Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to a Cafe – Part 5

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Part 5

The next day──
Diablo’s group had lunch at 《Relief・Twilight Store》.
Since Alicia had State Knight work to do, she was gone since morning.
Rem left her seat.
「……This afternoon, I will be going to the Magician’s Guild. Since Celes has been looking after me after all, I had best make a report to her.」
「That certainly is true.」
「……Since I’m anxious about taking Krem along, I will go alone.」
「I shall allow it. Return by evening.」
Shera waved her hand.
「Have a safe tri~p, and say hi to Celes-sama for me.」
Krem ate a biscuit and having no concerns. Is what he thought but──
She held out a single biscuit.
「I do not know where you are going, but if you get hungry, you should eat this -noda!」
「That’s wrong. It’s “Thank you” -nanoda!」
「Ah……That’s true. Thank you very much.」
While making a complicated expression, Rem accepted the biscuit.
She showed a faint smile.
──She might have gotten used to her a little bit.
And then, she departed.

After lunch, in the dining hall that had no other customers, Shera taught Krem a song.
He didn’t know what kind of songs this world had, but they were the so-called nursery rhymes. For some reason, they were all songs about food.
Shera pointed at the entrance.
It was a girl who was wearing clothes that had excessively too little cloth. Only her chest and her waist were concealed.
Her red hair went down to shoulder length.
She was of a race called Grasswalkers, so she had rabbit ears on her head, as well as a round tail. And then, no matter how old she became, she would not change from her outward appearance of a child.
Sylvie worked as Faltra City’s Adventurer Guild’s Guildmaster. That should be a good indication of her age.
However, she displayed innocent behavior that suited her childish outward appearance.
She energetically waved her arms.
「Hey, Diablo-san! Everyone else too, how ya doin’!」
Saying that, she sat down in an open seat.
Shera asked a question.
「Sylvie-san, are you here to eat too?」
「Yeah, I guess I’ll have something. But, I came here to meet with your group, Diablo-san.」
「……It isn’t another troublesome commission, is it?」
Their first commission was a trap.
Their next commission was a simple errand, or so they thought, but it turned into a battle against 100 Demonic Beings.
And then, a few days ago, it was “to prevent a war with the Elves”.
Sylvie made a wry smile.
「They weren’t all weird commissions, right? There was that medicinal plant gathering quest just a few day ago after all.」
Even in that one, a Demonic Being appeared, they were attacked by bandits, and was pretty disasterous though.
Sylvie looked over at Krem.
「Today isn’t about a commission. Since I heard that a new girl had joined your group, Diablo-san, I was wondering what kind of girl she was, see?」
「So you heard about her from Emil.」
「Yup, that’s right. Krem-chan, was it?」
Krem had a biscuit filling her cheeks. She had properly eaten an omelette, but for the most part, as long as she had free time, she was chewing on a biscuit.
「Nwhat -nyanyoda?」
While making a wry smile, Shera wiped Krem’s mouth with a handkerchief.
「Don’t talk while eating. Alright, drink this……Ahh geez, spilling it like that……You’re so cute!」
She was probably feeling like she really got a little sister. Her face loosened over every little thing and she looked like she was having fun.
Sylvie was expressing a smile and was gazing at them.
「……She looks like a normal child.」
As usual, she was a girl he couldn’t let his guard down around.
So while making a cheery smile, she was looking out for signs.
「How much do you know?」
Making an enemy of Sylvie wasn’t a profitable plan. If possible, he wanted to keep her as an ally but……
She shrugged her shoulders.
「Nothing really? It’s just, I came here a bit worried. Diablo-san, you have an image that seems like you wouldn’t show mercy to even children after all.」
He was looked at with reproachful eyes.
Suddenly, he remembered what happened a few days ago.
He drank some alcohol that Sylvie brought over in place of an MP Recovery Potion, and ended up falling unconscious.
It seems that he did something to Sylvie at that time.
──I can’t remember anything at all from that time.
By the time Rem and Shera returned to the large room, she had disappeared and──
Diablo was gripping the alcohol bottle and a portion of Sylvie’s clothes.
He had probably done something.
However, since appearing as a Demon King that “got drunk and laid his hand on a child” would be a problem, he decided to feign ignorance.
「I have no interest in children. I am a Demon King after all, umu umu.」
「Well, I’ll just leave it at that butー.」


Subtly, Sylvie’s voice was chilly.
Conversely, with an atmosphere that had warmth, she called out to Krem.
「If there’s anything that you are troubled about, go ahead and consult me as well, okay? Do you know where the Adventurer’s Guild is?」
「Fumu, so you wish to serve Maou as well. So there are some among the Races that understand.」
「I shall let you have this!」
Krem self-importantly stuck out her chest, and thrust her hand out.
What she held out, was a biscuit.
Going “ahh”, Sylvie made a wry smile.
「She really is a child of Diablo-san’s group. Thank you.」
She accepted it and tossed it into her mouth.
「Could this be from 《Peter》? It sure is deliciousー.」

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    • i think its something like because he is used to it, in the game he often went there so maybe its for some sort of familiarity?
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