Chapter 5: Demon King and Demon King – Part 3

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Part 3

He confronted Krebskrum.
Diablo stood right in front of her and glared right at her face.
「Krum, do you know who I am?」
Instead of a reply, she responded with a howl.
And then, she came swinging her fist.
This is something that Diablo couldn’t have known but, the three Subordinate Knights and the Holy Knight had their lives ended by this single attack.
Its power was immense.
And that’s how it should be. A body that was about twice as big as a normal person was striking their fist with a form as if they were throwing a ball after all.
──However, it isn’t that difficult to dodge.
As long as one didn’t wither from the howl or the power, it was only a larger size and easy to avoid.
He then became troubled.
Should he continue to call out to her without attacking just like this?
「……Well, if it were an ally of justice, that’s probably what they would do.」
He evaded the second attack as well.
The ground was gouged, and tombstones were smashed up.
Diablo wasn’t merely running from place to place.
「Krum! Unfortunately, I am not that kind. I am a Demon King after all! If you have forgotten my face and words, then I shall make you submit through sheer force! I shall make you remember even if you do not wish to!」
He struck the ground with the 《Staff of Tenma》.
He poured magical power out.
And then, it immediately began to move.
Krebskrum made a horizontal swing.
He lowered his posture and avoided it.
The opponent’s movements were like that of a child throwing a tantrum. However, there was no doubt that the power was incredible. No matter how much of a Physical Damage Reduction effect the 《Hollow of Jet Black》 possessed, withstanding that was impossible.
That wasn’t power of an interpersonal level.
In reality, it would have been better if he were to get further away and rapidly fire off magic.
However, the wall was close.
The barrier tower as well, it wasn’t that far away.
If even a tower were to be destroyed from an attack aimed at Krebskrum, Faltra City would become defenseless to Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts.
At worst, it would be fine if the stone wall were to be destroyed, but only the barrier tower needed to be protected.
Diablo struck his staff on the ground.
He poured magical power out.
──Next, another eleven more places huh.
What he was preparing was an establishment-type large-scale magic.
It wasn’t the normal 《Aria Magic》, but close to 《Formation-type Magic》.
Although it takes time to prepare, since it was meaningless unless the opponent was within the established location, it couldn’t be used in personal battles but……
Krebskrum’s way of fighting was no different from a child’s.
If he saw through the pattern, there might be a chance to activate it.
──As it is right now, it would be easy if she were to only swing her fist about though?
Krebskrum stopped her movements.
So it wouldn’t be that easy.
The opponent inhaled a deep breath.
Diablo intuitively understood. Corresponding with it, he fired magic.
「《Volcanic Wall》!!」
The ground exploded up, and flames spouted out. A tall wall of flames that would make one wonder if it reached the sky was made.
It was a level 80 Fire and Earth attribute magic.
Having inhaled such a deep breath, Krebskrum then breathed out that breath.
It was a so-called 《Breath》. Moreover, it was black.
──So it’s a 《Darkness Breath》.
In MMORPG Cross Reverie, Breath was categorized as a pure 《Attribute Attack》.
Since it wasn’t magic, Reflection due to the 《Demon King’s Ring》 didn’t work.
Since it wasn’t a physical attack, Physical Damage Reduction due to the 《Hollow of Jet Black》 didn’t work either.
In many cases, in order to cope with that, Diablo would choose the appropriate equipment and fortify himself, but he couldn’t perfectly defend against all various attacks.
In some way or another, Krebskrum’s Breath was intercepted by the 《Volcanic Wall》.
「Hmph……The difference in parameters is covered by technique.」
Krebskrum spread out both hands and laughed.
He understood that the opponent he was fighting was Krum. He also had the feeling of wanting to save her.
However, being sneered at by the person he was competing against, as a Gamer, that wasn’t pleasant.
Because it had been a one-sided defensive battle up until now, it couldn’t be helped but……
──Just watch, I will conquer you!
Diablo struck the ground with his staff, and stopped his feet.
On both of Krebskrum’s arms, purple lightning was crackling and running over them.
「So it’s going to be a lightning-type attack!?」
Diablo kicked the ground and escaped.
A countless number of lightning bolts chased after him from the sky.
Normally, it should have been lightning that came down with only a single attack, but as if it were attacking the whole area, it came down one after another.
──This is, magic! 《Lightning Meteor》!? Or is it something different!?
The corners of Diablo’s lips curved.
「I had thought that I had shown this to you during the fight with the Demonic Being Ourou but……As I thought, it would seem that you have lost Krum’s memories, haven’t you!?」
The 《Demon King’s Ring》 activated.
The lightning that came coming down, all of it was reflected.
A countless number of lightning bolts poured down upon Krebskrum.
It was an attack that made him worry for an instant that it might kill her.
A white smoke rose up.
But contrary to his worries, Krebskrum seemed like she had not received any damage.
Diablo clicked his tongue.
「Your Magic Defense is way too high!?」
If this were a monster that was implemented by the administration, it reached a level where there would be complaints from Players that were using the Magician-type build.
「How about this! 《Stardust》!」
He fired Drain Type Magic. Since it was learned at level 30, putting it bluntly, it was a weak magic.
Its visual effect was showy.
Sparkling hexagonal ice crystals fluttered about.
Naturally, it wasn’t magic that would bestow damage against an opponent like Krebskrum.
However, there was an interesting way of using this.
When used by a Magician with a short charge time like Diablo, it was possible to fire it in rapid succession.
He hit her with about five shots in succession.
The surrounding area around the opponent had become filled with 《Stardust》’s visual effect.
It was a smokescreen.
Magic had various uses even against opponents that it had no effect on.
While it was disturbed by a low level magic, Diablo opened enough of a gap, and struck the ground with his staff.
He poured magical power out.

Krebskrum raised a howl.
He didn’t overlook the breath before a 《Darkness Breath》.
Her fists couldn’t reach him.
If it was magic, it was possible to reflect it.
At this distance, there shouldn’t be any mistakes.

A gigantic object came flying at him.

──A coffin!?
What was thrown at him with enough physical strength that it would burst the ground apart just by getting hit by it, was a coffin that was buried in the ground.
Due to 《Stardust》’s derangement, being unable to see the opponent’s movements backfired on him.
He couldn’t avoid them.

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  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

    — In MMORPG Cross Reverie, Breath was categorized as a pure 《Attribute Attack》.
    Since it wasn’t magic, Reflection due to the 《Demon King’s Ring》 didn’t work.
    Since it wasn’t a physical attack, Physical Damage Reduction due to the 《Hollow of Jet Black》 didn’t work either. —
    What an annoying ability…

    Her parameter is too high…

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