Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to War – Part 6

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Part 6

When they returned from the forest of 《Kohigashi》──
Alicia immediately began a trip to the royal capital.
It seems that she was going to make a report about the recent case to the king.
Since she might be targeted by the troops of the Feudal Lord who was being cautious of an unfavorable report, Diablo thought of going to escort her but……
Because the name Demon King Diablo was more well-known than he expected, it might instead make the royal capital become vigilant of him, so he was refused.
He was told that his degree of danger was increased due to the recent matter. It was because he had silenced the Elven forces, crushed the gigantic Summoned Beast that was summoned with a treasure, and, above all else, triumphed against Feudal Lord Galford who was a hero.
If a person with such nonstandard strength were to get close to the royal capital without advance notice, it wouldn’t be strange for the royal capital to make an excessive reaction.
The current Diablo was something like a huge one man army.
If a country with no diplomatic relations were to suddenly come leading a large army, that would be called an “invasion” in society──When told that, there was no room for rebuttal.
Because of all that, he was refused to being an escort for Alicia.
There was probably no need to worry. She herself was also plenty strong. She was greatly insufficient against Galford, but she played an active role in the fight against the Elves.
Since she passionately said that she would “absolutely get the King to make a peaceful decision”, he decided to hope for good news.
Peace was the best.

Three days after the fight with the Elves──
Diablo was alone in the inn, lying down on the bed.
Once again, having not fully recovered his MP that had gotten close to 0, his days of having no motivation continued.
There were no movements from Galford, but since he didn’t know when he would be attacked, he wanted his MP to recover quickly.
However, the MP Recovery Potions that were in his pouch when he was summoned to this world were things that had a specially high efficiency, so he didn’t want to use them unless it was a state of emergency.
That being said, since he couldn’t obtain the ingredients for MP Recovery Potions, he wasn’t able to make the best use of the 《Compounder》 skill.
──However, people do grow.
He wasn’t lazing around for 10 days just like before.
Diablo made a commission to Sylvie for an MP Recovery Potion.
If it was her who was the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster, she could probably raise at least the ingredients.
Though it’s been three days since he started waiting for her to contact him……
Right now, he was alone.
Rem and Shera took a simple quest, and were out on the errand.
The truth was that he should have accompanied them. He was worried about Galford’s movements after all.
However, his motivation was……
His MP was……
The reason why he couldn’t do what he needed to, was because he was out of MP.
It was the same as using time on pointless things right before taking a test, or enjoying a net game right before a deadline.
This was Rem’s point of view but──she said that the Feudal Lord Galford wouldn’t unnecessarily make enemies of Diablo who was stronger than him.
She thought that the safety of Faltra City was his top priority.
She said that even a child could tell that at the present state, making Diablo an ally would be the most beneficial to Faltra City.
He was worried that Shera would be held hostage as the Elven Princess but……
Turning Diablo, who had displayed that much strength, into an enemy, only to obtain the princess of a small country, that would be a complete loss, wouldn’t it──is what Shera herself laughed about.
If Diablo were to take away the girls’ freedom from worrying too much, that would be no different from what Kiira was doing.
If you’re an Adventurer, you should protect yourself with your own body! This was the general rule.
In any case, since Galford will be making a report about the recent matter at the royal capital, until the King makes some kind of judgement, he probably won’t make any movements.
In regards to the Greenwood Kingdom, Selsio said that he would be making a report about everything.
Shera should no longer be pursued anymore──probably.
To begin with, them being told to bring her back seemed to have been Kiira’s own judgement. Come to think of it, it was said that her father was half-hearted about it even though she was being brought back.
Naturally, the bounty for Shera was also withdrawn.
Diablo still had no idea about how the Greenwood Kingdom would react to Kiira being killed.
Putting that topic aside──something very heart-breaking happened.
There was no reward for the quest.

There was no reward for having avoided the war.

I’ll beat you to death, Galford.

Whoops, my MP leaked out a bit due to my rage. Even though my long-awaited recovery had progressed──Thinking that, Diablo took a deep breath.
This time, he had received a commission from the Feudal Lord, and the quest was to defend against the war with the Elves.
Because he had fought against that Feudal Lord, that was only natural.
Going to the Guild the day after he had just beaten the hell out of him and saying “please give me the reward for the quest” was something impossible even if he wasn’t a Demon King.
Therefore, he ended up working for free these past few days.
Rather, the War Scythe and the Potions made them go into the red.
As a result──the out of MP Diablo is a neet, and Rem and Shera are out working by doing quests like gathering.
──This is, a leeching lifestyle.
He was the worst.

*Kon kon!* A strong knock was made on the door.
Diablo placidly answered.
「I don’t mind, come in as you like.」
The door opened with a clank.
A small girl came in. She had an appearance that looked half-naked as usual.
It was Sylvie.
「Hello, Diablo-san……Doing well? Actually, no, I guess not.」
「Today, I’ve got some good news.」
「Hou, did you bring the goods I asked for?」
「It’s a bit different but, well, I guess it’s something similar.」
Sylvie took out something that she hid at her back.
──An alcohol bottle?
He couldn’t read the letters, but it was probably no doubt that.
「Is this not an MP Recovery Potion?」
「It’s alcohol with that effect. In proportion to how effective it is in a small portion, potions are high priced and rare. But if it’s this, it’s obtainable somewhat inexpensively, and above all, it’s delicious! Although it’s fairly strong, well, it should be fine if it’s you, Diablo-san.」
「So it will recover my MP, correct?」
「Yup! Without a doubt. Though, the manner in it’s effectiveness is scattered. Ah, I also brought some cheese.」
──Strong alcohol, huh.
Although he didn’t know to what degree it was, Diablo’s body was tough.
Since he also was able to nullify bad statuses, there was even the possibility he couldn’t get drunk.
Since the bad status of something like 《Dead Drunk》 didn’t exist in Cross Reverie, although that had nothing to do with this, in any case, he had no choice but to test it out.
Diablo nodded.
「Alright, I’ll have some.」
He sat on top of the bed, and pushed his hand out.
Sylvie pulled out the cork stopper.
*Fuwah*……A fruity aroma spread out.
Based on its vibrant grape aroma, the contents were probably something like wine.
She passed it on to him.
*Gui* He drank it in one gulp.
Sylvie clapped her hands.
「Ohh~! Diablo-san, as I thought, you’re strong, aren’t you!」
「……Fu……Of coursh. I’m a Demon King after all.」[1]
「Y, you’re strong……aren’t you?」
Diablo felt warmth throughout his body, and he started to feel good.
His field of vision was swaying.
Unable to even stay seated, he collapsed on the bed.
Sylvie panicked and rushed over to him.
「Wait, wait, Diablo-san!? Are you alright!?」
──It’s like I’m in water.
The sounds in the surroundings were distant.
The scenery was flabby and distorting.
He wanted something cold──
While thinking that, Diablo made his hand roam about.
He grabbed onto something.
It was something slender, and tender.
How it was a bit cold was pleasant.
*Gui* He pulled it towards him.
「Wh, what is it, Diablo-san!?」
For an instant, Diablo had a visual hallucination of his bed at home.
Ahh, I’m so sleepy~……Oh, my dakimakura[2] is, in a place like this.
He dragged Sylvie onto the bed. Still not having any self-awareness of it.
「Nn……This……is it.」
He held her tight.
「Diablo-san!? I, this kind of thing, it’s a bit troubling for me, you know!?」
「U~n, what a good feeling to hug. As expected of a dakimakura. This is at the level of something I would buy even if I had to go into debt.」
「Diablo-san, what do you mean by dakimakura!? And what do you mean by debt!?」
「Nn? There’s, something attached. Something is stuck on the smooth feeling……」
「Th, tha, don’t take that! This is bad, Diablo-san, if, if you do any more than this, even I will get mad when I need to, you know!?」
「So smooth.」
「Uuu……Even though he should be a Magician, what amazing strength……Such a……Such a……」
Diablo rubbed her while half asleep.
Sylvie twisted her body in his arms.
「Sto! You can’t! Don’t touch me in a place like that! Even though I’m a Grasswalker, and Diablo-san, you’re a Demon, this is……This, is! Weird! Ah! Sto! Not there! Down there is bad, not down there! Waaaaan!」
*Biku* Sylvie bent her spine back, and trembled.
「…………Haa……Haa……Uuu……J, jeez……Diablo-san, do you, plan on taking proper responsibility? Nn? Huh?」
「He’s asleep──!?」
Sylvie struggled and tried to get out from his arms.
However, the arms of Diablo, who was completely sound asleep, couldn’t be moved so easily.
「Rather, Diablo-san, at the very least, sleep after letting me go! Rem-san and Shera-chan are coming back──!! Also, my clothes, give them back!」

P 370

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Diablo uses “boku” instead of “ore” or “ware”.
[2] “Body pillow” or “hug pillow” for those that don’t know.

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