Interlude – Part 1

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Part 1

Lifelia Kingdom Era, Year 164, Month 6, Day 6──
The location was a waiting room in the depths of the royal castle Grandios that was surrounded by the seven ramparts of the royal capital, Sevenwall.
It was a room where people in line for an audience with the king would wait.
Since it was a location that even the king of a foreign country would use, as if to exemplify the Lifelia Kingdom’s authority, the furniture was exceedingly luxurious and gorgeous.
Gold vases and crystal tables. The floor and pillars were made of marble, the walls were covered in embroidered silk, and a gigantic depiction of the figures of the gods was on the ceiling.
It was greatly decorated with goods related to heroes throughout history that had fought many times with the Demon King and repelled it.
In that room──
The State Knight Alicia Christela was quietly standing stock still.
She herself was reflected in an enormous full-length mirror.
If it were someone having a normal audience, all of their weapons would be confiscated, but seeing as how Alicia was a State Knight, she was approved to be armed with a sword.
She was trusted to be on the side of protecting the king should there be a time where something happened.
Though, since there was the possibility that the person herself might be in possession of magic-like goods without herself noticing, an inspection of her things at hand was done with scrupulous care.
On her way back from Faltra, because she had been stopped on route by bad weather and the Knight troupe’s attacks, she was later than she had planned.
From here on, she was going to have an audience with the Lifelia King. She was waiting for her turn.

In the room, there were two visitors.
They were a Human man and woman in their mid 40s.
Having a clean personal appearance, it could be understood that they had a high social position with one glance.
Alicia had left the royal capital for the sake of the mission, and immediately after she came back, she came to the royal palace. It was half a month since she came to meet with him for that reason.
A father wearing a prominent beard placed a hand on Alicia’s shoulder.
「You have truly done well in fulfilling your lengthy duty.」
Alicia slightly raised the ends of her mouth and formed an elegant smile.
「Thank you very much, Father. As long as I think of working for the sake of the country as an honor, there is no pain or fatigue from it.」
「I see. I don’t think there would be anything to worry about if it were before, but do do your best so as not to be impolite to his Majesty.」
「I have thorough knowledge about that. I will not perform anything that would sully the duke house’s name.」
「Umu……You really have been raised splendidly. There aren’t many that are allowed to have an audience his Majesty as a woman. Everything is all due to the excellence that you have. You are our pride. Be sure to be elegant and excellent for the sake of the nation after this as well.」
Her mother pointed at her eyes.
「……About those, wouldn’t it be better if you take them off?」
「Ah, this is……」
「To have metal fittings on a woman’s face.」
It seemed that she wasn’t pleased with the fact that her daughter was wearing glasses.
In the past, there wasn’t any problem with her eyesight, but this was the result of studying extra hard every day and night.
「……I shall take them off.」
Without them, she wouldn’t be able to tell the addressee’s face. She would be able to distinguish the place that his Majesty would be standing at, but when it came to the cabinet ministers that lined up beside him, it was doubtful.
However, Alicia took off her glasses, and placed them in the pouch on the back of her waist.
Her mother went and said “Oh, that’s right”.
「About that unpleasant book that was in your room……」
Her mother, as if confirming it, turned her eyes towards her father.
Her father nodded, and affectionately smiled.
「There was a book that seemed like it wasn’t good for your education. Although it’s a good thing to have an interest in all things no matter what it is……Things like radical ideologies or folklore concerning Demonic Beings……Even without really knowing about such things, you should be able to work for the sake of his Majesty, right?」
「Thinking that, we disposed of it.」
「…………The book.」
「It was for your sake, you know?」
「It was for your sake, you know that, right?」
Alicia expressed a whole faced smile, and lowered her head.
「Thank you very much, for your concern. I apologize for giving you such worries.」
Her mother nodded looking delighted.
Her father spilled a sigh of relief.
「Umu, you truly are a perfect State Knight, and child of a duke house. Though, if you had a man, I would have even less to say but……No, let us choose a suitable and appropriate partner in the near future. Then our duke house will be secure.」
*Kon kon* The room’s door was knocked on. It seemed that it had become her turn.
Alicia bowed her head to her parents once more.
「Father, mother, until next time……」
They expressed proud-looking smiles, and showed their daughter out.

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22 thoughts on “Interlude – Part 1

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  2. I feel really bad for her now no wonder she is so messed up in the head
    also that god damned cat learned fire punch now I’ve been ignoring that psycho fictional character stalking guy hoping it would stop but it just never ends

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    • Bah, no sympathy from me. If you aren’t willing to make yourself known and play the doormat then that is how you shall be treated. You’re supposed to learn this lesson, not default into a two-faced secret sociopath conspiring for the death of all.

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      • I don ‘t feel bad for her but a lets the author is trying to make her more just an evil for evil’s sake type of characters. When she’s inevitably killed at least there will be some depth to it.


    • I don’t see it at all, really. I mean, how many people have strict parents in real life? Particularly if they have high station in life, like being a duke.

      She decided herself to become a State knight, so two-thirds of her difficulties growing up were self-inflicted, really.


      • Plenty of people have strict parents, but oftentimes, deep psychological troubles originate from home. Think of it like this, say that you’re a strong intelligent young woman. You’re born into a noble family. You were born lucky, right? But in most noble cultures, you’re intelligence and strong will are nothing more than an eyesore. In mideval societies, a noble lady is nothing more than a political tool. Their purpose is to marry up to raise their family’s status and make alliances. So you spend your entire life being told not to think, do nothing except look pretty and find a husband. Sure these two let Alicia join the State Knights, but how much begging did she need to do to get that? And I’d bet money that they only let her do it because it raises her chances to catch the eye of some powerful general or maybe even a royal. We’ve only seen these two for a couple paragraphs, we don’t know what their home life is, but I’d bet these two are the kind of overbearing parents that would cause somebody to snap completely.

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  3. Thank you for the chapter (っ´▽`)っ. Her parents are creepy as fuck. I guess that’s why she’s so messed up in the head, but that isn’t a good enough excuse to kill everyone. I wonder if she’ll kill them in the future.


  4. Well, that ruined my theory. But I’m beginning to see where she’s coming from. As a highly intelligent woman, she’s really nothing more than an eyesore in a high ranking noble’s house. Especially, a duke. As smart and intuitive as she is, she probably became disgusted by all the politicking and the ideology of “image is everything” that she grew up with. When she saw that demonic beings value strength above all, she felt that was a purer, more idealistic way to live.

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  5. The thing is, why are the comments here instead? Shouldn’t these theories and assumptions be on part 2 or part 3 instead?
    The comments being felt like a spoiler instead.


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