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The mental fatigue had a surprising aftereffect.
In the game, both HP and MP would completely recover after one night’s sleep but……
Thinking about it, just like how there’s no way a mortal wound would heal in one night, there was no way that his melancholic feeling would clear up once it became morning.
In the end, he spent the day just lazing about.
For the inn that they were at, they were in a large room similar to the one they had before.
Amazingly, the famous 《Relief》 Inn that greeted them with 『It’s the inn’s Idol, Mei-chan, ya know~🎵 Kyaha!』 was apparently a chain store.
Diablo’s group immediately borrowed a single room at the nearby second shop.
Incidentally, Mei-chan was safe, and is now energetically acting as the receptionist at the second shop.
The victims of the incident were mourned for three days after it happened.
Since he was bad with important ceremonial occasions, Diablo didn’t appear at the funeral service but……it seems that Rem and Shera wore black outfits and attended.
At times when a person they should send off died, they thought that they should properly attend.

The days of depravity continued for ten-something days.

Diablo was lying in bed today as well.
——Ahh, this reminds me of the times I didn’t play games and lived as if I were dead.
Like this, he just might become mold on the sheets.
Jumping on him, the one that got on top of him was Shera.
She was soft.
「Diablo~, it’s, morning~, I’m bored~, wake up~.」
「Let’s go somewhere~. Isn’t it about time that we accept our next quest?」
「I’m thinking about it.」
「That’s what you always say! Are you really thinking about it!?」
Speaking of what was inside the head of the current Diablo, it was pretty much filled with thoughts about the softness of Shera’s pair of spheres that were being pressed up against his arm.
They are really soft.
——No, aren’t they even more amazing than usual!?
He raised his head and turned his eyes towards her.
She had the appearance of only having a single thin cloth wrapped around her breasts and waist.
「Ehehe, Diablo, does it feel like you’re going to get energized?」
「Umm~, Sylvie-san said that by doing this, men will get energized.」
——What the heck are you teaching her, you delinquent Sylvie!?
Come to think of it, this excessively exposing outfit was close to Sylvie’s everyday clothing. Since she was a Grasswalker and had a childish outward appearance, she still had impression of innocent beauty but……
When Shera, who had a slim figure with huge breasts that wasn’t seen on Elves, had the same appearance, she had the impression of a lewd, voluptuous beauty, and if this were a game, it would be rated R-18.
You can’t! Cross Reverie will turn into an ero-game! A severe warning needs to be made!
——Well, that can be done later.
Those thoughts were completely washed away by the sensation that was being pushed against his arm.
As she was doing that, Rem, who had left early in the morning, had come back to the room.
Her eyes went wide open.
「……ッ!! Why are you dressed like that, Shera!?」
「Eh? Ahaha……Umm……It was hot.」
「……You’re because you’re clinging onto him like that. Get away from him! At least thirty-something meters away from Diablo!」
「I’d be leaving the inn like that, you know!?」
「……That’s a good idea considering it’s you we’re talking about. For those that don’t work, camping is within their means, isn’t it.」
「Uuu……I did a quest, you know?」
「……Wasn’t that just the errand that took the place of the solatium fee that Celes commissioned ten-something days ago? You can’t call something like that a quest. At this rate, your Adventurer qualifications will be revoked.」
It was a conversation that Diablo couldn’t ignore.
「What do you mean by that?」
「……For Adventurers that earn only less than ten-something thousand Furis (F) a month in rewards, they are given a warning. Adventurers that receive warnings for three consecutive months get their qualifications revoked and they will be unable to re-register for a whole year. That’s the kind of system it works on.」
「Eh~!? Why!? Is it a problem of money!?」
「……It’s a measure meant to keep jobless fools that only lazily pass the time from calling themselves Adventurers.」

P 354

Even if in another world, there was no salvation for NEETs.
Diablo got his body up.
「Hmph……I see, now I understand.」
「Ah, could it be, you’re feeling up to it?」
「……Have you finally felt like working, Diablo?」
「Umu! I’ll get serious starting tomorrow!」
「But it’s still morning, you know!?」
「……It will be noon very soon.」
Rem made a sigh.
Shera made a serious face.
「What should we eat for lunch?」
「……Get to work.」
There were still some of the reserves that they received from Celes as a quest reward remaining.
However, it seemed that by the time that was all used up, their Adventurer qualifications would be revoked.
And above all, he would probably lose his battle intuition.
——I guess the fact that my head is turning like this means that my MP has recovered.
Using MP to the point of being on the verge of being lethargic, the recovery of it was ten-something days.
Diablo recorded that in the 『Other World Edition Cross Reverie Walkthrough Memo Book』 in his mind.
He started thinking.
——I’ve got a general grasp on my own ability as a Magician.
The other things that he needed to investigate were the techniques outside of battle.
Diablo had grown out his 《Compounder》 subclass, but he had absolutely no idea if he was able to make use of it.
In the game, he was able to compound the items that would be the raw materials just by clicking them, and was able to create new potions.
However, there was no mouse cursor in this world.
According to the settings, the recipes for every kind of potion was not written down. At the most, it would be at the level of the items needed as the raw materials would be listed.
For the time being, he needed to gather those raw materials and test it out. After all, as long as he used 《The Demon King’s Ring》, his recovery would be potion-dependant.
——Come to think of it, I handed over an HP Recovery Potion and told them to use it on Emil, didn’t I.
He didn’t regret doing that but even if it wasn’t a high-grade potion, it would probably better to get it replenished.
If possible, he also wanted an MP Recovery Potion.
If it took ten-something days for just nearly half, what would happen if he were to use up almost all of it? He doubted that he would even be able to continue the battle.
Also, he needed to do some investigating regarding the magic unique to this world.
One of them was the release method of the slavery chokers.
Another one was the method to take out the soul of Demon King Krebskrem.
When he suddenly came to himself, not only Shera, even Rem had gotten onto the bed.
「Wh, what is it?」
「Ahaha, you finally made a face that was just like you, Diablo.」
「……As you were, I was worried that you might become mold on the sheets. Are you alright now?」
「Hmph, there was completely no problem with me from the beginning.」
He was acting tough but it seems that he made the girls worry more than he thought he would.
Enough to make Shera take an appearance where she might as well be naked.
Still in that appearance, she embraced him.
「Let’s go on another quest, okay!」
「U, umu.」
「……Kuh……Why is it that you have to press your chest up against him every time!?」
「I mean, they just touch him when I hug him, you know?」
「……Then you just have to not hug him, right!? How shameless!」
「Well, if you were to hug him, Rem, your ribs might touch him.」
「Th, that isn’t true! Look!」
With teary eyes, she pressed her chest against him.
——Ah, it’s true. Her ribs might be touching me a bit.
Nonetheless, even if it was the short, slender, childish-bodied Rem, if she embraced him, he starting to bulge chest was soft.

There was a laughing voice that went *Kusukusu*.

When they turned their eyes, the door to the room was open, and the Adventurer’s Guild’s Guildmaster Sylvie was leaning against the door frame.
「Good morning~, you guys sure do get along!」
Raising a scream, Rem separated from Diablo.
Shera was unreserved. She greeted Sylvie still embracing Diablo.
「Ah, Sylvie-san, good morning~.」
「Hey there, Shera-chan. Did Diablo-san get energized?」
Making a *Gyuu gyuu* sound, Shera pressed her chest that was only covered with a thin sheet of cloth and delightfully nodded.
——I probably would have gotten energized in a different meaning. On the contrary, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. What would you do about it then!? Do it more!
Since it couldn’t be helped, he did his Demon King role play while covering himself up to his waist with the sheets.
「Do you need something, Sylvie?」
「Today, I came with a story that might interest you, Diablo-san.」
「Hou? I’ll allow it, you may speak.」
Sylvie made a rare serious expression.
「……A demand for the delivery of Shera L. Greenwood had been delivered to the feudal lord of Faltra City from the Elf Kingdom. There is still ten-something days until the settlement date, and if isn’t executed, they say that they won’t hesitate to start a war.」
「Did you say start a war!?」
Shera froze up.
Rem squinted her eyes.
「……Are they sane? For fellow people of the Races to be fighting against each other.」
「I wonder? You see, I was requested by the feudal lord to see if there was a way to peaceably settle all of this.」
「In other words, you accepted handing Shera over as a quest?」
Diablo made his eyes do a run.
In his mind, he clicked his tongue.
《The Staff of Tenma》 was tumbled in a far off corner of the room.
Recently, whenever he lied in bed, he would take off his black clothes 《The Hollow of Jet-Black》, his mantle 《The Curtain of Dark Clouds》, and his item pouch. Lethargy sure is fearsome.
Shera trembled in Diablo’s arm.
Rem grabbed a Summoned Beast crystal that was in her belt pocket.
Sylvie raised both of her hands.
Just as they were thinking about what kind of magic she was going to use, she had just given in.
「Hold it, hold it……There’s no way I’d fight with you, Diablo-san, right?」
「But did you not accept a request from the feudal lord?」
「Well yeah, for the feudal lord, he wouldn’t want to have something like a war with the Elf Kingdom. But, think about it. Diablo-san, you’re a Magician that was able to repel Demonic Being troops, you know? Do you think that I’d be able to snatch Shera-san away with brute force?」
「Hmph, it would seem that you’re not idiotic.」
——To be honest, if she were to do a surprise attack when she was playing a coward, that would have been suspicious!
Sylvie smiled with a grin.

「Well then, it’s a quest from the troubled feudal lord and me. Prevent the war with the Elf Kingdom, Diablo-san!」

To be continued

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  1. Is an elf with those looks worth starting a war over!?

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    Entirely worth it. Also Shera’s brother is revolting incestuous scum. Although that’s pretty much how royalty in our world behaved.

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  2. “Nonetheless, even if it was the short, slender, childish-bodied Rem, if she embraced him, he starting to bulge chest was soft.”
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  3. Im hoping this translation will continue
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  4. 2 things

    I’ve liked Sylvie so far, alot more than Celes. But is she really going to put out a quest on Sheras head? wouldn’t be a declaration of war on Diablo. She amitted to no want to fight him, but doesnt that mean other people will come out in droves ? Itt’d be a simple kidnapping quest. I dont want to end up hating Sylvie for this.

    2ndly. This is why I am not very fond of a persons power coming from equipment and items. Once you loose it or it stops working, you are screwed. If you have read Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!, you will know what happens to a guy who had his holy sword nicked from him (he became useless). This pretty much why I like protags that have innate ability and talent going for them. In this case here. Diablo could of been done in because he wasnt equipping his items/armors, he was quite vulnerable right now. Well his level might help him a bit, but the bulk of his defense/stats is gone. If someone nicks his ring or jacket, hes lost that power, Thats all his worth is at that point. Thats the one drag I have learned about this series <.< Hes not a real demon king :/ i was under the impression before reading this WN, he'd be a demon king who would fight other demon kings.


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