Prologue – Part 2

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Part 2

The stone wall behind them collapsed.
The inn’s wall was something made by piling up large and small stones and filling the gaps with something like lime. It wasn’t that brittle, but it didn’t have a sturdiness like that of a castle wall.
If it was magic or a large type of weapon, it was probably possible to destroy it.
——It was destroyed? By who?
Sylvie jumped back from in front of the door. She shouted.
「ッ!? They’re coming from the door too!」
She landed beside the bed that Diablo was on.
Immediately following that, the room’s door was kicked open.
As Diablo tried to grasp the situation, he ran his eyes around the surroundings.
What came into the room was four armed Adventurers.
Three of them came in from the hallway.
One of them was a Dwarf Warrior equipped with a War Axe.
The characteristics of the men of the Dwarf race were burly muscles, beards that could conceal their mouths and necks, and a short and stout figure. They’re slow-footed and magic is their weak point, but they’re tenacious and excel in physical strength. They possess the natural talent for the Warrior type.
The one that attacked had an outward appearance that was “exactly a Dwarf”.
Continuing on from the Dwarf was two melancholy-eyed, light armored Grasswalker Warriors.
Just like Sylvie, they possessed rabbit ears and tails and had faces and figures that were like children. Except, their eyes were sharp.
These two Grasswalkers had completely the same face. It wasn’t that they were similar because they were of the same race, they were the splitting image of each other as if they were mirroring each other. Could they be twins?
Armed with daggers, they gazed this way with their darkly dead eyes.
The one that destroyed the back wall and entered the room was a Pantherian Warrior that had hook claws equipped.
Having panther ears and tail, the Pantherians were a race that possessed flexible physiques. Excelling in nimbleness and physical strength, close combat was their strong point.
Diablo’s group was gathered on the bed that was at the center of the room.
Since it wasn’t a very spacious place, it looked like they were caught from the front and back.

——These guys, so they’re Adventurers!

Rem asked a question to Shera.
「Kuh……Did you not notice them!? Since it’s you, it feels like you could have perceived them before they rushed in.」
Before, Shera had easily discovered Elven elites that were lurking in the forest. She had also sensed the fight with the Demonic Being that was happening in the town.
Her perception ability was considerably high.
For that Shera to not notice them until they had attacked……Were the opponents superior to her? Or was there another reason?
She inflated her cheeks.
「There are so many people inside the town that I couldn’t tell!」
It seems that was the case.
There was a great number of people within the town. Perceiving only the ones that held malice towards them and were getting closer was probably much harder than discovering Elves in the forest.
In any case, they had no choice but to fight.
Though, if possible, it would be best if he could make them pull back by threatening them……
Diablo talked with a terrifying voice.

「You fools that have appeared before me……Does this mean you do not need your lives?」

The Grasswalker twins whispered together.
「He said “do we need our lives”, Nii-san」
「He did ask if “we need our lives”, little bro.」
「Should we answer him?」
「No, we won’t answer him. Our target isn’t the Demon.」
「Got it, Nii-san. ——There she is, it’s that Elf, isn’t it.」
「That’s right, it’s that Elf.」
While she hid her immodest appearance with a blanket, Shera stiffened her body.
「M, me!? But I don’t know any of you guys!?」
Rem was amazed, and breathed a sigh.
「……It was explained just now by Sylvie-san……They’re Adventurers……no……criminals whose objective is the bounty placed by the Greenwood Prince.」
Diablo grinded his teeth.
——How could this happen! 《The Staff of Tenma》 is deeper in the room!
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, up until level 30, if one didn’t hold a staff-type weapon, Chemical Elemental magic couldn’t be used. Once one became higher than that, the magic could be used regardless of the equipment.
Since Diablo was level 150, he could use it without a problem, but it was easier to aim and control the power with the staff.
Moreover, 《The Staff of Tenma》 raised his INT and had the effect of shortening his casting.
Right now, what he had equipped was——《The Distorted Crown》 that possessed an Auto-HP Recovery effect and looked like curved horns of a devil and the super rare item, 《The Demon King’s Ring》 that had the effect of Magic Reflection.
The bad status preventing and instant death preventing mantle called 《The Curtain of Dark Clouds》 and the physical damage reducing and physical ability increasing black clothes called 《The Hollow of Jet Black》 weren’t on his body.
Although he was exhausted, this was a terrible situation.
However, he needed to protect Shera!
Rem tried to take out a crystal from the pocket of her hemp belt. By throwing that, she could use a Summoned Beast.
「……Come forth! 《Shadow——》」
「Whoa there!」
The Dwarf Warrior got in the way and swung his War Axe.
——He’s faster than I thought. Is this Warrior’s level around 20?
Diablo pulled Rem’s body towards himself.
The enemy’s War Axe finished with a swing and a miss.
However, since Rem’s concentration was interrupted in the middle, the Summoned Beast wasn’t called out.
Rem looked up at Diablo.
「Th, thank you very much……」
「Don’t push yourself. Leave it to me.」
The Dwarf Warrior licked his lips.
「Magic sure is inconvenient, isn’t it? If ya get defeated before ya use it, then there’s no point to it!」
They were inside a small room.
They had already entered the distance for close combat.
They’d be able to deal with the Magician before the Magician would be able to do something, is probably what they thought.
Diablo thought about it.
——When compared to me, these guys’ movements are slow.
With Diablo’s AGI, by the time the Dwarf could make one move, he would have been able to fire magic three times.
However, if he used attack magic, the opponent might die.
He had the option of purposely missing the aim and attacking the floor or the wall, but they were too close.
Putting himself aside, damage might also befall Rem and the others.
Since a portion of the walls were collapsed, if any more was done to it, there was the possibility of the roof coming down.
——Can I win even if I’m bare handed?
He didn’t have much experience. If it were one against four, he might be able to win.
But, what if Shera was kidnapped as he was fighting? What if Rem was killed?
Come to think of it, where is Shera?
Earlier, before the door was kicked open, she should have jumped towards him.
That was as far as he could remember, but after he pulled Rem to himself to protect her, Shera’s figure suddenly vanished.
Suddenly, Sylvie’s voice resounded in the room.

「《Ivy Bind》!」

From underfoot of one of the attackers——From underfoot of the Dwarf Warrior, the light of magic power welled up. Thick ivy plants stretched out from the floor.
「Ahh!? What the hell is this!?」
The Dwarf raised a surprised voice.
However, it was too late.
The ivy quickly restrained the Dwarf.
Unnoticed, Sylvie had moved to a corner of the room. It was a place where both attacks from the Grasswalker twins and attacks from the Pantherian couldn’t reach.
Even though she should have been right beside him, that was an unexpected Hide Skill.
And then, as expected of the Adventurer’s Guild Master. She had thorough knowledge of fighting multiple people.
That magic gave the opponent a bad status called 《Bind》——It was something powerful that would seal action for a fixed period of time.
Diablo couldn’t use it.
《Ivy Bind》 was a support-type magic. It wasn’t possible to defeat an enemy just by only stopping the opponent. When fighting with a group, it’s effectiveness would be displayed, but there would be no meaning to it when acting alone.
With Diablo’s fire power, rather than using such a roundabout magic, the damage efficiency of firing attack magic was better.
——A situation where I would have to worry about being sure not to kill opponents that challenged me wasn’t in the game after all.
Sylvie sharply shouted.
「You guys! You’re not Faltra City’s Adventurers, are you! Where did you come from!?」
The attackers’ two Grasswalkers whispered to each other.
「That’s Faltra City’s Guildmaster, Nii-san.」
「It sure is the Guildmaster, little bro.」
「That’s unexpected, isn’t it.」
「Yeah, it’s unexpected.」
They had exactly the same voice and the same tone. Some weirdness could be felt.
The twins stared at each other.
「Should we keep going, Nii-san?」
「No, we’re at a disadvantage, little bro.」
「Well then, shall we resign?」
「We won’t resign yet.」
「Got it, Nii-san. In that case——」
One of the Grasswalkers pulled out something from the pouch that was on his waist.
——He’s planning on using an item!?
The small tube that he pulled out from his pouch released a radiance.

His field of vision was enveloped by a pure white light.

Diablo groaned.
A distraction.
——So it was a Flash Gun!
Possible to manufacture with a Craft-type Skill, it was an item that, when used, gave the bad status of 《Blindness》 to targets within a fixed range.
Players with a Blindness status would receive a penalty to evasion, accuracy, and movement.
To cure it, either a bad status curing magic or item or a passage of time would be needed.
Although the Flash Gun’s effect time was short, its success rate was high.
For that reason, it was a popular item that many Adventurers would be indebted to at least once.
However, even without 《The Curtain of Dark Clouds》 equipped, since Diablo had a much stronger resistance than other Adventurers, it didn’t have much effect.
Within his narrowed field of vision, he saw the two Grasswalkers shouldering the restrained Dwarf.
《Ivy Bind》 sealed the target’s movements. Though, because of that, even in the game, it meant that the other party members could freely move about.
——So shouldering a restrained comrade is alright!?
In the game, there wasn’t a command like “shoulder comrade”.
Diablo was struck with surprise only for a moment.
While shouldering the Dwarf, the Grasswalkers escaped to the hallway with surprisingly fast movements.
The Pantherian also left to the outside from the hole of the destroyed wall.
——Should I leave Shera behind to chase after them?
Even if he were to catch them, what kind of information would he get from them? There probably wouldn’t be much meaning to it.
Moreover, Diablo didn’t have a method to make them powerless without killing them.
While he was being indecisive, the figures of the attackers could no longer be seen.

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  1. I wonder if Diablo will try to invent new magics. I mean he is not in the game itself. Just like Log Horizon, he should be in a Parallel World where there are no Game Rules Restriction. Might want to try and look for stronger spells.


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