Chapter 5: Demon King and Demon King – Part 7

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Part 7

The citizens in the vicinity are probably in chaos──Saying that, Emil and the other Adventurers got on board a carriage and left in order to maintain the public order.

Diablo heard the circumstances from Rem, and learned about the matter with Alicia.
「Is that so……」
He didn’t have any words for it.
When he thought “so I was betrayed again”, his chest hurt.
However, there might have been some kind of circumstance for it. It was like that with the time with Shera.
He couldn’t simply forgive her when thinking about how Rem was almost killed, but he couldn’t simply hate her either.

When he thought that it was about time that they return to the inn, a cheerful voice could be heard from far away.
「Yaa, Diablo-san! You did some good work out there!」
Diablo snorted his nose.
「Hmph……The matter this time, you all had also had a part in it. You should be proud that you were of use to me.」
As he thought, he couldn’t honestly say his thanks.
Sylvie made a wry smile.
「Well thank you for that. I’m also happy that you protected the town. By the way, there’s something that I kind of want to ask but……」
Krum was at the end of her gaze.
Rem and Shera were holding her hands.
Diablo had a bad premonition.
「What is it?」
「That girl is the Demon King Krebskrum, isn’t she?」
The smile disappeared from Sylvie’s facial expression.
──This girl, so she saw it.
Sylvie was the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster.
And then, the number one mission of Adventurers is “to prevent the Demon King’s revival”.
So it was impossible to continue hiding it.
「If she were, what do you plan to do? She has also become my property though?」
He said that with an extraordinarily overbearing tone.
He decided to press through with his usual Demon King role play.
If she were to consider the riskiness of fighting against Diablo, wouldn’t she approve of Krum who had now become harmless, is what he was hoping for.
However, Sylvie’s facial expression remained steadfast.
「I can’t leave her at large. It’s because I am the master of the Adventurer’s Guild. Even after using magic that was enough to annihilate the cemetery, you weren’t able to defeat her, right?」
──So she saw that much.
「Are you saying that you will fight me, Sylvie!?」
「I have faith in you, Diablo-san, but I don’t think I can place my trust in Krebskrum who had killed a Holy Knight.」
Rem shouted.
「That guy, was nothing but a murderer!」
「If Diablo-san weren’t here, this town would have been destroyed by Krebskrum, you know? Right now, a large army of Demonic Beings are invading from the west. Did you know about that?」
Krum shook her head.
「Maou didn’t call for them! Maou told Edelgart to wait at the forest, but Maou didn’t call for them!」
「That kind of thing, it’s something that we know nothing about. Instead, I think that this should be considered a good opportunity, don’t you?」
It was a cold voice.
Diablo breathed a sigh.
「You are surprisingly very straight-laced.」
「You need to tighten up on places that need to be tightened after all. I intend on protecting the tomorrow for the people of the Races. That’s what an Adventurer is, right?」
「So you do not believe that Krum is safe.」
「Your persuasive power is lacking. I will put my absolute faith in someone the first time around. But if I’m betrayed, I won’t put my faith in them a second time. Simple, right?」
「You, do you believe you can win against me?」
He analyzed the difference between their abilities.
Sylvie had used Bad Status Magic like 《Bind》 and 《Silent》.
In the end, she was a Magician. Diablo had 《Magic Reflection》. There was no losing element.
「Could it be that you’re misunderstanding my fighting style?」
He felt intensity from her.
He couldn’t allow himself to lose the mental battle here.
However, making an enemy of Sylvie was not a good plan, that was what his instincts told him.
──When I think of this as a speech before a battle, I’ve really screwed up!
Rather, it was a choice in an adventure game. Moreover, it was the type where one would immediately go non-stop to the bad ending if the wrong choice was made.
Being a one shot round without a save and load option, this was most likely risking Krum’s life.
──Hold on a second.
Why are the two choices “fight Sylvie” or “kill Krum”? This is a world where it’s possible to negotiate and possible to use magic.
The choices should be infinite!
Diablo asked a question to Krum.
「You, do you find your lifestyle here in this town to be valuable?」
「Nn? Of course -nanoda.」
「But, due to you rampaging earlier, as it is now, it does not seem like you will be able to live in the town.」
「Mu……That is troubling -noda.」
「That being the case, this Diablo shall teach you one thing. There is a method that will let you continue to eat biscuits in this town without having your life aimed at by Adventurers.」
Sylvie leaned her body forward.
「That kind of method, there’s no way something like that is──!?」
「You are the one that said it, Sylvie.」
Krum talked while being somewhat excited.
「Ohh, that’s good! Diablo’s idea is good -noda! Maou wants to eat biscuits -noda!」
Rem and Shera seemed to approve as well.
「……If there is such a method, by all means, please do it.」
「That’s right! Even though she properly returned to normal, it’s terrible that she’s being targetted by Adventurers!」
Diablo nodded.
And then, he took out a white stone from his pouch.
It was the 《Contract Magic Gem》.

「From here on, I will cast 《Slave Magic》 on you! If you refuse, we will have no choice but to fight!」

Krum opened her eyes wide.
「You are saying that you will make Maou a slave!?」
「That’s right! You should become a servant of this Diablo!」
Sylvie was also surprised.
「EHHH!? Diablo-san, isn’t that impossible!?」
「You were the one that said it, weren’t you. “You would put your absolute faith in someone the first time around. But if you’re betrayed, you won’t put your faith in them a second time” that is what you said!」
「I, I did say that but……」
With a *Hmph*, Diablo stuck his chest out.
「In that case! Shouldn’t you ”put your absolute faith in my 《Slave Magic》 once”!?」
「Uwah……You started saying such unreasonable things so grandly!」
「Hou? So you are one that would withdraw what you yourself had said when the circumstances go bad. That kind of thing, as one that stands above others, it’s somewhat questionable, isn’t it? Do you have anything like credibility?」
「It can’t be. I didn’t think that Diablo-san would talk about the credibility of a person that stands above others.」
Sylvie breathed a sigh.
She looked at Krum.
「But, would the Demon King Krebskrum, accept that 《Slave Magic》?」
Krum looked like she was thinking about it.
Shera placed a hand on her shoulder. She expressed a smile.
「It’s alright! I’m also enslaved to Diablo, but once you get used to it, it’ll be at a level where it only becomes a bother when washing your neck!」
「What was thatー!?」
Krum’s eyes went round.
Rem nodded.
「……Certainly, there isn’t any inconvenience other than that. After that, you will be looked at with inquisitive eyes though. Ahh, I am also enslaved to Diablo.」
She grabbed her own choker.
Shera talked sounding like she was having fun.
「To begin with, you stand out if you’re together Diablo anyway, so it’s all the same!」
「……I wouldn’t say that it’s the same, but it’s better than having your life targetted by the Adventurer’s Guild.」
Going *Fumu fumu*, Krum nodded.
The corner of Sylvie’s mouth twitched.
「Are you serious? Diablo-san……Are you serious, about doing that to the Demon King?」
「Only if that will get you to consent to keeping her here.」
Diablo glared at her.
Shera begged.
「Believe in us, Sylvie-san!」
「……Going by the reasoning from earlier, you should believe in us once. Sylvie, I don’t want believe that you are a person that would go back on your own words.」
Rem pursued her with reasoning.
Krum raised up both hands.
「Yosh! I will allow it! You should use that 《Slave Magic》 or whatever on Maou -noda!」
Sylvie went and──

「It’s my loss. Diablo-san.」

Raised the white flag. She made a dry laugh.
「Haha……If you are going to cast 《Slave Magic》 on Krum-chan, then I have no other choice but to believe you just this once. Although I don’t know if that magic will show any effect on Demon King Krebskrum.」
「Who do you think I am? I am Demon King Diablo!」
Krum threw out her chest.
「I shall allow it! You should use that magic without delay -noda!」
Diablo nodded.
He held the white gem in his hand.
And then, he remembered the procedure that Shera did to the Summoned Beast the other day.

──Huh? I, have to kiss Krum?

Sylvie was watching.
Naturally, Shera was as well.
Rem tilted her head.
「Do you not know how to do it? Then please chant this just as I say it.」
Diablo resigned himself.

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    • — And then, he took out a white stone from his pouch.
      It was the 《Contract Magic Gem》.
      「From here on, I will cast 《Slave Magic》 on you! If you refuse, we will have no choice but to fight!」
      Krum opened her eyes wide. —
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  2. Diablo is a wuss and a pedophile. he could just kill people who mess with him but noooo. He really should stop playing demon king if he can’t even kill a person. Also, YES LOLITA, NO TOUCH!

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      • It’s not about immaturity you retard…
        It’s about the safety of the people surround him, by half-killing his enemies only make them find a cunning way to deal with Diablo, i.e by his deplorable companion. By the end he will be surround by his enemies and no leeway to even protect what he want to protect because his cowardize to not stain his hand by blood.

        Of course, if the enemies is the kind like Galford who have goodwill, he might owe him, but bastard like the Shera elder brother and this shady Holy knight another matter. It is like letting your pet bird which is positive avian influenza alive. Do you understand dude?


      • zupermad you should go back and reread the whole novel, the only reason he didn’t kill the prince was because Shera stopped him, in fact the only time he has hesitated about killing someone was with the bandits and that was mostly a first time thing, also i kind of feel his hesitation was forced by the author to have Eldergart kill them.

        Eldergart was spared mostly because he learned he needed to return to the twon, and the owl escaped because continuing the battle risked his companions too much.

        That said i do want him to kill a sentient being that isn’t a demonic being, i don’t care if its only some redshirt asshole……


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