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Rem left the slave shop tent together with Alicia.
Outside, there was a bench prepared, and the security soldier offered to them saying 「There are sometimes people who start to feel unwell and they are welcome to use it. Especially the women. Please go ahead and have a rest.」.
Although the hustle and bustle of the marketplace could be heard, since they were a bit separated from it, it wasn’t all that noisy.
Taking up his kind offer, she borrowed the bench.
Alicia was beside her.
──She seems like a good person, but I don’t know what I should talk about with her.
Rem had tried to not concern herself with other people too much until now.
Because of that, whenever she was together with people she didn’t really know, she didn’t know what she should do.
As she was being troubled──
Alicia expressed a gentle smile and talked to her.
「I wonder what undoing 《Slavery Magic》 is like, don’t you?」
Rem answered after thinking about it.
「……I think that it is probably something similar to Summon Magic.」
「By throwing a crystal?」
「Ah……I don’t mean at the time of using it……I meant the ceremony magic when making a contract with a Summoned Beast.」
Both the magic that subdues the Summoned Beast at the beginning and the magic that calls out that Summoned Beast through a crystal when it’s needed are Summon Magic. Inserting an explanation about that part, Rem continued the conversation.
「……It gets invoked by preparing the place and situation and establishing the roles……That is what I understand the ceremony magic to be. By casting the spell at the place called Starfall Tower, preparing the situation where it is full of magical power, and establishing your role as the Summoner, a Summoned Beast is called out.」
Though, currently, what appeared wasn’t a Summoned Beast.
Alicia nodded.
「I see. As expected of Rem-sama, I can only greatly admire your excellent discernment in regards to magic.」
「……Alicia-san, it’s not like you don’t have knowledge about magic, right?」
「No. While I do have a certain amount of self-confidence in 《Martial Arts》, in regards to knowledge about magic, I don’t even reach the feet of people that are experts with it. The truth is, I couldn’t even guess at the what the flow of magical power that Medios-sama talked about a little while ago was.」
「……In regards to that, I also didn’t understand it……Though, it’s not like I can’t make any inferences about it.」
Rem wasn’t able to see the flow of magical power.
It was possible that she was lacking the talent for it, but she hadn’t done any training for it to begin with.
Medios said that it was the result of very rigorous training.
──Although it looked like Shera didn’t have anything like training for it.
When Rem thought that Shera was an idiot, she would sometimes be surprisingly smart.
When Rem thought of Shera as an amatuer that didn’t even have a single Summoned Beast, she had the talent of being able to see the flow of magical power.
It seemed to be a case where someone that was connected to royalty would be born possessing a special divine protection.
Things like a ruled land getting an abundant harvest due to the divine protection of the God of Good Harvests, or waves calming down and allowing sailors to have a safe voyage due to the divine protection of the God of the Ocean. The things that exhibit such large-scale effects in the long term and were impossible with magic just by them living.
Could Shera’s talent also be a variety of that.
An existence that was given blessings.
It made her unconsciously think that she herself was the exact opposite.
Alicia made a worried looking face.
「Rem-sama, you really are feeling unwell, aren’t you?」
She shook her head.
She then became worried that she was too cold even though Alicia was concerned about her.
However, Alicia didn’t have any indications of minding it.
「Are you interested in what Diablo-sama’s group is being taught?」
「……I do have that.」
「How about going there now? I’ll be waiting here after all.」
「……No……I’m not really……good with that person.」
Rem placed her hand on her chest.
The 《Demon King Krebskrem》’s soul was sealed within her.
Even though no information whatsoever about that should have been given out, she thought that Medios had noticed that fact.
Though, of course, while it may be true that she had felt a different flow of magic from inside of Rem, there was no way she would have instantly connected it to the Demon King.
Alicia nodded.
「She does seem like a person that could see through anything, doesn’t she……I’m also a bit afraid of her.」
「……Even though you’re a State Knight that wouldn’t make something like a lie?」
「Fufu……That’s not possible. Such a person doesn’t exist.」
「In fact, the lies increase as much as we try to be righteous as State Knights.」
「……Is it really that kind of thing?」
「Keep it a secret, okay?」
Alicia shrugged her shoulders as if she were playing the fool.
──So even she, as a State Knight, has something like secrets.
Alicia looked like she was a cheerful, sociable and perfect person that wasn’t two-faced. Yet, even she had secrets.
Rem was somewhat happy.
Rem spoke out about her anxiety. It was an atmosphere where she could allow that much.
「……I……was scared that my secret would be exposed.」
「I understand. Everyone holds secrets after all……At times when it seems like my secrets are going to be exposed, in order to hide it, I do a little charm, you know?」
「A charm……」
「Though, it’s childish so it’s a bit embarrassing.」
Alicia stuck out her tongue.
For a very mature person like her to be making this kind of facial expression, it was unexpected.
Rem tried asking about it.
「……What, is that charm?」
「Are you interested? Well then, I’ll secretly teach you. Could you close your eyes, and put one hand out towards me.」
「……Like this?」
Rem did as she was told and closed her eyes.
Then, she stuck out her hand.
In the palm of her hand, there was a somewhat ticklish sensation.
Alicia’s finger had drawn a circle in the palm of Rem’s hand. Furthermore, she drew several lines.
*Howah*, her hand became warm.
She felt magical power.
──She used magic!?
Rem was surprised and opened her eyes.
Even Alicia made a surprised looking face.
Both of them were immediately speechless.
The one that fired off a question first was Rem.
「……Alicia-san……What was that just now……?」
Alicia was taken aback, and then very deeply lowered her head.
「Ah……Um……In my hometown, there is a tradition where we would draw a circle in the palm of our hands like this and by chanting that it was closed, the secret would be protected.」
「……Is that how it is? I felt some kind of magic in it.」
「Is, is, that so? I was also surprised when it suddenly shined. Come to think of it, this is the first time that I’ve done this on someone that was a Magician……If there was magical power, then something might have come into effect. I was careless. I apologize for surprising you.」
Was it because Rem had magical power?
Or was it because Rem had the Demon King’s soul sealed within her?
At any rate, if Alicia had noticed that the 《Demon King Krebskrem》’s soul was sealed within her, Alicia probably would have jumped away.
There’s no mistake that she would have drawn the sword at her waist.
Judging from this attitude of hers, she wasn’t saying any lies, and should be considered to have not known about her secret.
Rem spoke to Alicia who was ashamed and still kept her head lowered.
「……It’s fine. Please don’t worry about it.」
「Are you willing to forgive me?」
「……You’re being too exaggerated. I was only a bit surprised.」
「Thank goodness. Thank you very much.」
「……Having been able to consult with you, my mood has become lighter.」
That was the truth.
Even when Celes and Diablo came to know of her secret, that moment was dreadful, but after she had confided in them, she felt a lot better.
Even if she wasn’t able to speak her mind, just by talking for a bit, she felt very different.
Though it’s not like she could speak about everything that was on her mind to Alicia who was a State Knight.
Alicia expressed a gentle smile.
「I don’t really understand but……I’m happy as long I was able to be of some help. I don’t want to ignore people that carry pain that can’t be said to others like you, Rem-sama.」

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  3. Damn it.. I should have known 😦 … Alicia will betray them somehow and the first part of her plan was just finished with that magic formation :/ … Diablo will save the day anyways but I’m still sad that she would do something like that because that hero guy probably ordered her to do so or something -_-
    P.S. I hope Diablo’s reason for his slow “MP recovery rate” is found out soon 🙂

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    • possibly because of time rate of the game vs real
      it can be proven by the high quality potion the “ally of woman” drink
      in game effect of potion is short and in real the effect is long (3 days)
      also the distance… which is shorter in game
      in this case we can assume that in game the time rate is faster than in real
      like 1 minute in game equal 1 hour in real
      with 3 minute you can go to town in game from tower
      but you need 3 hours to go to town in real


      • Volume 2, Chapter 1, Part 8:

        Also, it seemed that the fixed amount of time in this world was much longer than in the game.
        In the case of the potion that he gave to Emil, at most, it should have been effective for about three minutes. To think that it continued on for three days.

        That means that effects are extended by a factor of 1,440.


  4. Just thought you didn’t notice, but the “Next Chapter” buttons on this page are non-functioning. Might want to fix that.
    Other than that, this translation is really good compared to what I’ve seen in similar novels. Keep up the good work ❤


  5. I wanted to like Alicia. Really did, but what happened just their is an omen. At best Rem just got “marked” as a tracking target. At worse, the seal is being undone. Alicia said she had no magic ability, but she drew that circle and activated it… Shes full of shit. Like I said, its an omen. Question remains, is if shes neutral with her own goals or an enemy.


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