Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 7

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Trying Out Being an Adventurer 7/14)

It became Diablo’s turn.
——Just what should I do to “put magic power into it”?
He was able to use magic.
However, he didn’t know the sensation of putting magic power into things.
Although he had already showed Rem and Shera his true ability, he still felt that he wanted to exceed them in level at least.
——What do I do if I’m told that I’m level 1? It’s because I haven’t been assessed at the Association before……Is that what I should say?
Though he pretended to be calm, he extended his hand to the mirror while his heart was pounding.
He touched, the hard glass.
The cloudy mirror, went *dorori*, and changed into pitch black glass.
It was totally dark as if it were a hole that connected to hell and nothing was reflected.
Moreover, a black aura rose up from the mirror. It spread its territory into the air.
——Nn? This, looks kind of different, doesn’t it?
Rem made an astonished voice.
「……What is this!?」
「What, what, what is this!? It’s kind of scary!」
Even Shera let out a shivering voice.
Not just the Green girl, the neighboring Yellow girl that was organizing documents, and even the Red girl had let out screams.
——It looks like this is kind of bad.
Diablo promptly parted his hand from the mirror. The moment he did, the black aura vanished and the mirror returned to how it was before.
He asked the green girl.
「What kind of judgement would this be?」
「……Eh, umm, umm……This was the first time, something like this happened so……Uuu~?」
Not seeming to have the knowledge, she was completely flustered.

「What was that surge just now!?」

Pushing open a door that was in the inner area of the counter, a single girl rushed out.
It was a Grasswalker that grew rabbit-like ears and tail. She could only be seen as a child, but not matter how old their race got, their outward appearance wouldn’t change.
She had an appearance that didn’t have much profuse clothing.
With only a cloth wrapping around her chest, her shoulders and navel were exposed.
With a light cloth that couldn’t even be called a skirt hanging around her waist, a majority of her fleshy, thin legs was out in the open.
Her hair was short, and red.
Her helpless, large eyes caught sight of Diablo.
The green girl flusteredly explained.
「Gui, Guildmaster! Umm, wh, when we tried to judge this person’s level, the mirror……」
Guildmaster——The person called Guildmaster is the most important person in the Adventurers Association.
The little girl looked back and forth at the mirror and Diablo.
Then a smile was expressed.
「Hello. The thing from earlier, was that you?」
「It seems that I was.」
「I’d like to have a small talk with you inside but, is that okay?」
When in front of the smiling face of a child, one would unconsciously let their guard down but……
The other person was a Grasswalker as well as this Frontier Town Faltra’s Adventurers Association Chairman. He needed to brace himself.
Diablo nodded.
「Very well.」
「……I am going too.」
Rem stood to the right of him.
Shera also panicked and stood to his left.
「I, I’m also going! If you’re going to have a talk with Diablo, I can’t have you overlooking me!」
「Un, then, I ask the same of you two as well. Could you please come this way?」
The Guildmaster turned around on her heel.
Green girl quickly bowed her head.
「Uh, umm, well then, please come inside……Ah, please come in through here……!!」
Lifting up a part of the counter, it came undone.
It wasn’t that surprising of a mechanism, but once again witnessing an element that wasn’t recited in the game, Diablo noticed that he was enjoying the situation in his heart.
Diablo went into the inner part of the counter.
——Since there wasn’t a scenario where you go into the Guildmaster’s room in the game, I’m kind of looking forward to this.
Walking through the gap of the desk that had stacks of documents, they headed to the inner area.

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