Chapter 5: Demon King and Demon King – Part 2

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Part 2

Diablo had come running and was out of breath.
It was the cemetery.
Many tombstones were mowed down, and had terribly fallen into ruin. It wasn’t the result of the cemetery being abandoned.
It was the fault of the monster that was in this place.
It had curved horns and five luminous red points on its head.
It looked like a person of the Races wearing armor, but after getting closer, it had such a large build that one would have to look up at it. It was floating slightly above the ground. The surface of it looked hard like the exoskeleton of an insect. Wings of light were stretching out towards the sky from its back.
It was the Demon King Krebskrum.
At her back, there were ruins of a building that made him think “isn’t that the church”. Only a wall that reached a height that went up to his waist remained, and the rest was annihilated to the point that not even the roof tiles had turned into rubble.
It were as if it were removed and only a portion of the wall was left behind.
At the edge of his field of vision, he caught sight of a round object that was flapping to keep afloat.
It was a bird that was as round as a basketball that he recognised──It was the 《Turkey Shot》!
The Summoned Beast went around the vicinity once and then vanished.
Before long, someone came out from the inner part of the cemetery.
As he thought. It was Shera.
「So it’s you. Why are you here……?」
「I mean! That’s Krum-chan, right!? That’s why, I, rushed over!」
「I see.」
Since the Central Plaza was closer to the North District than the Adventurer’s Guild, the arrived at the same time.
「That’s right! Diablo! Inside the church, it’s kinda! Rem is……」
「Blood……A lot of it!」
Shera’s complexion went pale.
*Zowah* A shiver went through Diablo’s spine.
Just how much time had passed since she was taken away by Sadraa?
He couldn’t imagine what could have happened at all.
However, something occurred, Rem collapsed at the church, and Krum turned into her Demon King form.
Diablo took all of the HP Recovery Potions that he had out from his waist pouch.
Altogether, there were nine tins.
「Hold on to these! I will go and attract Krebsrkum. You go and rescue Rem!」
For an instant, Shera showed feelings of fear.
However, she firmly accepted the potion tins.
「Got it. I’ll, go and save Rem!」
「Yosh, go circle around to her.」
「Un! Ah, Diablo……」
「What is it?」
「Don’t get hurt, okay? Also, save Krum-chan.」
He thought about it.
Looking at the disastrous scene surrounding them, wasn’t that no longer Krum, but the Demon King Krebskrum, is what he thought.
Could things really be concluded with talking with her?
──No, even if it seems hopeless, a Demon King wouldn’t speak pessimistically!
Diablo waved his black mantle.

「Who do you think you are saying that to, Shera. I am the Demon King Diablo! Just leave everything to me!」

Tears rose at the corners of her eyes and she nodded.
Shera broke into a run.
Diablo walked to the front of Krebskrum.
──So I’m not defeating her, but saving her.
Did he have the flexibility to do that? Thinking that, he looked up at the gigantic Demon King.

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