Chapter 2: Trying Out Undoing the Seal – Part 7

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Part 7

Ourou returned to his former gigantic owl form from his figure of a body having lost half of its torso.
「……To think that the likes of a mere Summoned Beast would prove to be a hindrance.」
Surprisingly enough, there was not a single injury to be found on the gigantic owl. Though, by some chance, there is a possibility that the damage remained.
Diablo turned the 《Staff of Tenma》 towards him.
「So you made a surprise attack with your subordinates……Despite saying such self-important things, you’ve taken quite the underhanded tactic, haven’t you?」
「……If thou weren’t here, things would have ended with me crushing her from the start. What incredible magical power……It is hard to believe that you are a mere person of the Races.」
「I have said that I am a Demon King. I had thought that you were only ignorant, but are you also senile?」
「Impossible. But, this strength is not normal. I do not understand……I do not understand……I do not understand……」
Ourou, who had turned into a gigantic owl, flapped his wings.
While noisily blowing up a cloud of dirt, he floated up.
──So he’s running away.
Diablo could fire some magic and pursue him but……
With a glance, he looked at the surroudings.
Honestly, if Ourou were to make an area attack with something other than magic, he would have no other means of protecting the girls other than turning Rem’s Summoned Beasts into a shield.
Moreover, since it had just been crushed, the one with the largest build, 《Stoneman》, couldn’t be used for a while.
Edelgart also seemed to be seriously injured. Only now was she finally able get her body up.
There was no need to expressly drive a withdrawing opponent into a corner and invite a counter attack. As long as he didn’t lose anyone, that was enough.
Diablo lowered his staff.
「Hmph……I have lost interest. Those that run away are inconsequential.」
He spoke out strong words.
It was because he didn’t think it was profitable to display weakness to Ourou.
However, even if he was doing a Demon King role play, the truth was that he didn’t want to do a genuine battle to the death.
No matter how much knowledge or abilities he had, it was dangerous to battle against an opponent with wisdom. Not to mention, if the one targeted wasn’t Diablo himself, but his companions, he was extremely restricted in his means of protecting them.
Ourou flew away.
The surroundings had become quiet.

「Shera, does it seem like there are any other Demonic Beings?」
「U, uum……I don’t think, there are any? Though, I was late in noticing earlier.」
「With as things are now, the other faction might come as well. Pay careful attention.」
「I got it.」
In her anxiety, Shera tightly gripped Krebskrem’s hand.
As for the little girl Demon King that had her life targeted, she didn’t seem to harbor any fear from the battle just now. She was making a composed-looking face.
「Earlier, the one that protected Maou, could that have been you?」
「Eh? That’s……I suppose that is how it turned out.」
Rem nodded.
She was probably talking about how she defended against the attack from the wolf-headed Demonic Beings with the Summoned Beast.
「That was good work -nanoda. I shall praise you.」
「……I wonder, why, I protected you?」
「What’s wrong? I praised you, so you should obediently lower your head -noda.」
When she said that sounding so self-important, Shera rebuked her.
「That’s wrong. At times like that, you say “Thank you”.」
「Even though there aren’t any biscuits?」
「That is what you say when something that makes you happy happens.」
「You people of the Races are incomprehensible -noda. Well whatever, words need to match the recipient otherwise there is no meaning in saying them.」
「Very good, very good.」
Rem gazed at that situation, and made a face showing that she had complicated-feelings.
She had made defeating Krebskrem her objective.
Though Krebskrem had made the promise to not kill the people of the Races, she didn’t know was would happen if her memories as the Demon King were to return.
Despite that, Rem had instantly protected her.
Why did she do that? She could not give an answer.
Alicia smiled.
「Rem-sama, I am sure that it is because you feel that you want to protect everyone from the bottom of your heart, that you spontaneously moved.」
「……That, just might be true.」
「As expected, Adventurers have different experiences. At the crucial time, my body cowered.」
「……I did as well. The one that fought was the Summoned Beast.」
Rem and Alicia seemed to be composed.
Diablo shifted his attention over to Edelgart.
「Are you alive?」
「No~ problem. Fine.」
Gazing at the Demon King and the others getting along, she breathed a sigh.
「……Demon King-sama has~, been decieved.」
「That is not my fault, you know?」
「I, know. But, cannot~ consent? Killing person of Races~, from start……And bring Demon King-sama to castle~……Unable to do that, your fault?」
What she was thinking wasn’t all that different from Ourou. Though, considering her own true strength and the situation, she did seem to have the composure to restrain herself from fighting.
「Edelgart~, want to protect Demon King-sama. But, if going to Races’ town~, cannot get close.」
「That’s true.」
If it is just Krebskrem, they could handle it if they just hide her tail. If possible, it would be better to hide her horns as well.
Edelgart was beautiful, but she possessed reptilian-like eyes that were impossible for the Races and skin that had scales coming to the surface if looked at closely. If she were to get close to a town of the Races, she would be recognized as a Demonic Being.
Edelgart knelt down once again.
「Demon King-sam……Edelgart~, cannot go, up to town? Will be waiting in forest~, so please call any time.」
「Umu, you did some good work -noda.」
「Someday~, please come to Demon King Castle……Is desire, of all Demonic Beings.」
「At that castle, isn’t that Demonic Being called Ourou from earlier there as well?」
「Th, that is……」
「Maou has the mission of eating biscuits at the town -noda. I will not be obstructed from this.」
「……Under, stood. If that is~, Demon King-sama’s will!」
Edelgart silently gave her thanks. When she got up while looking like she was having trouble, she totteringly left towards the forest.
Although they felt sympathy for that appearance from behind that had sorrow floating about her, she was unable to enter the town.
Moreover, since she seemed to have the idea of “if there is a chance, she would kill the surrounding people of the Races and bring Krebskrem back to the Demon King Castle”, they were insecure about having her nearby.
It couldn’t be helped that they were incompatible.

Diablo started walking towards the town. Rem followed along.
「Are you alright now?」
「……If we were to be attacked by Demonic Beings, I am now unable to say that I would become unable to stand. More importantly, Diablo, you really are amazing. Ourou was said to be the strongest Demonic Being, and yet……」
「He was more tenacious than I imagined. He also has wisdom. If he had received magical power from the Demon King, it probably would have been a hard fight.」
Lining up beside them, Alicia made a wry smile.
「Even so, it isn’t “defeat” but a “hard fight”, huh.」
「Naturally. I am the Demon King of another world after all. There is no way I would lose to a Demonic Being.」
Shera walked while holding hands with Krebskrem.
「The biscuit song~♪」
「What the heck is that!?」
「You see, at times when walking alone in the forest at night, it doesn’t become as scary when you sing. And then, when you sing with everyone, it’s fun. The Bi in Biscuit is, the Bi for Bikkuri (Surprise)~♪ The Su~ is the Su for Suteki (Wonderful)~♪」[1]
「Bi, Bi~ is! Bi~!」
Krebskrem raised a loud voice and laughed.
They left behind the 《Starfall Tower》.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original text for song: ビスケットのビ~は、ビックリのビ~♪ ス~はステキのス~♪

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  3. Hmmm. But leaving Kre-chan alive is certainly going to be a problem once she regains her memory and true power…

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    • Thinking about it, God shattered the demon king into fragments rather than killing them.

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      • it could vary well be a bug left form this world being vary close to the game as in they did not add this demon king in to the games main story yet or intended for it to be at some point but it was not done being built leaving a boss mob put together form the vague lure witch was barely released form the looks of it. there is a bit about what she can do as all demon kings can do the same basics but it lists nothing useful about her as a person or her attacks and magic or skills so she is in effect blank.

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      • at this point she is his daughter I think everything will be fine even if she regains the form of the last boss as long as they make her a slave too.
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        I think what the MC and co are forgetting is that they are guiding her in to a town with a barrier that should stop her at the gate he could teleport the whole lot in if he thinks of it but till then.


  4. Iyo.
    You know, I was expecting some grand combat in Starfall tower, with chunks being destroyed and enslavement magic accidentally activating again, putting Kreb-chan into Diablo’s thrall… I think I’m with Edelgart on this one. Many conflicting feelings. It’s not bad. by any rate, don’t misunderstand me.
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  6. Welp I have no idea how the story is going to go from here. Are they even going to let them in the front gate? Maybe Shera will coach Krebskrem on what to say.


  7. Her memories will inevitably come back, but by then there will be many happy memories to balance the hateful ones. Even though she’s dangerous, she’s just an innocent child right now, so I am happy they’re taking the risk.


  8. It could be nature be nurture. There never was any reason for demons to kill the races besides being demons. Every demon king raised in an environment where killing is normal would like obviously be Evil when they grow up


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    Result the programmers did not create the skill of the demon king, nor a background story, there it is born incomplete


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