Finishing Up Vol 4

Hey there guys. Sorry about my absence. I’ve been……depressed. I guess you could describe it like that. With the novel being licensed, not being asked to officially translate it because my translation not being up to snuff, having to stop using Patreon after only using it for only a month, and probably some other negative thoughts going through my head, I just didn’t feel like posting much. I had the material ready considering it was posted on my Patreon page, but I just didn’t post it here. So I apologize to those that were waiting for it.

In any case, for right now, I plan on continuing to translate the novels until they catch up to me. And considering that it took me, what, about two years(?) to finish four volumes, it probably won’t take them too long to catch up. But until then, I hope you will put up with me.

Weird thing is, I don’t really know what I’ll do when they catch up. I might think about translating it for my own personal reading since I don’t really read official translations nowadays. I am a big hater of localization after all. I don’t know how J-Novel Club handles that aspect of it, but I guess I just have a thing against official translations in general.

On another note, for the Patreon page, I am planning on taking that down. As for the reason, well, I can’t put any future chapters on it and I was told that I would be reported if I did. So I can’t do any early access stuff. If I can’t do anything extra for the patrons, then I don’t think that I deserve any of their money.

I would like to somehow earn a bit of money though, so if anyone has any other suggestions, then I am all ears. The ad thing with the other site didn’t really work out though, so I’m not all that optimistic. Oh, but the Paypal thing is still there. So, if anyone wants to do that, then that would make me happy. No pressure though. Ack, now I feel awkward.

Well enough of my ranting. Here is the rest of volume 4.

Epilogue – Part 1, Part 2



Isekai Maou has been licensed

Hey there guys. I’ve got some news for you.

Isekai Maou has been licensed by J-Novel Club under the title “How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord”. You can check it out here:

As such, I have been asked to take down volume one from my blog and to take down the other volumes as they reach them. I plan on cooperating.

I will also stop using my Patreon page, so please do not make any pledges. I don’t think that any of the currently made pledges were processed, but if you were a patron, please check to see if a payment was made. If you have any problems, please tell me.

Because of this, I will be releasing the early access chapter parts I had already posted quickly to get everyone on the same page. So here is the first one. It’s also the end of chapter 4.

Volume 4, Chapter 4, Part 6


The Long Awaited Third Chapter Part of the Week

Hey there guys. Sorry for the wait. Here is the long awaited third chapter part for the week. It’s for going along with the voting for my brother last week.

This chapter part comes with an illustration, so enjoy that.

Volume 4, Chapter 4, Part 5

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A Short Update

Hey there guys. Sorry about taking over a week to make an update. Moreover, the chapter part is short this time. Sorry about that. But the next part will be about three times longer than this one. So look forward to that.

Also, unfortunately, it seems that my brother didn’t make it into the next round of his competition. But thank you to all who voted for him. I’ll make an extra post this week in addition to my planned regular two posts a week as thanks. So it’s one down, two more to go this week.

Hmm, that’s about it. Please enjoy the short chapter part.

Volume 4, Chapter 4, Part 3

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Starting up Chapter 4

Hey there guys. We’re now starting up Chapter 4, the last chapter before the epilogue. I’ve told you guys (or rather, complained to you guys) this before but there are only six parts to this chapter. So I guess, look forward to how this volume will wrap up.

And as always, if you haven’t already been voting for him whenever you had the chance to, please vote for my brother in his competition. Thanks.

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Now then, please enjoy the chapter part.

Volume 4, Chapter 4, Part 1

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