Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to War – Part 3

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Part 3

It was probably about 10 meters away from Diablo’s group.

Kiira had tried to run away, but a military person had suddenly appeared right before his eyes.
He wore a white military uniform, and a long sword hung from his waist.
It was Galford.
And then, behind him, about 20 fully armed foot soldiers showed themselves. Truly, they were unexpected.
They were probably hiding and concealing themselves through magic.
Flustered, Kiira stopped.
「Y, you, are you Faltra’s Feudal Lord!?」
「So you are Greenwood Kingdom’s Prince, though there’s no need to confirm that. I had seen everything after all.」
Galford placed his hand on the handle of his sword.
Kiira stepped back looking frightened.
「Oi oi oi oi oi!? I am the Elven Prince, you know!? Do you understand what will happen if you lay a hand on me!?」
「Conversely, there is something that I would like to ask you. Do you understand what it means to send an army into the territory of another country?」
「D, do you plan on going to war with us!? A war!? A war, where Humans, go against the Elven country!?」
「If it’s about the war, it has already started. Ever since you made the proclamation of war and dispatched soldiers.」
「No! I didn’t mean to do such a──」
「That’s just a difference of views. It’s something that happens often at the start of wars.」
Galford’s figure became blurry.
In the next instant, he was right before Kiira’s eyes.
The sword made a *click* sound and was sheathed into its scabbard. That’s right, the sword that wasn’t drawn was sheathed into its scabbard.
Kiira’s head revolved in the air.
Diablo narrowed his eyes.
Shera opened her eyes wide open. And then, she raise a scream.
Rem covered her mouth and turned her face away.
Alicia was shocked, and staringly gazed.
A commotion rose from the Elven soldiers that were injured and unable to move.

The Greenwood Kingdom’s Prince, Kiira, was so easily killed.

Diablo glared at Galford.
「You, what’s the meaning of this?」
Galford slowly started to walk.
What was given forth was an order towards his subordinates.
「Exterminate the Elven troops. The Princess is to be a prisoner of war. Eliminate all those that stand in the way.」
「You bastard! So you planned this from the start!」
Diablo confronted him.
Making a face as if it were only a matter of course, Galford placed his hand on the handle of his sword.
「If you get in the way, I will have no choice but to eliminate you, understand?」
Still glaring at him──Diablo talked to Rem and the others.
「Step back. However, don’t go too far. There might be soldiers that will come from behind.」
「Diablo, what do you plan on doing!?」
「It seems that I have no choice but to talk with him.」
Rem and the others stepped back about 20 meters.
Galford’s eyes were turned towards Shera.
「Could I have you be reasonable? For me, I have nothing I wish to talk about with you.」
And then, he brought up his left hand.
──What does he plan to do!?
At that instant, a light ran out from within the forest.
The light wrapped up the area aroudn Diablo.
──Magic that I don’t know of!? Eei! It’s been nothing but stuff like this!
He tried to get out of its range.
*Bachin!* Together with a sound of what sounded like static electricity, Diablo was bounced back by something.
「Kuh, it’s in the way! 《Explosion》!」
Diablo turned towards Galford and fired off magic.
However, the 《Explosion》 that should have detonated at the designated coordinates detonated right before Diablo’s eyes.
──There’s a wall!?
It couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, but Diablo had noticed that there was something like a barrier that had circled around and enclosed him.
Galford stroked his chin.
「It’s Ritual Magic meant to capture large scale Demonic Beasts. Because we succeeded in preparing it in the surroundings……Well, I guess there was no way for you to have noticed. You alone are an excellent Magician but……We military personnel are group combat specialists.」
「You bastard……」
「That barrier is able to seal any Demonic Beast no matter how big it is……Even if it’s you, you won’t be able to simply get out. Stay quiet in there for a while.」
──To think that there was something like this!
Diablo didn’t know of magic like this.
With the meaning of sealing movement, was it something close to 《Bind》?
However, for it to be effective on Diablo who has equipment that nullifies bad statuses on his body, that meant that it was not just a bad status.
To begin with, if a barrier that ”activates in an instant and completely seals a Player’s movements for a short while” were to be implemented in the game, it wouldn’t just end in being a shitty game.
Solo players like Diablo would have been completely shutout with just this.
This unreasonable sensation──it was similar to a movie.
In the game’s movies, frequently, it is possible that there will be developments where it made him want to tsukkomi with “Why are you just standing there watching!?”.
Players were unable to interfere, a so-called “story’s convenience”
Times where the main Demonic Being would gain power, times where a gigantic Demonic Beast would revive, times where an important person of the Races would get kidnapped. You would be made the spectator to stuff like that.
If it were a game, he would be convinced that he “could do nothing but watch” but……
In reality, being made to watch a “movie” was something he couldn’t endure.
Moreover, the event movie that he was about to watch, to Diablo, it was something he couldn’t tolerate.
Most likely, the injured Elves would be killed……Shera would be abducted……And if done poorly, Rem and Alicia would be killed as well.
──To hell with that! Like hell I’m going to watch the shitty movie of such a shitty scenario right up until the end!
It was something that he absolutely couldn’t allow!
He touched the wall with his hand.
──I’ll test out Magic Cancellation!
Shera’s 《Slavery Choker》 was complicated and way too difficult.
However, he remember the method of doing it.
Right here, right now, he would make use of it!
The specific method was, to touch it with the hand, and grasp the flow of magical power. It was similar to untying an entwined string.
If he were to panic, as if his skill would go mad, he would fail to catch the tip of the magical power.
Hurrying to the max, but cautiously.
──Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Alicia stepped forward.
She stepped forward further than Diablo did, and she confronted Galford at sword distance.
「Feudal Lord-sama, I ask for an explanation of what the meaning of all of this is!」
Galford tilted his head.
「Naturally it’s my duty as Faltra’s Feudal Lord. Crushing invaders, and protecting the Races.」
「Do you intend on invading the country of the Elves!?」
「It would seem that you are misunderstanding something. Mobilizing troops within one’s own territory wouldn’t be called an invasion. This is self-defence.」
「Kuh……Still, to kill an opponent that has already surrendered!」
「Surrendered? The Elves did? It doesn’t look like that to me though?」
「In addition, is there really a need to kidnap Princess Shera!?」
「When left to Adventurers and the like, she was nearly taken away. I have judged that there is a need to keep her person in custody with the army. Is a State Knight planning on cutting in on the judgement of the army?」
「This can’t possibly be recognized as humane! Please withdraw your troops immediately and release Diablo-sama!」
「You should just return to the royal capital, and report to His Majesty. Though, the Greenwood Kingdom might have surrendered by then.」
「I……will……stop you!」
Alicia drew her sword.
Galford tilted his head.
「And just how will you stop me, with a sword that has no blade?」
Alicia curiously dropped her gaze towards her sword. The weight within those hands of hers, was clearly different from how it usually was.
The longsword was, broken without even a sound, and the blade fell to the ground.
Sweat came bursting out on Alicia’s face.
Diablo also shuddered.
──That guy, did he cut Alicia’s sword!?
Because it was Diablo, he was somewhat able to see Galford’s movements.
At the moment that Alicia drew her sword, he had lopped the sword off.
──He’s on a different level from your average Adventurer and soldier.
According to Diablo’s diagnosis, Galford’s level was no less than 100. He was, beyond the limits of the Races.
Now that things had come to this, he couldn’t get a definite idea of his strength without fighting him first.
The maximum level in the game was 150, but now that there were components that weren’t implemented before, he couldn’t let his guard down at all.
In the worst case, he should consider the possibility that he was higher than Diablo.
Galford shook his head left and right.
「Alicia-kun, you should not have stepped out onto the battlefield. It would seem you aren’t suited for battle. Return to the royal capital and report this as you like. I’m sure His Majesty will listen to the words of someone much stronger. Faltra City is the foremost line after all.」
「Ugh, urgh……」
Alicia fell to her knees.
Having such an overwhelming difference in strength thrust in front of her, it was inevitable that she would lose her will to fight. It was the same for the Elves that fought against Diablo.
Galford pushed his left hand out in front of him.
「Commence the operation──All troops, advance. Destroy the invaders, secure the princess, and eliminate those that stand in the way.」
The 20-odd fully armed foot soldiers that Galford brought along with him raised a battle cry.
The injured Elves that were unable to run away raised screams.
Shera shouted.
Rem prepared her iron claws.
「……They don’t look like they will stop with just words.」
Certainly, Galford probably wouldn’t be stopped from words.
However, the fact that Alicia had bought a small amount of time, was by no means meaningless.

Diablo had firmly gripped the end ot the “flow of magical power”.
「Kukuku……You said that “His Majesty will listen to the words of someone much stronger”, didn’t you, Galford? In that case, I’m sure that will make my words absolute.」
「Stay quiet. You will be dealt with afterwards. It was for that reason that the Ritual Magic was prepared──」
Diablo pulled the end of the magical power that he gripped in one stroke.
The magical power that composed the barrier unraveled.
As if, it were the ribbon of a present.
At the end──*Pakin!* The sound of something breaking was made, and the barrier collapsed.

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