Prologue – Part 3

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Diablo surveyed the room that had become quiet.
The door was broken. The hinges were disconnected and it had fallen inside.
The back stone wall that made the bed inserted in the center was collapsed together with the window. Even though it was the second floor, just how did they do it. This was a show of how Adventurer’s abilities were used for stupid things.
Stones that were originally the wall and things like quicklime and red clay that were the fillers had become fragments and grains and were scattered about the bed, making the room look like an abandoned building.
——It’s in a terrible state.
Letting the opponent escape was quite irritating.
However, he thought that the attackers’ judgement was praiseworthy.
Both Sylvie the Guildmaster being in the room and getting the bad status of Bind put on them were most likely unexpected for them.
Based on his experience from the game, falling into a predicament that wasn’t hypothesized had a high probability of being connected with the party’s annihilation. While hesitating over how to cope with it, the chance to escape would be lost.
Their judgement was quick. Even just that was worthy of praise.
Also, the choice was precise.
Maybe because they were wagering their actual lives, their switchover to withdrawal was quick and their tenacity towards avoiding annihilation was strong.
——This world’s “death” isn’t “decreasing experience points and restarting from a return point”, but “actual death” after all.
The more he thought about it, the harder it became to use powerful attack magic.
Even without listening to Shera’s request, even Diablo didn’t want to kill.
Though, it’s not like he wouldn’t kill an insect or intended on being a saint of nonresistance. There would probably be times where he would take life if there was hostility. To put it plainly, his own life was more important than another person’s life.
If it were to save someone that he knew, even abandoning some stranger is something that he would do.
However, he definitely thought that “letting someone die as a result of an unavoidable fight” and “simply killing” were different.
——At the very least, I want to put effort into going easy on people.
While he was thinking such things, it seemed that Rem and Shera were also recovering their sense of sight. In cases where it worked normally, the effect time of the Flash Gun was about ten seconds.
For Diablo, most of the distraction had no effect, and Sylvie also had a calm looking face.
Rem surveyed the room and breathed a sigh.
「……So they escaped……I’m sorry, I only got in the way, didn’t I.」
「What are you talking about? They just noticed that their inappropriate greed was changed to a fraction of what it was and ran away. If a fly were to die or disappear out from the window, there’s no need to fret over it, right?」
Although she was sorry for the trouble, Rem nodded.
After that, she turned her eyes towards Sylvie.
「……I am grateful that you helped us.」
「Well, since Diablo-san is around, I was thinking that I could just leave it all to him, you know? I just thought that if I didn’t do anything, they would have misunderstood and thought that was attacked.」
Shera also raised her voice.
「Thank you for protecting us! I’m also grateful!」
Sylvie puffed up her breastless chest with pride.
「Fufufu……Though I look like this, I am a Guildmaster after all. I have a lot of ways to make ruffians unable to move. Rather, you could say that’s my specialty.」
——I see, so she reached herself to bad status magic.
She was a so-called Support-type Magician.
In regards to the MMORPG Cross Reverie, although it’s useful in a Party Play, since they’d be hopeless in Solo play, it was fairly rare.
It was a Class more valuable than a Recovery-type Magician.
When seeing a strong opponent, Diablo would unconsciously think “if it were him, how would he fight against them” within his head.
Sylvie was a Grasswalker. By nature, she excelled in Hide Skills and AGI. She’d move so as not to be discovered, and could nimbly avoid them even if she were discovered. Just like that, although she had a cover of having a light defense, she would fire off bad status magic.
For Warrior-types, it was 《Bind》, but for Magician’s like Diablo, would their magic be sealed with 《Silent》?
Though, since Diablo had bad status prevention equipment, there wasn’t a problem for him.
Support-type magic made the user’s Player Skills come out in plain sight.
In exchange for being difficult to handle, when used by an excellent Player, they would become an exceedingly troublesome opponent.
Rather than being “Party Play Oriented”, Support Magicians were more like “Party Play Exclusive”.
If it were the game, they would have an impression of exclusively a riajuu with communication proficiency.
He couldn’t help but let his awareness that they were hard to deal with take precedence.
——This might be prejudice, but I’ve got an image in my head that guys whose forte is Support-type magic are “scheming even if they’re virtuous”.
There wouldn’t be a problem if it were one-on-one, but if they were to fight someday, Sylvie would need special attention. He decided to be careful so that such a situation wouldn’t happen.
As he was staring at Sylvie, she sweetly tilted her head.
「What is it?」
He was about to turn his eyes away from the surprise attack.
——No! A Demon King wouldn’t get embarrassed from just looking at something like a little girl’s (that’s what she looks like, but she’s probably an adult) cute behavior and turn his eyes away!
With a *Hmph*, Diablo threw his head back looking self-important.
「If you hadn’t extended your hand, they would have probably been annihilated from this world by my magic.」
「Ahaha……That sure is scary……Diablo-san, you controlled yourself really well. I think that your decision to not kill them was a good one, you know?」
「I didn’t do something like control myself. Since it looked like you were going to do something, I just watched.」
That was a lie.
He had lost sight of Sylvie’s appearance.
The difference surrounding Hide Skills with the game was huge.
In addition, having allies was something that he just couldn’t get accustomed to.
Sylvie shrugged her shoulders.
「Although it would have ended as legitimate self-defense even if you were to kill them……If you kill someone of the Races within the town using magic, I think that you would still receive an investigation. And during that time, you wouldn’t be able to protect Shera-chan. There wouldn’t be any meaning after that even if you were acquitted, right?」
「I have no intention of going along with something like investigations.」
「U–n, but the opponent would either be the local knights under the feudal lord’s direct control or the country knights under the king’s direct control. If you oppose them, you’d be a wanted man, you know? Let alone Faltra City, you’d lose your place in the whole Lifelia Kingdom. Leading a vagabond life where you can’t use Inns or stores, that might be fine for you, Diablo-san, but I’m sure it would be harsh from Rem-san and Shera-chan.」
He couldn’t deny that.
——I see. Even though it was like that, if I killed them, it would have been treated as a PK (Player Kill).
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there was a system called PK.
Whether it be in the field or in town, if one were to kill another Player (even if it were an operating miss), within the game, they would be pursued as a criminal.
Their name would be displayed in red, and if they were to enter a town, strong knights would appear and cut them down with a single attack. A bounty would be placed by the country and they would be in a position where they would be targeted by other Players, it would be just as if they had become a monster.
It seemed that even in this world, they would be treated similarly.
Diablo had handled personal battles, but he had never done a PK.
In Cross Reverie, a competition system called PvP——Player versus Player had been implemented.
Battles could be done in dungeons created in the Player’s peculiar space.
It would normally be one versus one, but if approval is given, there could also be situations where it was one versus six.
In any case, with a “match” upon agreement, the losing side would have money and goods snatched away and there was also no risk of death.
If one won, the result would spread and their experience points would drastically increase.
For now, he decided to put PvPs aside.
——Not using attack magic on the attackers might have actually been an amazingly fine play?
Knowing that he had cleared the ultimate choice at this point, his heartbeat quickened.
However, since a Demon King wouldn’t let his heart race, he continued his attitude as if it didn’t matter.
「Hmph……So that means that people like the guys from before will come attacking.」
「Probably. That’s why I proposed the idea of preparing a room for you at the Adventurer’s Guild but——Come to think of it, Diablo-san, weren’t you about to say something a while ago?」
That’s right.
Because of the attackers, his thoughts about that had completely stopped.
The foundation of a quest capture was first information.
And then, speaking of the one that was “the one most likely to have information, and possible to have a conversation with”, it was……
「Sylvie, after this, I’m going to have a talk with the feudal lord.」
「U–n……are you really?」
It seemed that she had anticipated what Diablo was going to demand.
If it were someone that had gotten a bit familiar with quests, it was probably a natural thought.
「Though, if you say that you aren’t going to guide me there, I’ll just have to go on my own.」
「Haa……Diablo-san, I was thinking that your wish was only natural……But there is something that bothers me a little……You, how should I put this, you don’t use things like words of respect, do you?」
Rather, I use words of respect towards the employees of convenience stores, you know?
There’s no way a Demon King could say something like that.
Especially now when he needed to make them think “they’d be more at a disadvantage if they were to fight against Diablo instead of having a war with the Greenwood Kingdom”.
There was probably no way he could politely talk with words of respect.
But, he would be troubled if he couldn’t hear some information.
It couldn’t be helped.
「Hmph……I was thinking that I would meet with him at a whim but……If you say that you are going to refuse, then, this will be interesting. I’ll go burn down his estate. I’m sure that the feudal lord’s eyes will pop out……Kukuku.」
「Waaa, hold it, hold it! I didn’t say that I refused, you know!? Ah~, jeez, even I don’t do very well with the feudal lord……I’ll lead you there. It’s because I do think that he’ll meet with you.」
Diablo was relieved in his mind.
At any rate, if he can meet with him, he should be able to get some information. After all, for a feudal lord, war is something he wouldn’t wish for.
Hiding such inner thoughts, Diablo large heartedly nodded.
「I shall allow it, you shall guide me there.」
Rem brushed off the dust that was on her clothes.
「……This should be obvious but I am going as well.」
「Ah, I’m going too!」
When Shera threw away the blanket, she openly had a figure that was naked for the most part.
Rem frowned.
「……Go change your clothes, stupid Shera.」
「Au!? N, not even I would go to the feudal lord’s estate with this kind of appearance, you know!?」
「……Let alone the estate, you’d be struck out if you went outside.」

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    • Yep, I agree. Even if two warriors of same level and with same stat and equipment fought, whoever has a support skill like say defense or attack buff will have a higher chance of winning the fight. Also I’ve played support and main role types of character. Even the weakest class can become dangerous if you make it right. For example, Priest is most commonly the weakest in any fantasy game at beginning, but later on at much higher levels they can easily compete with other Class players easily and sometimes have a large advantage. No class is crappy. It just depends on how much you invest your time into making it stronger and how you use it.

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      • No class is crappy. It just depends on how much you invest your time into making it stronger and how you use it.

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  1. This Line’s Made me Laugh hard! XD HAHAHAHA
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    I learned that the Hard way or a sniper killing you :v
    Hmph……I was thinking that I would meet with him at a whim but……If you say that you are going to refuse, then, this will be interesting. I’ll go burn down his estate. I’m sure that the feudal lord’s eyes will pop out……Kukuku.」
    「Waaa, hold it, hold it! I didn’t say that I refused, you know!? Ah~, jeez, even I don’t do very well with the feudal lord……I’ll lead you there. It’s because I do think that he’ll meet with you.」


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  3. Well the country is 50% chance to declare war on Diablo anyway, what difference will it make if he kills some fools in self defense and the knights go after him anyway. Its the same result.


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