Interlude – Part 2

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Part 2

──If I were able to let those two’s heads fall, I wonder just how good it would feel?

While walking on the red carpet, Alicia held the pommel of her sword down with her left hand.
This sword was something that she purchased in Faltra City. As expected of the base of the foremost line of the Races. Although its ornamentation was second-rate, its sharpness was first-rate.
Although she cut down about ten people from being attacked by the Faltra Local Knights, the blade didn’t get chipped a single time.
If it were this sword, something like the heads of two simple Humans would be……
She swung her sword in this middle of her daydream.
──It’s still, too early.
Alicia still required her position.
In order to exterminate these rotten smelling and unsightly Races, her own strength alone was not enough.
A Demon King was required.
In order to revived it, her position of being the daughter of a duke house, and her position as a State Knight were both useful, and she couldn’t allow herself to part with them.
For the sake of making the world beautiful……
Alicia needed to be an obedient daughter, and a sincere State Knight.
Pulling out her glasses from the pouch on her waist, she put them back on.
Wearing a mask of a smiling face, she entered the room for the audience.

The ceiling was high, there were a great number of pillars, and the walls were distant.
It was a spacious room that was able to have the many generals of an army that was about to depart line up.
The national flag that had red as its keynote was put up on the wall.
And then, the carpet was also red.
An extravagant chandelier was hanging from the ceiling. Receiving the light of the candles, a great number of gems were sparkling.
The sixth Lifelia king──Dalesh Sandros would become 37 years old this year.
When Alicia approached to come before the platform, at a distance of about eight steps from the throne, she kneeled down and lowered her head.
「……State Knight Alicia Christela, has just now returned.」
Dalesh called out to her.
「Raise your head.」
Having been allowed to, Alicia once again gazed upon the platform.
The throne was magnificent. Cut from marble, the large chair that had gold and jewels arranged on it, if someone with personality were to sit upon it, that majesty would be made known.
The current Lifelia king was, still young.
In regards to domestic affairs diplomacy, Dalesh hasn’t raised any large problems but……
To begin with, this country had a calm climate, the soil was rich, and it was even blessed with marine products.
The problem was in his aptitude in military affairs.
That was an unknown number.
Since he was enthroned 12 years ago, a large-scale battle had not occurred.
Dalesh’s eyes were sharp, but that might only be because his flexibility was lost.
The story of how the large army of Demonic Beings had closed in on Faltra City and of how the Adventurers had repelled them at Fort Bridge Ulg had already been circulated to the royal capital.
It was for this reason that Alicia was dispatched to that land.
──The Demon King.
To the Lifelia Kingdo, those trends were more important than any other problem, and were something dangerous.
In Dalesh’s perimeter, there were about six Humans lined up.
The shogun and the cabinet minister and the like, they were the important people of the country.
Naturally, Alicia properly recognized them.
Their eyes from the platform were turned towards herself. There was probably enough tension to make a normal person feel like fainting.
Dalesh extended both hands.
「It is good to see that you have returned safely, Alicia Christela. Good work on your mission in a distant land.」
「Those words are too good for me.」
「According to the report you sent beforehand, I saw that there was a war with the Greenwood Kingdom but……May I have you inform me of the detailed facts?」
What he sought from Alicia was not her personal opinion, but information as the king’s eyes and ears.
However, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
「I shall make my report──The Greenwood Kingdom had sought for the deliverance of Princess Shera who had ran away, and had advanced their army up until the 《Kohigashi Forest》. They seemed to have no intentions of invasion. However, Lord Galford saw their entering the territory as a proclamation of war, attempted to repel them, and had executed Prince Kiira who was their commanding officer. The Elven forces had not reached as far as Faltra City. Though they may have been within the territory, there may have not been a need to kill Prince Kiira. The relationship with the neighboring country hereafter has become opaque.」
Dalesh folded his arms.
A report from the Feudal Lord’s side should have arrived as well. She couldn’t make any blatant lies.
However, prudence should be held towards the Faltra Feudal Lord──she had put in that degree of information. With this, it should become harder for Galford to make a move.
For the sake of the Demon King revival, it would be better if there were fewer obstacles. Against the hero of the great war that was strong enough to make one not believe that he was someone of the Races, it was enough to make her want for him to disappear from Faltra City if possible.
However, she didn’t overdo it.
There was something else that she truly needed to keep hidden.
Dalesh made an inquiry.
「……Just what kind of person is this “Diablo”?」
「I believe that person is an Adventurer. Was he mentioned in Lord Galford’s report?」
「Nay, this is from one that had gathered information on the city.」
”I see”, is what Alicia thought.
It appears that──although Galford had tried to eliminate him once, he seems to have evaluated Diablo’s fighting strength as high.
If he were to expressly report to the king that he was “dangerous”, and then if he were to be ordered to “arrest him”, then he would probably have a hard time dealing with him.
He couldn’t possibly report that he was “unable to win” against a single Adventurer.
Galford’s ulterior motive was──quite possibly to skillfully use Diablo to fight against foreign countries and the Demonic Beings.
The point of wanting to keep Diablo a secret, is something that coincided with Alicia’s intentions.
──I certainly do have many masks, if I do say so myself.
Towards her parents, she acted as an obedient and all too serious child.
Towards Diablo’s group, she wore the mask of being a humanitarian. Pretending to go “for me, acts of mercy are my objective”.
Alicia’s true objective was, the annihilation of the Races through the revival of the Demon King.
That is why she was covering up for Diablo. As he is currently, he seems to be on the side of the Races, but he might someday awaken as the Demon King. Also, she had sensed the Demon King inside of Rem. By some chance, could she be the key to the Demon King’s revival……?
Right now, she needed to avert the King’s concern.
「Your Majesty, there is an Adventurer by the name of Diablo but……I do not believe that he is someone that you should worry about.」
「Even though there is a rumor that he had repelled 100 Demonic Beings?」
「I believe that the repulsion of the due to the great efforts of the many Adventurers of Faltra City. After all, the Adventurer known as Diablo is a 《Chemical Element Magician》.」
In the Lifelia Kingdom, when speaking of Magicians, it was about 《Summoners》. 《Chemical Element Magicians》 were made out to be weak and not worth mentioning.
That fact is something that Dalesh also understood.
「……Fuumu……So it was nothing but a rumor.」
「In that town, there are many Demi-humans. The circulated rumors cannot be said to be completely true.」
In the royal capital, the contempt towards Demi-humans was firmly rooted.
Dalesh was a personage of nobility and had tried to stay impartial, but he was unable to completely separate himself from the values of those around him.
Speaking of the Demi-humans’ gossip──something like the existence of an unbelievably strong Chemical Element Magician, that was something that couldn’t be trusted.
With this, the audience should end with “no abnormalities in Faltra”. That is what Alicia had thought.
However, Dalesh’s tenacity was unexpectedly strong.
「……But, Vinasion.」[1]
The name of the Royal Court Astrologist had come out, making Alicia click her tongue in her mind. Though that didn’t show on her face a tiny bit.
「Could it be a prophecy of Vinasion-sama’s?」
「Umu. Three days ago, he had prophesied that ”there are signs of the Demon King revival in the town to the west”. When speaking of towns to the west, it should be Faltra City.」
「I see. This is the most specific one up until now……」
Alicia had trouble keeping down her delight. She tried to keep it from showing on her face.
The thing called Astrology was treated as a convenience as it could see into the future. Moreover, if it was an Astrologist that was employed by the King, the accuracy was something quite substantial.
It was a prophecy about the “Demon King’s revival”!
To Alicia, there was nothing more joyous than this.
However, because it was prophesied, the danger of the revival being prevented had also sprung up. Even up until now, that kind of thing had happened many times over. The army and the Adventurers would interfere with the Demonic Beings ceremony, or re-seal the Demon King just before its revival……
Dalesh looked like he was troubled over it.
「Naturally, I intend to have guard on Faltra City to be flawless. I have conferred ten thousand elites and allocated them to hero Galford. There are also many Adventurers. Above all, there was a large-scale barrier. Even if the Demon King were to revive, that should be enough for them to hold out until the main forces of the royal capital to reach them……」
「Yes, that would only seem flawless. Rather, if we were to split our war potential and focus it in the western direction, our protection of the royal capital, and guard against the other direction would become unreliable……In the eastern direction, there is the holy country, Viraal.」
The retainers also spoke out their respective opinions.
A certain shogun claimed that if there were signs of the Demon King, then the main forces should be put into action.
However, an enormous budget would be required to move a large army. A conservative theory was raised by the cabinet minister that looked after the national treasury.
The budget was limited. Wasting it on inactivity would cause a budget deficiency at a crucial time.
If they were to compel a taxation because of an emergency, the people would become impoverished.
The people were the foundation of the country. There was no country that would lose with their people still affluent. If the people were to become poor, then the day that country is ruined is probably getting closer.
Dalesh was not feebleminded.
He would not raise an army that was spurred on by fear of suspicions.
However, he looked like he wanted to hit his hand on something.
Alicia took one step forward.
「Your Majesty, in that case, please send me to Faltra City once more. This time, there was the matter with the Greenwood Kingdom and I had returned to make a quick report but……if there is an omen of the Demon King’s revival, then I shall find it, and definitely see to obstructing it.」
A sense of justice and a sense of duty was spread out in her voice.
Dalesh dignifiedly nodded.
「Mu……This is immediately following your mission to a distant land. You should be given some time to rest, is what I had thought but……」
「Thank you very much, for giving me your consideration. However, if it is work for the sake of the country, then there is no fatigue in this body. By all means, please give me your order, Your Majesty.」
「Magnificent. I am blessed to have a subordinate like yourself, and I am the luckiest amongst the successive kings. Very well, this matter shall be left to you. Proceed to Faltra City once again, and sniff out any signs of the Demon King’s revival.」
「Most definitely!」
She bowed down.
Although there was some unexpected things, in the end, it went just as planned. Hiding the exaltation in her heart was what was difficult.
Alicia raised her head, and opened her mouth to convey that she would immediately depart.
From her back, solid footsteps could be heard.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: ビナシェン. Looking for better spellings for this.

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27 thoughts on “Interlude – Part 2

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  2. It’s disappointing that her motivation basically just boils down to “because I hate them all.” But oh well. Have to get the evil ball rolling somehow I guess.

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      • Still pretty poor. “Oh woe is me I’m the daughter of a Duke’s house and my parents don’t love me enough. Better start worshipping demons.” Whatever, she’s the blandest character so far so it fits.

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      • @Yujiro Hanma You’re right. It depends on the mental strength of the person in question. Shera escaped the pressure by running away, but Alicia probably couldn’t run. So when her mind finally snapped, she decided that the races needed to die. Sometimes when an intelligent person snaps, they do it spectacularly.

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      • I don’t see the child abuse or neglect from the few paragraphs of exposition of the parents. They are meddlesome, sure, but nothing that I couldn’t see (keeping the necessary proportions) Diablo’s own parents acting like that: “Here, I found some dirty magazines hidden in your room, so I threw them away. It’s for your own good, ok?”


      • @wtrmute
        But it can also show as a deeper insight that her parents are actually quite controlling and manipulative.
        It’s like they choose to want you to learn science but do not want you to learn English. Whatever you learn or exposed to is for them to decide.
        She can tell her parents that studying demonology is related to her fights against the demons as a state knight but it is pointless anyway when her parents already disposed of her book without even asking her.
        This give me the impression that her parents would do whatever they want without asking her.

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  3. I wonderif she will be a big enemy in the future, or will she be killed fast and in a pitiful way, without accomplishing a single thing.


    • probably killed without ever acheving anything.

      Diablo can probably kill her by sneezing slightly harder than usual just by the gap in levels… I mean he’s able to beat up warriors with his physical strength, if he puts mana into his sneezes like Negi does… Instead of stripping a girl’s clothing, he’ll probably strip them of their skin.

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  4. I’m with Diablo about how terrible info exchange seems to be in this world. Sylvie said she was going to tell an acquaintance in the capital Diablo’s information to someone worth reporting to. Anyone investigating Faltra should be able to ask someone with credibility like Celestine or prominent Fort bridge guards what happened. Alicia’s trip took longer than planned so ample time should have passed to do so. Kiira didn’t know jack about Diablo despite Selsio working directly for him. Where’s the communication??


  5. I could almost accept that explanation, but what did he then report when they failed to capture Shera? Sorry, but we couldn’t catch her, and there’s nothing else worth reporting?


    • No, I’d bet that he was going to do it in his report, but Kiira went on a rant about his incompetence and wouldn’t let him finish. After that Selsio wasn’t allowed to talk to him anymore, and like a good little sheep, refused to go against orders in order to warn the prince.


      • Ok, you’ve convinced me about Selsio. Doesn’t excuse anyone’s idiocy, but at least seems consistent within the narrative.


  6. Alicia is the perfect example of where intelligent girls in the past where their parents of nobility would tell them to just sit there, look good and act innocent but if they were given a chance to fight and be free, they would definitely not want to go back to being like that again and rebel fiercely after tasting freedom.
    but she somehow reminds me of Renner from overlord due to their similarity.


  7. Hehe Alicia why are you lying. What do you mean Elves didnt had no intention to invade.. They as an enemy army, snuck into the city and used the towns people as hostage. Galford most likely had his squads on standby not wanting to have his civilians in the crossfire once they were detected. Once the elfves left, is where they perused and destroyed them. Kiira had issued a threat of war previously. “He” done fucked up. But I know why you didnt report this :p Cause you are scheming and want Galford to look bad :p

    Galford took an appropriate action defending his borders, Tho you can argue killing Kiira like that is questionable ^_~


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