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Purplish red liquid ran along the skin that had small scales lined up on it and fell.
The legs of the Demonic Beast kicked the ground.
The Grand Dragon, which was faster than a fast horse, was running.
Alicia tightly grasped the reins that had closely packed thorns that were meant to prevent slipping.
It felt as if she would be thrown off the Demonic Beast’s back if she were to lessen her strength even just a little.
Alicia had the position called State Knight, but in the innermost depths of her heart, she desired the destruction of the Races, and supported the Demonic Beings. If the Demon King were revived, she would reach her objective, even though that is what she thought……
To think that the Demon King Krebskrum that she had seen be revived would then vanish!
In retaliation for being made to go on a fool’s errand, the Demonic Beings were trying to kill her.
As a result, Alicia, together with the little Demonic Being girl Edelgart, got on Edelgart’s Demonic Beast and was running away.
When they slipped out from the mass of Demonic Beings──
Edelgart was inflicted with a severe wound.
Right now, she was drained of strength and was shaking about on the Demonic Beast’s back as if she were luggage. Purplish blood was spilling from her head, and it didn’t stop.
As for how much hemorrhaging a Demonic Being could take before it became a matter a life or death, Alicia had investigated a lot about Demonic Beings, but since it greatly differed between individuals, she didn’t know for certain.
But there was no mistake that Edelgart was in a dangerous state.
「Edelgart-sama, please hang in there!」
「…………Ah, u……n」
This wound was made because Edelgart had protected Alicia. If Edelgart was alone, she could have escaped uninjured.
Alicia had a rebellious heart towards the irrational surroundings as well as a boiling hatred towards the Races, but right now, she wanted to save Edelgart──that is all that she was thinking about.
The sun had set, and the surroundings were already dark.
Since the Grand Dragon’s eyes worked in the dark, it didn’t run into rocks or stray from the main road just because it was dark.
「Nonetheless, we can’t possibly go as far as the town gates like this.」
「……Rea, lly?」
Edelgart asked that with a voice that could barely be caught.
Alicia shook her head left and right.
「Even if I do have the position of State Knight, if I were to pass through the gate straddling a Demonic Beast bringing along a Demonic Being, I am sure that I would be arrested then and there.」
「……Is that so.」
Alicia turned her head to the back.
「It would seem that the chasing Demonic Beings aren’t there.」
「……Because, we are fast~」
「That is true. I was surprised.」
It seemed that the Grand Dragon was faster than a majority of Demonic Beings.
「……Also……Probably, afraid?」
「I see. It is because the Demonic Beings do not have an understanding of the reason why Demon King-sama’s presence was extinguished.」
There was a high possibility that and existence capable of defeating the Demon King was in this Fortress Town Faltra.
Edelgart groaned.
「……Why? Why……did Demon King-sama……va, nish? Did she, vanish?」
Alicia also didn’t understand the reason why Krebskrum had disappeared. However, she somehow made a guess.
「Most likely, Diablo-sama had done something.」
「……Hi, m……huh.」
Her voice was frail.
Edelgart, who seemed like such a strong existence, now looked like she was fleeting and would vanish. When her skin was touched, it now felt cold like ice. She opened her cracked lips that had turned purple.
「……From here on, what will~……you do?」
「As long as I am being chased by the Demonic Beings, I cannot do anything but stay in the town. However, I am a traitor. Moreover, your appearance will stand out, so what would be the best thing to do?」
「……Do not, know. Edelgart willー……die? Maybe.」
「Is, is it that bad!?」
「……If stay, at this rate.」
「You can’t! Something like that is.」
「Buーtー……no longer have place, to go to. If return, to Demon King Castle~……By, Ourou and others……Gohoh!」
She vomited a clot of blood.
「I, I understand! I will do something about it, so please do not talk anymore!」
Alicia pulled the reins, and stopped the Grand Dragon. They were in a place where they barely couldn’t be seen from Faltra City’s South Gate.
She was vigilant of their back, but there really weren’t any Demonic Being pursuers.
She took down the exhausted Edelgart. Taking off her own mantle, she wrapped up that brown body.
「It does not cover you down to your legs, but if it is this dark, they should not be able to discover the scales that are on your skin.」
「……What, will you do?」
「We are entering the town.」
If they were to stay outside like this, they will either be killed by the Demonic Beings, attacked by wild animals, or lose their lives from their wounds. In any of the cases, they wouldn’t be saved.
「W, hy?」
「This will be a gamble but──If Demon King-sama was not defeated, but returned to her child appearance……」
「Demon King-sama, is, alive? Really?」
「If she is, we will have her heal you. If it is by Demon King-sama, it should be possible, right?」
「……Possiー……ble. But, feels like, will not heal?」
In order to awaken Demon King Krebskrum, Alicia betrayed Diablo and the others.
Waiting until Rem and Shera became like part of the family to Krum──She then instigated the Holy Knight Sadraa. She induced him to kill Rem in front of Krum’s eyes.

The hatred from having someone important taken away would awaken the pure Demon King.

Even if Krum were alive, she would probably bear a grudge against Alicia to the point of wanting to kill her. She should have also bought Diablo’s resentment.
Alicia then thought that Rem had probably died. If that weren’t the case, Demon King Krebskrum shouldn’t have revived even if it was only temporary.
The moment that she showed herself in front of Diablo and the others, she might be turned to cinders. There was no room for negotiations.
──But even so!
「Please leave it to me. I will do something about it.」
Alicia bundled up Edelgart, who had become unable to move, in her mantle, and lifted her up in her arms. She had a woman’s slender arms, but she had stacked up enough training to not lose to some random man. It was at least possible to lift up Edelgart who was short even when compared to a Human woman.
「……Understood……Can’t move, anyway……Leave, to you.」
Shouldering Edelgart like she was luggage, Alicia aimed for Faltra City’s West Gate.
The Grand Dragon turned a worried look towards them, but with its appearance, they couldn’t ride on it into a town of the Races.
When Alicia and Edelgart separated from it, the fast running Demonic Beast turned its heel, and vanished into the plains of the black of night.

Vol. 4 Illustrations | Table of Contents | Next Chapter


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  2. Haha, Alicia, you know that the castle guard is in a “war alert” Security will be at its highest. Archers and crossbowmen will be all over the walls. The gates wont be unmanned ^_^ Going to have to be pretty skillful and deceptive.

    But really, I was also thinking Edelgart was going to need some serious healing from only 2 sources, Krem could probably do it as Demon Lord, or they had the option of the demon priest?. However Alicia is really going to crawl back to Diablo after her murder attempt on Rem thats left her recovering from grievous injuries. Plus with the betrayal of their own Maou as well. She better be getting on her kness and begging for punishment if Edelgarts life is worth that much to her. I will puke tho if Diablo be’s his usual wimpy self and forgives her like a weakling. It would really show he doesnt think that much of Rem. Punishment is how this can be solved. The Demon Lords play way. I have a few ideas on punishments too ^_~ Hopefully the upcoming chapters wont let me down.


    • Also dont forgot, Rem lost the top of one of her cat ears (mutilation), You know what type of waith that brings out of an otaku right ? ^_^


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