25 thoughts on “Chapter 6, Part 2

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  2. No wonder Diablo-kun has two beauties following him, He’s not only a six packed banchou with the badass horns, he is also a male stripper.

    Just look at that outfit, that’s already more magic than Mike could ever hope to whip out, and we haven’t even factored in the part where Diablo-kun is ACTUAL magic.


  3. Hmm, Guildmaster Sylvie’s waist looks quite a bit more developed than her description in the novel: there’s no way one would confuse that silhouette with a child’s…


  4. Could you start releasing chapters (both manga and LN) as posts instead of pages, or at least keep the ToC pages up to date? I followed the blog but only posts show up in the WordPress Reader thing, and checking the ToCs regularly is pointless if they don’t get updated. I had no idea the 3 volume 2 prologues or any more manga had been uploaded until someone linked me to them, I was starting to think you’d dropped these.


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