Chapter 4: Rem’s Story – Part 2

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Part 2

Her consciousness returned──
She felt that she herself was swaying.
Rem opened her eyes.
It was dim.
There was someone that was peeking over at her.
That small shadow of a person was covered with a robe.
「You, are you alright?」
Reflexively extending her hand out, and made sure that she was safe.
She looked up and down her.
It seemed that she didn’t have any injuries on her.
「……So you were safe. Ahh……Thank goodness.」
「There is no way anything would happen to Maou, you know? It was strange how you suddenly went to sleep -noda.」
「……It would seem that I was done in by Sadraa’s magic.」
「Ahh, so that weird light from before was magic. To lose against one of that small level of magical power, how deplorable -noda.」
「……That’s true.」
As an Adventurer of this town, Rem was a fairly well-known existence, but recently, she’s had a succession of defeats.
Diablo, Demonic Beings, a Holy Knight……
She spilled out a sigh.
After that, she changed her focus to the surrounding area. It was dim, but she was somehow able to see.
It was the inside of a cage. What surrounded them was an iron bars cage. Both above and below them were covered.
It was low enough that she was unable to stand up.
Even Krum would probably have her head obstructed.
And then, there was a thick cloth hung on the cage. Because of that, the inside was dim.
Her hands and legs weren’t restrained.
There was no need to do so, that is what it meant. Her weapons were taken away.
This swaying was……?
It was probably the load-carrying tray of a carriage, is what she guessed.
「……About how long was I fainted for?」
「About long enough to eat one bag of biscuits.」
*Pori pori* She was eating biscuits. So even in a place like this.
In the same way that they had taken her from Edelgart, it seems that Alicia conciliated Krum.
If it was during the time that Krum was eating biscuits, it wasn’t even 10 minutes.
Even if she were to estimate with the least amount of time to load the cage onto the carriage, they still shouldn’t have left the town.
A slight amount of light from the sun was shining through the cloth that was placed on the cage. At this time, with the sunlight coming from the left side, the carriage was probably headed north.
The Central District?
No, did they continue further into the North District?
In this Human town, compared to the South District where there were a lot of Demi-humans, it was a wealthy place.
Since she didn’t come here all that much, she couldn’t recall what kind of buildings there were.
If she were to let out a loud voice, would the people of the town notice?
For example, what if she were to shout out “kidnapper”?
──With a Holy Knight and a State Knight as the other party, that would probably be pointless.
In terms of social trust, they were overwhelmingly above her.
Rem calmed down and started thinking.
──When I try and think about it, it’s strange, isn’t it?
When she carefully investigated the conversation from before, Alicia seemed like she wasn’t telling the truth.
If Krum were to kill a person of the Races, she would awaken as the Demon King?
In that case, after they made Rem faint, it would have been fine if they attacked Krum. Krum may look like this, but she most likely possesses power as a Demon King.
How she can bestow magical power to Demonic Beings, how she calmly watches the frequent fights, how she appraised Sadraa to be “one of that small level of magical power”. She seemed considerably strong.
If Alicia were to seriously attack Krum, just as she wished, wouldn’t she become the “the first person of the Races that Krebskrum killed”?
Did she start to value her life?
In that case, she could have made use of the Subordinate Knights.
She didn’t have enough information so she couldn’t assert this, but weren’t Alicia’s words that “if Krum kills a person of the Races, she would awaken” a lie? That was the conjecture that she concluded to.
Then, wanting to awaken the Demon King──Were those words as a Demon King Worshipper also a lie?
That is probably nothing but a convenient hope.
In truth, Rem and Krum were handed over to Holy Knight Sadraa due to Alicia.
「……Kuh……If only, I were stronger.」
*Su* Krum held out a biscuit.
「You should eat -noda.」
「Eh? Um, thank you very much.」
Since it was already time for dinner, she certainly was hungry. Rem stared at the biscuit that was in her hand.
「……It seems that you have suffered because of Maou, right? Rem.」
Rem was surprised by her words, and the fact that Krum called her by name.
Krum dropped her shoulders.
「Alicia said it -noda. Because of Maou, Rem went through many hardships. Not just Rem, Rem’s mother, and then her mother……For so, so long……But, earlier, you fought to protect Maou -noda, is what I heard.」
「……That’s true. I lost though.」
「You fought for Maou’s sake. Even though it would not be strange for you to detest Maou.」
「……I won’t deny that there were hardships though.」
「Even now, because of Maou, you are locked up in a place like this, right? Maou does not really understand much about the Races but……the loyalty that Rem showed for Maou, it is greatly valued.」
「……It isn’t loyalty.」
Rem hugged her knees and looked downward.
Even while she was hesitant, she spoke out her feelings.
「……God sealed the soul of 《Demon King Krebskrum》 in an ancestor of mine from many generations ago. Thanks to that, generations of women in my family, all of them lived while avoiding the public gaze. In order to not release the Demon King, they would treat their bodies with great care, and would definitely leave behind a baby girl……All of them sacrificed their own lives. Many of them accepted this, and without settling down, they would take their distance from the surroundings, and live frightened lives of isolation and dread. Why……only me? Why was I the vessel that sealed the soul of 《Demon King Krebskrum》?」
Krum tilted her head.
「In other words, because of Maou, you did not have freedom -nodana?」
「That is how it turns out to be.」
「I see. Not having freedom is no good. It is something irritating.」
Surprisingly, there was something that got through to her.
「……Now that I think about it, at the same time that we were suffering, you spent that time being sealed.」
「Though, half of it was something like sleep. However, resenting the fact of having freedom stolen, is something Maou understands.」
「……Do you also, resent us?」
「The one that Maou resents is God.」
「Is that, so.」
Rem felt astonishment from how the legend that she heard as if it were a bedtime story was actually the truth.
Moreover, to think that it was the Demon King herself that told her.……
Krum talked looking lonely.
「Nn……You resenting Maou is only natural. Maou being resented is only natural -nanoda……」
Rem breathed a sigh.
She wanted Krum to not make such a sad face.
If Krum were an atrocious king that brought harm to the Races, she wouldn’t have any need to worry.
Surely Diablo would have defeated her. She should have been able to strike her with her hatred that continued for generations.
But on the contrary, the revived Krebskrum was a child that was much too innocent.
Rem cast her eyes downward.
「……I’ve always, thought of it like that. However, you were also only born as the Demon King.」
「U, mu? Certainly, Maou was born as Maou.」
「……It’s not like you yourself chose to derail our lives……I’ve realized that we’re the same. You aren’t any different from me. Just an ordinary person……carrying an abnormal fate on your back.」
「Maou is not of the Races, but Maou understands was Rem wants to say.」
「……That’s why, I want to protect you. Most likely──Alicia didn’t say the truth. Krum, the time that you awaken is when you kill a person of the Races? Or maybe something else will become the key? In any case, what she is scheming is the Demon King’s awakening.」
「So it would seem. Good grief, even though Maou told her that Maou is flawless, complete, and perfect.」
*Pori pori* She said that while biting on a biscuit.
That appearance was neither flawless, complete, nor perfect, but Rem didn’t say that.
Instead, as if she were persuading herself, she muttered.
「……Let’s return, to where everyone else is. We will definitely return.」
「If it is fine for Maou to use her power, Maou could break this iron cage, and those armored guys would be cinders with a single attack -nanoda!」
Rem embraced Krum.
For the first time, she touched Krum on her own accord.
She was warm.
「……You can’t do something like that. Do you understand? You promised, didn’t you?」
After getting puzzled for a bit, Krum nodded.
「Umu, Maou promised -noda.」

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    seriously just what the hell is she being emo about? They’re already in deep shit yet SHE just have to act like a pretty little princess OF ALL THE TIME!!!!


  3. I’ve really want her to turn the badguys into cinders. Demon lords dont have to be evil aligned all the time, even Chaotic Neutral would work best. I just want to see her burn people who get in her way. Thats all I’ve wanted from Diablo too, but hes been a wimp mostly :/


  4. Ya, your promise is good enough reason not to kill.
    But I wonder if just breaking all their arms & legs would have a traumatic effect on Krem-chan ?
    Well, not a good to be showing such an ugly side to the week old demon king child. Sure to adversely affect her emotional development.
    Also interrupt the whole isekai hero/demon king limelight plotline.


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