Chapter 5: Demon King and Demon King – Part 4

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Part 4

Shera walked to a location that was once a building.
From the remained walls, the floor, and the benches, she could guess that it was formerly a church.
She hadn’t noticed when she was doing reconnaisance with her Summoned Beast, but there was a large amount of red liquid thrown about on the floor. It wasn’t an amount close to that of a bucket that was flipped upside down.
Realizing that it was blood, Shera let out a small scream.
If this much blood had come out, there was probably absolutely no way that Rem was alive.
A chill ran down her spine.
However, all of that blood wasn’t Rem’s.
Taking a better look, bodies of people were scattered on the ground.
It was four people’s worth of bodies.
Armor wearing men were──
Even after looking at the surroundings, there was nothing but their lower halves.
Shera had no idea as to where their bodies from the waist up had gone.
How their upper bodies had been blown off and evaporated the moment that they were hit by Krebskrum’s fist was something that she couldn’t even imagine.
──More importantly, I need to see to Rem!
She walked over to a location where unidentifiable ominous utensils were scattered about.
Shera shouted.
She rushed over to her.
Rem was collapsed at the place Shera found her using the 《Turkey Shot》.
Her black hair was wet with the sticking blood, and there were scars of her being cut and stabbed by a sword on several places of her body.
How terrible. These wounds weren’t things caused by Krebskrum, but were probably done by Sadraa and the others.
「Rem! Rem!」
There was no answer.
Shera crouched down beside her.
She felt like she was about to cry.
But she didn’t have time for that.
Long before checking to see whether she was alive or not, Shera took out the potion tins that she received from Diablo.
「Rem! You can’t die on me!」
She took off the cork stopper that was fitted into the metal tin. She sprinkled the liquid inside over Rem.
Shera prayed.
While she was praying, she sprinkled the potions one after another.
Not thinking about things like whether she was using too much or how it was meaningless if Rem was dead, she used all nine potions on her.
「Rem! Live! Don’t die! You’ve finally become free, right! Even though you worked so hard up until now! Ahh, God, I’m begging you! Please don’t take Rem away yet! She had worked so hard to protect the seal for the sake of everyone this whole time, and she finally became free! She’s going to run a cafe together with me! So please don’t take her away! She’s worked so hard so I think it should be fine if you overlook her for a bit!」

*Fuwari* She felt like a warm light poured down from the sky.

*Koho* (Cough)……

「……Please don’t……decide that on your own……*Kohoh* (Cough)……I still haven’t, said I would do it with you.」
Shera jumped at her.
「That hurts, Baka Shera!?」
「Ahh, but……It hurts. Though the feelings from a while ago are gone……」
「Amazing! The potions that Diablo created are amazing, aren’t they!」
「……I see. So that’s how it was. As expected, of Diablo.」
Shera asked a question.
「Why were you in a place like this? I mean, Rem, you were dying, and Krum is raging about.」
Rem made an anguished face.
「……We were……betrayed by Alicia.」
「No way!? Why would Alicia-san do that!? Are you sure it wasn’t some kind of mistake!?」
「……I also want to believe that it was a lie but……It would seem that she desired the revival of the Demon King that killed people of the Races from the beginning.」
「EHH!? Why!? In, in that case, it’s as if……」
「Yes, Alicia was a Demon King Worshipper.」
「No way……」
Hearing the whole story from Rem, Shera became sad.
Large tears came falling out.
「Cruel……so cruel……」
「……Seriously. Thanks to that, I made Krum go through a sad experience. Most likely, losing someone that she had become friends with was the key to her Demon King awakening.」
「That’s just, terrible.」
「……Please don’t cry like that.」
「I mean, both Krum……And you, Rem……I feel so sad for you……」
「I certainly was dying, but it’s something that happens often if you’re an Adventurer.」
「Having your heart ache, doesn’t happen often.」
「……Yeah, but……Since you came here for me, it doesn’t hurt anymore.」
Rem raised her body up.
Shera supported her back.
「Are, are you alright?」
「……Of course. Nn?」
A large quantity of potions had fallen on the floor.
Rem narrowed her eyes.
「This is, did you use all of it?」
「……These were handed over to you by Diablo, right?」
「That’s right.」

*Zushin* There was an earth tremor.
Diablo and Krebskrum were fighting nearby.

Rem clenched her teeth.
「Weren’t these, all of the HP Recovery Potions that Diablo possessed!? So isn’t he fighting against the awakened Krebskrum without any items!?」
Once more, an earth tremor was transmitted to them.

And then, a great number of footsteps came drawing near. There was also the metallic sound of armor.
Could it be companions of the Holy Knight!? Shera’s body hardened from that thought.
Rem lowered her voice and talked.
「……Run away, if it’s you alone, then.」
「I don’t wanna! I absolutely won’t……do that anymore……To let there be a chance that you might die, Rem.」
Shera wiped her tears with her hand.
And then she prepared her bow. She put an arrow to it.

From the crumbling wall──an armor figured man showed his face.
It was golden armor that they wouldn’t mistake for anything else.
「Oh, we hit the jackpot. Beautiful ladies, please be relieved. Now that my great self has arrived, everything will be alright!」
Shera and Rem raised their voices at the same time.
Other Adventurers also made their appearance from behind him.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Demon King and Demon King – Part 4

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  2. I wonder if Diablo’s hp pot’s are strong enough to restore lost limbs and such. As I understood it, Rem lost one of her ears, and at the very least had a severely damaged arm if it wasn’t completely severed.


    • Her ear was cut, but it wasn’t fully lopped off. She moved, so it was prevented, and that’s why he stabbed a sword through her arm and pinned her down to the chair. And yes, they’re good enough to restore wounds like that, as seen with Emil’s full recovery, even though he was completely pierced through in several places, during the battle with Gregor.


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