Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to War – Part 4

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Part 4

Galford narrowed his eyes.
「Impossible……Does this mean……he undid the barrier!? All troops, halt!」
Receiving that order, the fully armed foot soldiers that commenced their assault on the Elves quickly stopped. They returned to Galford’s back.
Diablo fearlessly smiled.
「So you thought that you could bind me down with something like this worthless thing, you fool!」
──Though, in actuality, I just barely made it!
Thank goodness he did hands-on-training with Shera. When he remembered it, he was a bit embarrassed.
Diablo confronted Galford.
The distance between them was about 10 meters.
However, between them, Alicia was crouched down on her knees. Diablo wasn’t able to just suddenly cast wide range magic at him.
Galford drew his sword.
「Fumu……I guess I really should have dealt with you first. I had taken into consideration the possibility that the Elves and the Princess would run away during that time but……」
「From the start──You intended on 《Intruding》 once the Elves and I clashed and exhausted ourselves.」
「That is what is known as a strategy. Though I’m sure that Adventurers wouldn’t understand.」
「Hmph, how underhanded.」
──This is why I hate war games.
「Insults from the opponent, is praise for military personnel.」
「I shall grant you enough despair that you won’t even be able to curse at me! 《Explosion》!」
Just barely missing the crouching Alicia, he caused a detonation. There might have been a small effect on her, but that was something he had to have her endure.
However, Galford jumped back with a enough speed that it looked like he was about to disappear from Diablo’s field of vision.
──He avoided my magic!?
He didn’t think that was possible.
There were times where quick opponents could “resist” it even in the game, but was it with this kind of reasoning?
Galford drew close to him in an instant.
He was fast, but Diablo saw him.
They were exceedingly fast movements.
Diablo turned his upper body horizontally and avoided him.
As if having completely read those movements, Galford’s sword trajectory changed.
It was a thrust into a horizontal slash.
Diablo’s right arm was slashed.
Damage got in.
──So he was able to easily breakthrough 《Physical Damage Reduction》’s effect!
However, when compared to the 《Sacrifice Charge》 he received from the Demonic Being Commander Edelgart before, it wasn’t that much damage.
After all, it wasn’t a 《Martial Art》 and was just a normal attack.
Galford’s attack continued.
Thrust, horizontal slash, a slash aimed at his shin, a beheading slash that brought the sword up from below.
Generally speaking, it was fast.
Normally, Diablo would fight while gaining some distance as he stepped back. That was the standard whenever a Magician fought against a Warrior.
However, he stayed in one spot. A Demon King fighting while running away wasn’t cool at all──such vanity was not the only reason for that.
It was because Rem and Shera were behind him. Their distance was about 20 meters. If he were to retreat with all his might, they would get dragged in in an instant.
──No recklessly falling back.
However, while at sword distance, he was at an overwhelming disadvantage.
He would receive damage many times due to Galford’s sword.
The injuries hurt.
He was probably bleeding as well.
Since his HP was high, he still had some leeway but……
If he continues losing the initiative like this, it was only a matter of time.
To make matters worse, simply not being able to go into the counteroffensive was also a reason.
Galford talked as if he had seen through him.
「As I thought, after having gone against the Elven forces, it seems you are considerably exhausted. For a Magician that drove away the Demonic Being forces, aren’t your movements a bit heavy?」
Even as he was talking, Galford’s attacks didn’t loosen up a single bit.
For him to not be out of breath after having swung his sword this much, it was incredible. No, it is probably thought of as him being faithful to the basic strategy of “focusing on not creating a chance rather than the attack’s weight when against a Magician”. It seemed as if Galford was skilled in personal battles.
Diablo warped his mouth.
「Hmph……It’s simply that you are too weak that my motivation isn’t welling up!」
It was a bluff.
He was bearing an amount of damage that he had never carried before.
Galford smiled.
「Then how about you fall back and use your magic? Though your precious women might get dragged into it.」
As Diablo thought, he had seen through him.
Rem and Shera were in a place that was 20 meters behind him.
He couldn’t possibly fall back and get them dragged into this. Galford had also been aware of that.
He had no choice but to hold his own right here.
──No, that’s impossible. If I fight at a sword’s distance, I can’t win.
He made a large jump back.
Galford chased after him.
「As I thought, so you value yourself more than your companions!?」
Those movements were fast.
Getting closer was the most basic of the basics for the Warrior type when they fought against Magicians.
「You have no needless movements. It makes reading your movements all the more easier, Galford!」
While he fell back, Diablo quietly casted magic within his mouth.
At that instant, it didn’t look like any magic had occurred but──
Galford approached him.
The ground at his feet burst open.
It was probably an attack that he had completely not expected.
《Super Mine》 was a planting-type magic. It was something like a trap.
It would break out from the aimed at ground, and bestow damage on the opponent that passed by above it.
What Diablo used was a similar high ranking magic, and was learned around level 80. In proportion to its level, the damage it gave was small, but with its characteristic of the time until it activates being fast, it was a magic meant to bring down monsters and Warrior-type that were filling in the distance.
He was able to inflict an injury on Galford’s leg.
However, that was still not enough to stop the opponent’s movements.
Diablo continued to keep planting even more 《Super Mines》.
It seemed that Galford saw through the fact that it was a “magic that detonates when stepped on” with one blast. He had splendid perception skills.
He drew closer while dazzling Diablo with a zigzagging trajectory.
It was an appropriate way of coping with the magic.
「It has been 30 years since an opponent has placed an injury on me! Diablo!」
「Is that so……Having nothing but opponents of that level will be the cause of your defeat, Galford. The study of steps to get close to Magicians, and the research of magic that defend against that……How a great many people devoted an enormous amount of time to only those few things is something that you would never understand! Such a world exists!!」
He was still naive.
Galford was superhuman. Let alone from the Races of this world, even in the game world, he would have received high evaluations.
However, the one that was standing in front of him, was no mere Player.

Diablo was a 『Demon King』 that had defeated a countless number of challengers.

He had never lost in foreseeing movements. A 《Super Mine》 burst open at Galford’s feet.
The opponent’s movements grew dull.
──An opening, was made, right?
Diablo pointed the tip of his staff at Galford, and loudly chanted.
「Be frozen over, 《Freeze Zone》!」
It was a level 90 Ice attribute magic.
It would freeze a small targeted range. Even if it didn’t defeat them, it would bestow the speed reducing bad status 《Cold》.
*Pakiiiiin* (sound of cold ice cracking)……That clear sound reverberated.
Galford, the ground, and even the air were frozen.
──It hit.
Diablo clenched his fist.
And then, he became calm.
──Is he alright? This was a considerably strong magic, you know?
Could Diablo have killed him?
Everything that had been frozen was smashed up.
Diablo turned his attention to the opponent’s well-being.
However, Galford came thrusting at him uninjured.
──It had no effect!?
That was, impossible.
Then this would mean, it was an absolute defense type 《Martial Art》!
The activation timing was severe, but there was a 《Martial Art》 that could completely defend against an opponent’s attack only once in the middle of battle.
It was something that would make one think it was something like a cheat, but surpassing level 100 was full of that sort of thing.
Galford grandly held his sword aloft.
──A big move is coming!
Diablo was in a defenseless state after firing off magic.
No matter how short it was, there would be a rigidity in magic.
The match would be decided with this instant turn, that was probably what Galford had concluded.
The sword that he held was tinged with a red heat.
《Heat Sonic》
A 《Martial Art》 learned at level 120.
Making the blade red hot, it was a huge move that would cut eight times in an instant.
Was the earlier opening that looked like it was created with 《Super Mine》 just an act for the sake of luring out a large magic?
So he planned on completely defending against Diablo’s magic, and then hit this big move on him.
──This reminds me of something similar.
「Demon Kings, do not have things like openings!」
「What’re you!? 」
The blade drew near.
While nervously exposing his body to it, Diablo shouted.
「It means that the cause of your defeat is that you against nothing but weak opponents! 《Omit》[1]──《Lightning Bullet》!!」
「What was thattttt!?」
《Omit》 was literally a skill that would omit the charging (aria) of a magic. Rather than a magic, it was more similar to the Warrior-type’s 《Martial Art》.
And then, 《Lightning Bullet》 was a high ranking magic that was categorized in the light attribute.
The bullet of light assaulted the thrusting Galford.
Having entered a position to release a 《Martial Art》, there was no way he would have had a countermeasure.
It bore into his chest, and sent him flying.
There was a dull scream.
As if he were scraping off the ground, Galford tumbled.
Furthermore, the bullet of light burst open, bestowing even more damage.

Galford was covered in burns due to the 《Lightning Bullet》, and his white military uniform was tattered.
Black smoke was rising from his body.
Even so, the opponent got to one knee, used his sword as a cane, and raised his body up.
Diablo was in admiration.
──As expected of HP!
Thank goodness he didn’t kill him.
Galford certainly did kill Kiira.
However, Diablo didn’t think of wanting to kill an opponent that he didn’t need to kill.
Galford painfully groaned.
「What happened to the finishing blow? I seem to still be alive, you know?」
「Hmph……The match has finished. I no longer have interest in you.」
Diablo snorted his nose making it sound like this was all trivial.
In his innermost thoughts, he was relieved.
──That was pretty dangerous.
In the end, although his personal battle experience from the game and the difference in Skill knowledge had decided the match, this was the most formidable opponent he had since coming to this world.
Be that as it may, if he made Galford think that “it was close”, Galford might aim at him again. Since he had won, Diablo decided to threaten him.
Diablo haughtily declared.
「You are more of a small fry than I thought. You have completely lost my interest. You should learn that the likes of you is not worthy of being my opponent.」
Galford scowled.
「……Could it be, do you not intend to kill me?」
「If you wish to die, do it on your own.」
「Is that alright? I might make a report that is disadvantageous for you.」
──That might be troubling, won’t it?
At that time, having recovered from her stupor, Alicia stepped in.
「I won’t allow such a thing. Galford-sama, same to you, I will report that you had committed actions with the intent of destroying the country’s cooperation with the surrounding countries!」
Galford smiled.
「Well now? The Feudal Lord of Faltra City, and a single State Knight……Whose report will be believed in?」
「His Majesty the King is an intelligent man.」
「I believe that killing me would be much more reliable, don’t you?」
Diablo was troubled.
──When he goes that far in saying it, it instead makes me think it’s a trap. It feels like I’d be cursed if I kill him.
This was the first time he felt that the opponent he won against was weird.
Either way, repealing what he said at this point wasn’t cool.
「Hmph……How obstinate. If you wish to die, do it on your own. If you say that you will challenge me once more, I shall be your opponent at any time. However……next time, if you lay a hand on me or any of my possessions, know that I will turn you to ashes together with your dominion!」
He had questioned himself a bit about using the city as a threat, but he left it at just saying it. He would be troubled if Galford meddled with Rem and Shera after all.
Galford stood up.
──A rematch right now!? I don’t want that!
He breathed a sigh.
「So, while going that far in saying that, you won’t take even this single life of mine……Is this just a whim? Or maybe, do you have some kind of scheme?」
──It’s just simply me thinking that I want to protect at least the protectable lives in front of me.
Though he wouldn’t say that because it wasn’t Demon King-like.
「Hmph……It’s a whim.」
「You might regret not killing me, you know?」
「If you turn your blade towards me once again, it will just turn out to be you regretting that you had survived here.」
Galford turned his back.
And then, he raise his left hand.
「All troops, withdraw!」
That voice resounded throughout the whole battlefield.
The soldiers that were attentively watching the battle simultaneously came running and aligned themselves in front of Galford.
And then, their footsteps resounding, they withdrew.
Diablo gazed at the withdrawing Galford’s back.
──So it’s finally over.
He had no idea about what would happen beyond this point.
To start with, the fight at hand was ended.
Though it couldn’t be said to have been the very best, he thought that the second best result had been made.
Diablo turned his eyes towards the direction of Rem and Shera.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Written as 詠唱省略(aria omission), read as オミツト

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