Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to a Cafe – Part 3

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Part 3

When he woke up, it was the afternoon.
His days and nights were reversed.
He recalled the time when he was addicted to the game.
Shera and Krem who were still naked for the most part were sleeping as if hanging over Diablo.
──No matter how warm of a land this place is, you’ll catch a cold, you know?
Moreover, they were sticky and wet.
So it was sweat.
「Good grief……」

「Wh, why do you have such an appearance!?」

Suddenly, a voice resounded in the large room.
The one that opened the door and was standing stock still at it, was Rem. Her eyes were wide open.
「……Shera……and even Krem!?」
「N, no, you see, this is. Because it was a bit hot.」
「If you took of your clothes because it was hot, why are they clinging on to you like that!? I don’t get it! I can’t understand this at all!」
──I don’t get this at all either..
Walking briskly, Rem approached the bed, and pinched Shera’s cheek.
「Just what is the meaning of this, Shera!?」
「Uni~, goof mo’nin’, Hyem.」
「Kuh……Krem too……Why, are you sleeping on top of Diablo while naked!?」
Slowly, Krem raised her head. She expressed a smile that was similar to that of a devil.
Rem shrank away.
「Ku ku ku……This is a good waking -noda. You should bring me biscuits.」
「……The dining hall is on the first floor.」
「Mu. A town of the Races is something with a lot of rules. Even though it would be fine if sleeping and eating were to happen in the same place.」
While going *buー buー*, Krem got off from Diablo.
With a *haa*, Diablo took a breath.
Because something outrageous had happened to him right when he was about to sleep, he was unable to sleep for a while. There was no problems with his recovery, but there was a strange airy sensation that he had. Was it just mental fatigue?
「Oi, you should get up!」
Diabo raised his arm. Shera, who was lying down as if hugging it, tumbled down from the bed.
Wondering what the uproar was about, Alicia came to the room making an astonished face.
In any case, with all members having woken up, Diablo’s group headed towards the dining hall to have a meal that was both breakfast and lunch.

「In that case, I have no choice but to burn this town to the ground -noda!」

In the dining hall of 《Relief・Twilight Store》, the one that made such a dangerous proclamation was Krem.
Shera became flustered.
「Wh, what are you saying!?」
「I mean, they said that they have no biscuits! That they have no biscuits!」
「They don’t have those in the inn’s dining hall~. Erm, there’s a bakery called 《Peter》, and that is where they are sold, okay? The ones with walnuts in them are the greatest.」
「……《Peter》’s biscuits are delicious. Their bacon bread is supreme though.」
Rem nodded.
Diablo was also in agreement.
「Even having come from a different world, that place’s freshly baked bread is worth eating.」
Alicia was standing beside them as if she were a guard official. *Ji* She was staring at Krem.
By some chance, she might still be vigilant against her as the Demon King.
Krem crossed her arms and talked sounding self-important.
「In that case, you should guide me there!」
「What should we do? I don’t mind going there to buy them, you know?」
Sounding troubled, Shera asked that to Diablo.
Certainly, the matter about Krebskrem should be kept hidden. Since it would turn into an uproar if just a Demonic Being appeared in the town, he couldn’t imagine the scale of the chaos if it was known that the Demon King was here.
Nevertheless, could they really keep Krem locked up in the room the whole time?
That was pitiable, and probably impossible.
There is no mistake that she would say that she wants to go out during that time.
Conveniently, the features that Krem had as a Demon King could easily be hidden with just a robe for the most part. Though, because of the warmth of the land, there weren’t many that went as far as wearing a hood.
Before departure, Rem made a confirmation.
「……If we are asked about her race or our relationship with her, what would we do?」
「There is nothing we can do if her tail is seen, but say that her horns are decorations. Since those ears stand out, we have no choice but to say that she is an Elf.」
Shera tilted her head.
「Is that alright? Aren’t they a bit different from Elf ears?」
「Do not worry about the minor details. That isn’t more unusual than a big breasted Elf after all.」
Shera looked down at her own chest.
It is said that when they are that big, they can’t see what is underfoot, but is that true? He couldn’t even imagine it.
Alicia advanced the conversation.
「That store called 《Peter》, where would it be?」
「It’s in the Southern District!」
「……For now, how about we head out to the Central Plaza?」
That’s how it ended up.

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