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Thank you very much for reading the third volume of 『Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu』.
This is the author 『Murasaki Yukiya』.
With this volume, Demon King Krebskrum that was sealed in Rem has been revived. Diablo, he had ventured to revive the Demon King, and defeat it himself! is what he was enthusiastic about but……it was unexpectedly a little girl. He couldn’t win against a little girl. Various things happened, and in the end became Demon King VS Demon King.
(Diablo destroying the rampart is kind of talked about in another series of the same world view.)
This time, the cafe made its appearance, and I wrote about the sweets of this world. And then, a scene of the 《Slave Magic》 that is in the title was finally shown. It’s because Diablo was asleep in the first volume.
Since there is a break for the tale, the next volume I’m thinking what if it headed towards a new development while pursuing the Alicia and Edelgart plot. It is scheduled for the beginning of next year.

This is some advertisement──The comicalization by means of Fukuda Naoto-sensei has started at WEB manga Niconico Seiga 『Wednesday Series』. It is currently free and open to the public.
『Altina the Sword Princess』 (Famitsuu Bunko)
『Afterschool Gamefriend, The Season You Were Here』 (MF Bunko J)
『Hourou Yuusha wa Kinka to Odoru』 (Fujimi Fantasia Bunko)
『Kantai Collection – KanColle – Zui no Umi, Hou no Sora』 Novelization (Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko)
Each of them are in publication.
On 9/25, in Overlap Novels in B6 size, a series called 『Isekai Cheat Sensou』 will start. If I were to give a rough exposition of it, it’s Cheat VS Cheat. Please have a look at it.

Tsurusaki Takahiro-sensei, thank you very much for the wonderful illustrations. The feeling of challenging the limits was enjoyable!
Designer from Afterglow, Ooishi-sama, thank you very much this time as well!
Shouji-sama who is in charge of editing, I am truly grateful that you gave me enough freedom that I thought 「Is it really alright for me to do this so carefreely?」 (Also, I am looking forward to the next time you’re on the radio).
Everyone of the Kodansha Lightnovel Bunko Editorial Department and people of the staff. Family and friends that gave me support.
And then, I give my highest level of gratitude to the dear readers that read this. Thank you very much!

Murasaki Yukiya

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18 thoughts on “Afterword

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  2. Thanks for all the work you’ve done so far!

    (Diablo destroying the rampart is kind of talked about in another series of the same world view.)

    Does anyone know what series the author is talking about here? It’s really piqued my interest.


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