Chapter 5: Demon King and Demon King – Part 5

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Part 5

Diablo was blown away.
──By something like a coffin!
He hit his back on a tombstone. The tombstone broke.
For a moment, he stopped breathing.
If it weren’t for the Physical Damage Reduction due to the 《Hollow of Jet Black》, he probably would have been finished with that hit.
When Diablo stood up again, he immediately started running.
Coffins came flying in succession at the place that he had fallen.
「Pretty good……Despite being Krum, you really are scheming, aren’t you……」
He then realized that throwing objects was one of the attacks that children often do.
In the end, Krebskrum was a child.
With her possessing powerful magic and 《Darkness Breath》, she might have other various special attacks but……
She chose the way of throwing objects that she picked up.
If he were able to anticipate it, he could read the aim from the throwing motion. The coffins were big, but it wasn’t that they couldn’t be avoided.
──Even so, I’ve taken considerable damage.
Diablo felt around for something in his waist pouch.
Nothing was felt on his fingertips.
「Come to think of it, I did such a thing……」
He had entrusted all of his HP Recovery Potions to Shera.
It was fine if it had saved Rem but……
Because he had always done a Solo Play, he had no items meant to be used on other people. He had not grown accustomed to that kind of situation.
*Potapota* Fresh blood was dropping down at his feet.
He was bleeding from the head.
This might be the first time since he came to this world that he was so clearly injured.

Krebskrum raised a howl.
*Zunzun* She faced the wall and started walking.
──What does she plan on doing?
Walking up to the rampart that surrounded Faltra City, Krebskrum then struck her fist on it.
──Could it be, is she going to destroy the barrier tower!?
If she were to aim for that from the inside with this kind of timing, he had no way of protecting it.
However, it didn’t turn out like that.
Krebskrum tore out a portion of the rampart.
She then hoisted that overhead.
「Oi, you couldn’t be……」
Diablo panicked and started running.
She threw it at him.
Thinking about it from the opponent’s standpoint, her fists were avoided, her Breath was defended against, and her magic was reflected.
The only action that displayed any effect was “throwing things”.
She was not mistaken in constructing a strategy with that as the key point.
The portion of Faltra City’s rampart came falling down.
He was nearly crushed.
「Uoh! That was close! At some point, Cross Reverie turned into Do○key Ko○g!?」
Did the administration plan on giving the last boss this kind of attack!?

From the inner part of the cemetery, *gasha gasha*, the sound of metal clanking approached him.
A golden armored figure appeared.
「Ooi, my close friend!」
「Do not come over here! You will get rolled up in my magic you know!?」
「Yeah, I’ll leave it to you! I came only to say this──Rem-chan is safe! Shera-chan as well! They’ve already been taken out from the church so there’s no need to worry about them!」
That was the best good news that he could ask for.
For a moment, his facial expression turned into a broad smile.
Emil stuck up his thumb, and went 「Good!」 with his teeth sparkling.
「My close friend! Go get ‘em!」
「Fu……That is some pretty good work considering it is you. As a reward, I shall show you a maximum magic of mine. It has just been completed.」
Diablo struck the ground with his staff.
He poured magical power out.
「With this, it is the thirteenth point……It is complete.」
Emil asked him a question.
「Is that magic?」
「Umu, in this world, this kind of magic exists as well. Though, it is a so-called 《Forbidden Spell》.」
「Wh, what, did you say a Forbidden Spell!?」
──In the game’s setting that is!
It established magical power points in thirteen spots and was something close to a 《Formation-type Magic》.
Its power was high but because it took too much time, he almost never used it.
If the opponent were to leave the effective range during the time it was being established, there would be no meaning to it. And when the range was made too wide, the power would drop by a corresponding amount.
This time, because Krebskrum had moved over to the rampart in the middle of the battle, he had established it so that it would just barely graze the rampart. He decided to have them forgive him for melting its surface a bit. At this rate, all of the rampart might be made into throwing pieces.
Since the tower meant for the barrier was out of the range, it should be alright.
He did have a bit of anxiety.
Because for Diablo, this was a magic that he was using for the first time in this world.
The effect of magic was subtly different from the game. He didn’t know what would happen unless he tried using it.
He turned his gaze towards Krebskrum.
「You had best come to your senses with my attack, Krum……《Apocalypse Abyss》ッ!!」

Pillars of light rose up from the thirteen magical power points.
A tornado sprung forth within the range.
The four classical chemical elements raged about, and physical objects changed into dust entirely.
Lightning ran around, magma blew about, and things that were frozen burst in an instant.
This magic possessed the four elements of earth, water, fire, and wind.
Against a being of the Darkness attribute, it had an extremely high effect.
Krebskrum raised a scream.
Even that voice of hers, due to the magic’s strong effect, did not leak outside of the tornado. That’s how it should have been.
A suffering voice could be heard.
Was it overflowing?
The influence was extending to outside of the set range.
The rampart that should have been at a distance where it would only barely come into contact with the magic was losing its shape.
Emil was at his wits’ end.
「O, oi, my close friend! You overdid it!」
「This isn’t the time for that……Even this place has gotten dangerous!」
The ground below their feet started to crumble.
Diablo started to step back, and then finally kicked the ground.
「You should run! If you do not wish to die that is!」
Emil broke into a run while raising a scream.
From the broken up ground, the bottom could be seen.
A current of magical power was swirling about. The four classical chemical elements that were spouting out became a tornado tinged with lightning and rose to the heavens.
It enveloped the rampart that should have been outside the range, as well as the collapsed church.
Finally, a majority of the North District’s cemetery was swallowed up.

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