Chapter 5: Demon King and Demon King – Part 6

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Part 6

The ground was gouged out in a bowl shape.
All of the things that were once there were completely destroyed.
At the bottom of that──
There was someone standing there.
Glaring at the person at the bottom from the edge of the bowl, Diablo was surprised.
──It couldn’t be, you’re not telling me that there was no damage to her, right!?
Honestly, he didn’t have any spare MP to rapidly fire this much magic.
In the end, did he not make enough preparations?
Although it was right after she awakened, when he thought about how he was trying to defeat the Demon King, was there a need to prepare a large quantity of the highest grade of MP Recovery Potions?
Next to Diablo, Emil raised a voice of admiration.
「Uoo……Incredible……The cemetery has disappeared……!?」
「You should escape while you have the chance. The Demon King is still going strong.」
「Wh, what!?」
At the bottom of the bowl, the Demon King shouted.
Krebskrum’s surface broke.
The right arm that she had raised overhead fell like a broken stone statue.
──So it really did have an effect!
Honestly, he felt relieved.
If she were to have no damage with that, she would have to have been said to actually be “undefeatable for Magicians”.
On Krebskrum’s surface, a large amount of minute cracks set in.
But even with that, the opponent didn’t lose her fighting spirit.
She tightly gripped her remaining left hand.
At the edge of the bowl, figures apart from Diablo and Emil appeared.


*Vun vun* The one that was waving her hands was Shera.
As well as Rem.
Diablo felt that that was dangerous. Krebskrum didn’t have the memories of when she was Krum.
Even if it was Rem and Shera, the possibility that they would be attacked was high.
Krebskrum kicked the ground.
Diablo readied the 《Staff of Tenma》.
With a single jump, Krebskrum leapt up close to Rem and Shera.
Emil raised a panicked voice.
「O, oi!? Isn’t this pretty bad!? What’s the meaning of this!? That monster is……Krum-chan!?」
「That’s right!」
There wasn’t any time to give a detailed explanation.
Rem and Shera were already too close. This was different from with the Demonic Beings. Weak magic would have no effect.
──What do I do!?

Rem spread out both of her hands.
「……Krum, I am doing fine. You’ve done enough. Please come back.」
Shera held out a biscuit.
「Look! Let’s eat this together!」
Demon King Krebskrum raised her left fist overhead.
Diablo couldn’t do anything but watch. Even if it was just a little bit, if the two of them were to move away, he would have any number of magic spells that he could fire.
He had yet to run out of MP.
However, it was also certain that Krebskrum had reacted to the two’s voices.
Will you return, Krum?
──Come back!
Diablo prayed.
Krebskrum dropped her fist.
The gigantic left hand, was held out to Rem and Shera.
Rem touched the cracked fingertip.
「It must have hurt……It’s alright now. I am fine. Now then, let’s go home.」
「Here, it’s a biscuit. Let’s go to the cafe again!」
Shera placed a biscuit on the large hand.
The cracks on Krebskrum’s surface rapidly increased.
Krebskrum’s body started to crumble.
The winged giant, lost its shape while dropping fragments, just like a stone statue that withered from the passing of many months and years and then collapsed from its own weight.
There were no longer any wings of light that stretched to the sky.
The magic formation that covered the sky also disappeared.
The crumbling fragments turned to sand, and were blown away by the wind.

A little girl with a biscuit place on both of her hands was squatting down.

She had horns and a tail.
Her violet eyes gazed at Rem.
「So you……lived through it -nodana.」
「……Yes, I was saved by Diablo and Shera.」
Rem held Krum tight.
Krum talked with a frail voice.
「Maou needs to apologise -noda. I broke my promise with you, Rem.」
「When I though that you were killed, Rem, the inside of my head turned completely red……」
「……That is, because you are a Demon King, Krum. It’s something that can’t be helped. Even if no one approves of you, I, will stand on your side.」
Shera hugged the two of them tightly.
「Me too! I’m also an ally to both of you!」

Diablo lowered his staff.
Come to think of it, there was one more person that saw the whole story.
Beside him, Emil folded his arms and stood there.
「It sure is a good thing, isn’t it, the thing called friendship of beautiful women!」
「This matter, how do you plan on reporting it?」
「Fufu……My close friend, you would prefer to not stand instead of be praised for your achievements, right? No need to worry, my great self is an ally of women! I won’t do anything that would make those girls cry!」
「Come to think of it, you were that kind of guy, weren’t you.」
So there was no need to worry.
He felt exhausted.
He felt like he was going to collapse.
*Bata bata* Blood fell to the ground.
──Come to think of it, I received a good amount of damage.
However, a Demon King would never show themselves looking like they were about to collapse!
Diablo re-motivated himself.

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  2. Im really thinking when will he going to visit his dungeon. You know he says that the possibility of his dungeon in the game is also there.


  3. *However, a Demon King would never show themselves looking like they were about to collapse!*
    I call bullshit on that!
    Hasn’t Diablo killed every demon king in the game?
    I’m guessing that there would probably be a cool cut scene for the defeat of a Demon King. So he’s seen demon kings collapsing on several occasions. Thats hiw he got the legendary class magic items.
    So quit ur posing & get the healer.
    Thanks for the chapter


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