Update and a Request

Sorano Koe: Seeing as how we’ve found the Adventurer’s Guild, how about we go and check it out?

Na-chan: Na-chan agrees with that proposal.

Sorano Koe: Alright, let’s g—

Announcer: Come one, come all. Check out this wonderful performance on the giant public crystal ball.

Sorano Koe is suddenly interrupted in her excitement by some random NPC (Pfft).

Sorano Koe: Shut up! Haa… That just demotivated me. Well, then let’s just go and check out that performance the guy just mentioned.

Hey there guys. Here is a quick update. It’s quick because it actually happened within the month of the last update. Yay!

Anyway. If you guys don’t mind, please check out my sister’s video to get her some views. I think it is the same as last time, but I don’t really know the details. The deadline is November 18, 2016, and she only just gave me the link today, November 16, 2016, so she seems pretty lax about it. If you guys don’t mind, please casually give it a watch.

Oh, and please don’t comment on the video asking about the translations. It’s her account, so I don’t read the comments on it.

Welp, here’s the other stuff that you’re looking for. I actually went and finished volume 3 chapter 2, yay! Enjoy.

LN : Volume 3 Chapter 2 – Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Manga: Chapter 15.1


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