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The TV anime, has been decided!

It means that Rem, Shera, and Diablo will be moving and talking!
I also need to give my thanks to all of you readers who have given a great amount of support.
Thank you very much!
I also give my thanks to Tsurusaki Takahiro-sensei who collaborated with me since the design stage as well as drew the illustrations, Shouji-sama who is in charge of editing, the designer from Afterglow Ooishi-sama, Fukuda Naoto-sensei of the comicalization, and all of the staff of the Kodansha Lightnovel Bunko and Sirius Editorial Departments!
I believe you can find the details of the 『Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu』 TV anime if you look at the official site.
At the very beginning, it was a design that started from idle talk with Tsurusaki-sensei. In those days, there were few demi-human heroines in light novels, and that isekai things had to be internet publication works──those kinds of opinions were there. Actually, we were shown disapproval at several editorial departments but……Shouji-san of Kodansha Lightnovel Bunko had said 「This looks interesting! Let’s do it!」 and cheerfully accepted it, causing it to be published.
As a result──the maker’s side received a surprising response, and when Fukuda-sensei’s comicalization started, its momentum became even stronger.
And now, we finally arrive at it becoming an anime. Since that was my objective since before I became a writer, I am really happy. Since I will be doing my best from now on as well, you have my best regards.

Now then, we’re at volume 9.
With this being the climax of the Great Demon King arc, this has become the book series’ greatest fight.
I have already written more than 50 volumes of light novels, but I feel like this was my first time writing the fight scene so endlessly. It was to the point that in the middle of it, I was worried if he could really defeat it.
His relationship with Rem has also progressed.
However, since the ring that was handed over was something that Diablo obtained in an in-game event, in other words, the rings that Shera and Rem have on are a pair……but we’ll leave that for later!
It was a composition that was different from usual, but I would be delighted if you enjoyed it.
The next volume will be done as soon as possible. Since this volume had very few everyday scenes, I would like to put a whole bunch of them in the next one. Please look forward to it.

Volume 6 of the comicalization by Fukuda Naoto-sensei has been published at the same time as this book. It is in the middle of a popular serialization by means of the WEB manga Niconico Seiga 「Wednesday Sirius」.

『The 14 Year Old and the Illustrator』 (MF Bunko J) that Illustrator Mizoguchi Cage-sensei is also designing is in the middle of publication. It is a work comedy filled with the interactions and industry jokes of a 14 year old cosplayer and a pro illustrator.
Amazingly, a comicalized serialization by Kamelie-sensei has been decided! It is through the no charge manga distribution service 「Cycomi」.

The long running war chronicle of 『Altina the Sword Princess』 (Famitsuu Bunko) has a planned publication at the end of the month. It is finally at volume 13. Since it is a series that has received a favorable reputation for a long time, I would be happy if those who have not read it could pick it up.
The DMM distribution of the novelization of the social game 『The Millennium War Aigis, The White Empire Arc』 is also in the middle of publication.
Similarly, I have been put in charge of the main scenario of the DMM distribution’s 『Soukou Musume』. Since it is basically free, please try playing it.

Murasaki Yukiya

Epilogue | Table of Contents | Next Volume

28 thoughts on “Afterword

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  2. MY 45th nepu on this release….. man, this is the most nepu I’ve done on one release.
        /   ヽ
       / 人  \\ 彡
      ⊂ノ )   ヽ⊃
         / 人 (
        (_ノ (__)
    Will be waiting for the next volume!

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  3. When all is said and done, we still haven’t seen the result of the power Krum gave to Rem.

    PS: I swear, author if you cockblock this threesome again…


  4. Thanks for the whole bunch of releases. I was worried when i saw the title but when i read the post i binge read it……..


  5. ……ah so the cockblocks been decided…The cockblock with be Shera and Rem engaging in yuri and Diablo just becoming the bed….touche rings…..touche…
    Though in end it could trigger an event situation as well like a quest… hmmm…maybe rem and shera might be leaving for a while?


  6. Still by god the ones that escaped the fight in this volume must finially see him as demon king right? if not now thats the biggest joke then any cockblocking would ever be


  7. Thank you so much you are the best, i always love reading this story, and love r reading the jokes when you post the story.
    P.s: that ending was it a cliff or a cockblock.


  8. As expected, Rem and Shera are married.
    I guess Diablo is gonna have to go do that ring quest again and get a set of 3 made instead. Actually, let’s be safe and make it a set of 6.

    …If they get each other pregnant at the same time, assuming identical incubatuon periods between the races, would those children count as twins?


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