Chapter 3: Trying to Save the World – Part 2

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Part 2

In the surroundings, grasslands as far as the eye could see had stretched out.
Diablo and Shera walked the dirt path of wheel track remains towards Fort Bridge Ulg.
In Shera’s hand was the refreshment of Grape Wine.
As she talked about this and that, Diablo occasionally made agreeing responses.
The topic that tended to derail became to be about Rem.
「You know, Rem sure is amazing! Even though she’s about the same age as me, she’s properly being an adventurer by herself, she has a high level as a Summoner, and she has self-confidence!」
「If it’s self-confidence, don’t you have it as well?」
「It’s because I’m a genius! But……self-confidence, I don’t really have that? Being a genius is just something that I was told that I was……That’s why, I don’t have genuine self-confidence.」
「Diablo, help me out, okay? I’m going to get even bigger! If you sell favors to me now while you still can, it’ll probably be a benefit for you!」
She puffed out her chest with pride.
So you’re going to get even bigger than that——is what he thought, then drove that thought out from his head.
Feeling like he was going to remember last night’s sensation, he tore his eyes away from Shera’s chest.
「Then you better put in some great effort.」
When he said only that, Shera cheerfully nodded.
For her, she seemed to have talent. Since she did, she wanted to become an Adventurer, which had a spirit of self-reliance.
Being someone that kept close to advanced level people without working and taking the leftovers of the rewards was something that she did not desire. That sort of person was despised as “a Parasite Player” in the game.
For Shera, she didn’t want to be limited to only relying on Diablo and Rem, and was thinking that she wanted to become a full-fledged Adventurer that could think and act in her own special way.
Whether she knew of Diablo’s wish or not, Shera was happy-go-lucky.
「The weather sure is nice~~, but, a simple delivery sure is boring.」
Like this, rather than a quest, it was just an errand.
It might be just right for a level 1 Adventurer, but Diablo was about level 150. Shera was a level 30 Magician. Though it looks like she hasn’t memorized any magic yet.
It was boring in no small way.
——I wonder if an 《Intrusion》[1] or something could happen?
An Intrusion is when a high level monster appears in a low level quest. There were cases of scenarios like that, and there were also times where one would unluckily happen to pass by.
From the Player’s perspective, it was an unwelcome accident.
「Ah! I see it!」
Shera pointed.
It was Fort Bridge Ulg.
On the day that he was summoned to this other world, he had the not very pleasant memory of being called to a halt by a guard.
Though, since he went through yesterday as well, it was probably alright now.
While lightly touching the horns on his head, he thought——looking at the state of society, it seems like there will be many times that these horns will be the cause of trouble.
However, saying “the horns are just for decoration” at this point and taking them off……He lost the timing to do that.
As he chased after Shera who had gone into a jog, they finally arrived at Fort Bridge Ulg.
The ground changed from a dirt path of wheel track remains to maintained stone paving.
At Fort Bridge Ulg, there was a stone bridge that linked the East and West sides of the river.
And then, when facing away from the town, right before the bridge, there was the fortress that acted as the guards’ station.
This meant that enemies coming from the West would attack on top of the bridge and travelers coming from the East would get checked before crossing the bridge.
That fortress had become noisy for some reason.
The number of guards was clearly large.
「What’s going on? Is it a festival?」
「It doesn’t look like it.」
The state of the gathered guards wasn’t calm.
Not only were they all carrying weapons, the even had armor equipped. One could understand that pressure hung about in the air.
When Diablo and Shera approached them, the frenzied guards prepared their weapons.
「It, it’s a Demonic Being!」
「Why did it come from the direction of the town!?」
「D, damn you! I’ll do it! I’m going to do it! Uooohhh——!!」
It looked like they would slash at them with their swords at any moment.
「Wh, what……?」
Shera became stiff with fear.
Diablo projected out 《the Staff of Tenma》.
「What is wrong with you people? I am not a Demonic Bei——」
「Pre, prepare yourself!」
One of the guards prepared his halberd. It looked like he was going to use an assault-type 《Martial Art》.
Yesterday, he wasn’t suspected of being a Demonic Being. Now, they had enough energy to one-sidedly decide that he was a Demonic Being and looked ready to even attack him.
Stuck with not having a satisfying explanation of the mysteriousness of the situation, Diablo was about to use an interception magic.
At that time, one of the guards ran in.
「Wait, wait! You’ve got it wrong! This person is a Demon! He’s one of Rem-san’s companions!」
He recognized the short, curled up brown hair and the childish looks.
「You, are you the one that called me to a halt the day before yesterday?」
He nodded with a nervous look on his face.
「Y, yes. I am called Boris. I am sorry about that occasion.」
「To mistake me for the likes of those Demonic Beings……it would seem that everyone is considerably worked up. Did something happen?」
「To tell you the truth, having heard a report from a patrol, everyone’s on edge.」
「A report you say?」
「Y, yes, um……How should I say this……I don’t think you’ll believe me even if I say something like this but……」
Although it was coming out from his mouth, it somehow seemed like Boris himself had doubts about his own words.
He pointed to the West.

「It would seem that a large army of Demonic Beings surpassing a hundred-something is headed towards this Fort Bridge.」

Even for Diablo, this was a report that was hard to believe so suddenly.
——Demonic Beings numbering over a hundred-something? Attacking in a large army?
He had never heard of such an event.
Demonic Beings were configured so that each one of them would be several times stronger than Adventurers of the races. In cases where they took the stage, in whatever scenario it was, they were treated as mid-bosses or big-bosses.
At the very least, it wasn’t an opponent that one would unexpectedly encounter in the middle of exploring a dungeon.
Challenging a single Demonic Being with a party of six or with the combined efforts of several parties cooperating was normal in the game.
If it’s the Demonic Beings of this area, would they be around level 90?
So he’s saying that enemies as strong as that are coming here in an army that surpasses a hundred-something.

It seemed that a large-scale 《Intrusion》 that was impossible in the game was trying to occur.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: 乱入. Not sure if this is the proper gaming term or not as I’m not much of a gamer.

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Trying to Save the World – Part 2

    • Encounters are expected. Intrusions aren’t. In this case, a high level mob would descend and most probably wreck even the most prepared adventurer. It’s like a super encounter, and Intrusion fits quite well. Someone doesn’t encounter you in your own house, they intrude; in much the same way a midboss would intrude on a quest.
      Nuances are important for good writing.


      • Been playing online MMORPG’s for eighteen years now .. and have never heard of something called an Intrusion. If you are trying to write a novel based off games .. following simple game terms is an even BETTER than good way of writing.


  1. “Not only were they all carrying weapons, the even had armor equipped” Well guards are generally like that O_o. Does he expect them to be unarmed and equipped in pajamas ?


  2. Well I don’t know about intrusion type encounter but I’ve play FF XIV and there were these mission that you could pick up at certain outpost or in every main city they were called levequest if I remember correctly and some of them would have mid boss level enemy. Not really sure if it was random or not but I’ve accidentally aggroed them when I would be dealing with a lone mob class enemy. But that’s the closest thing to it that I’ve encounter.


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