Finishing Up Volume 3

Isekai Soul-Cyborg: Ugh… What happened? Did I get hit by a truck? Wait! If I got hit by a truck in another world, would I get sent to another other world!? No, wait. If getting hit by a truck in the normal world sends people to a world with magic, where would I get sent to after being hit by a truck in a magical world? The normal world again? NOOOOOO!! Continue reading


Running into a Small Inconvenience

Hey guys. Sorry but I need some advice. I’ve run into a small inconvenience for translating the Isekai Maou light novel. I normally translate by copying the text from a digital copy of the light novel through Booklive through the use of AGTH. Then I paste that text on a document on Google Drive and translate using Rikai-kun and various other sites. The problem is, I am now unable to rip the text for some reason. When I try to launch up AGTH and Booklive, the software for Booklive crashes and I can’t rip it. I am not sure why this happened. I am able to still get the text elsewhere but it is not as fast or accurate as this. I would download a copy of the light novel where it is in images, convert that into a big .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat, use the OCR on that, and pull the text from there. It isn’t all that accurate and sometimes just gets messy.

So I was hoping if someone could give me some advice on what I should do to get the text for this. Is this a problem that is only happening to me? Is there a better way to get the text? Anything is fine really.

Meanwhile, until I get a better way, I will be reverting to the way I did it before.

Well, thanks for reading my complaint about a small inconvenience that I’ve run into.