck man! Fight on!!!


  2. Thanks for updating us!

    I’m really glad to hear that. Take all the time you need to set everything nicely up.

    Can’t really help with that though, I just know that a valid alternative to Adsense (I believe reading somewhere that not really safe for work ads popped up some time ago?) is WordPress’ ones. As for the site itself, if it’s from scratch,

    I suggest paying attention to mobile and amp version of it (as I suppose most of readers are on mobile) by testing the speed or performance through tools such as PageSpeed Insight and GTmetrix. Then again, I’m no expert so I hope you find someone more reliable for these subjects.

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  3. Hombre han pasado tres meses y ni actualización ni nada o sea joder, y bueno menos mal no estabas muerto o sera malo, porque te tardas una montón de tiempo en sacar algo, no lo se realmente, bueno mientras esperare para saber mas de las aventuras del Diablo


  4. I’m still gonna be refreshing this site multiple times every day, in the hopes of seeing an update. I have nothing better to do anyways…
    Anyway, good luck on building the new site, and let us know when it’s done.


  5. Hi if you need help write me an email. Iam programming themes everyday on wp and adsense is dead for wp. google is shutting the service down you need google quickstart and too take the site to an other host Iam doing it in sleep. I have at the moment many customers so not much time but
    it is possible to help for youre little site and sorry for the bad english readying ist easyer than writing


  6. Be -very- cautious who you get advertising from. Some of the scummier advertisers have virus loaders, or sell advertising time to people who use them.


  7. as far as ads you can have because of the images, I would talk to other sites that have lewd content about it. Like Pun’s site (machine sliced bread). I think mike777ac had some ad trouble too.

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  8. Amazing news, the best thing of all of this is that you’re alright, geez I thought for a second that you were sick with an incurable disease or something… Take your time don’t what you need to do, glad to see you are not dead.


  9. i am happy to see your still active and can´t wait for the new update^^

    1. I would like to know what the complete image of your banner at the top is cause I didn’t´t find it yet and it looks good
    2. what I think could be good would be maybe you put in more different banners at the top, for example pictures of rem and shera in addition to the one you already have, not to many but still 2-3 more maybe
    3. for ads I have nothing particular in mind but if possible no video ads and no ads with sound, cause it scares me often when I hear loud sound with no knowledge from where it comes and you are not thinking of it in that moment the soundboxes scream at you


    • “I would like to know what the complete image of your banner at the top is cause I didn’t´t find it yet and it looks good”
      I second this


  10. “Any negative comments you guys have for me are what I deserve.”
    Chill, at least you are alive.
    I believe patreon is better than adsense. Considering translation site.

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