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Thank you very much for reading volume two of 『Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu』.
This is the author, 『Murasaki Yukiya』.
After the release of volume one, it received popularity to a surprising degree. Really, thank you very much. And amazingly, right before the release of volume two, it was determined to go up to comicalization!
I did not think that I would have talking about that this fast. It is thanks to everyone’s assistance. The comicalization by means of Fukuda Naoto-sensei is planned to start around June as a WEB manga Niconico Seiga 『Wednesday Series』 (where the latest chapter is free and open to the public). Please treat me well.

In this volume, it became a fight with the elite forces that the Elven Kingdom──or rather, that Prince Kiira sent due to his rampaging. Diablo took back Princess Shera, also had Feudal Lord Galford withdraw, and bolstered his Demon King reputation. Though, as usual, it was a role play of his fearful innermost thoughts.
Also, since the last volume was mostly talk in regards to magic, this time I tried putting in things like shopping and compounding. I will delve into the appearance of the world and the characters bit by bit.
The next volume will be an even more rapid development! Edelgart and the other Demonic Beings draw near the Pantherian girl Rem, and finally, the Demon King Krebskrem is revived──Maybe? I think I can get it out around summer time. There will be advertisement.

『Altina the Sword Princess』(Famitsuu Bunko)
『Kantai Collection -KanColle-Zui no Umi, Hou no Sora』 Novelization (Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko)
『Hourou Yuusha wa Kinka to Odoru』(Fujimi Fantasia Bunko)
Each of them are in the middle of publication. Together with this work, please treat me well.

Tsurusaki Takahiro-sensei continued to be on board from the plot stages to the consultations. And then, this time as well, thank you for the wonderful and bold illustrations. They were very, amazing.
Designer from Afterglow, Ooishi-sama, thank you very much as always. Things like the cover’s balance were exquisite.
Shouji-sama who is in charge of editing, having you say 「It was interesting this time as well!」 had given me moral support. Thank you very much.
Everyone of the Kodansha Lightnovel Bunko Editorial Department and people of the staff. Family and friends that gave me support.
And then, I give my highest level of gratitude to the dear readers that read this. Thank you very much!

Murasaki Yukiya

Epilogue | Table of ContentsNext Volume


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