Introducin’ da new Isekai Soul-Cyborg

Hey y’all, dis it da new Isekai Soul-Cyborg. Nice meetin’ ya.

I’m takin’ over dis bitchin’ site, got that. If any of y’all got a problem with dis, come on up so I can kick all yer asses down.

Now that I got da self-intro out of da way, I still got no idea on what da hell it is dat I wanna do with dis site. If any of ya guys out dere got any ideas fer me, I’m willin’ to take some freebies.

Now, if y’all havn’t noticed, this is manga0205 havin’ died and his soul bein’ transferred to a whole new world. And ta boot, he’s been reborn as a frickin’ cyborg of all things. Unfortunately, da name manga0205 seems to have followed my ass ta dis world and I don’t know how to do a name change here. So until I can figure that out, jus’ call me Isekai Soul-Cyborg here.

Gettin’ back to what I’m gonna do in this world, maybe I’ll look inta conquerin’ it. Ya know, a little destruction here, a bit a mayhem there, y’all get da idea. And ya know, all of ya readin’ this can also be da slaves of my new kingdom. Sounds just great, don’t it?

And if ya don’t like it, well, we can arrange a little somethin’ fer ya. Maybe somethin’ li-BZZT-





10 thoughts on “Introducin’ da new Isekai Soul-Cyborg


    Hey, since you fell on your own hunter snare and got drilled by a handful of fluffy horned rabbits, why not a reincarnation story?


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