Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to War – Part 2

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Part 2

It was a variety of dragon that possessed four heads.
It was gigantic.
It easily broke through the tent.
It’s head went over the height of the surrounding trees, and went even higher.
The scales that covered the surface of its body were speckles of blue, red, yellow and green, were wet with a viscous liquid, and glittered shinily.
Diablo’s group took Shera and got away from the tent. If they stayed nearby, they would have been stepped on and crushed.
Rem and Alicia were also safe.
The screams of the Elves that had lost their will to fight could be heard.
Those that tried to run away, those that started laughing, there were even those that shouted to Kiira to put the Summoned Beast away.
Ignoring all of them, Kiira looked up at his Summoned Beast with a look of ecstasy.
「It’s magnificent, isn’t it! As expected of the forbidden Summoned Beast that “will bring the world to destruction”! Look at it, this magnificence, this mightiness, and this sacredness!」
It didn’t seem all that sacred at all.
Putting it bluntly, it was an ominous appearance.
──Still, it’s a Summoned Beast with a shape I’ve never seen before, isn’t it?
Could it be that he simply forgot, and it was something that had appeared in the game?
Since there were also Demonic Beasts whose size that around that of a small mountain, it couldn’t be said to be of the largest type but……If this were the game, it was a size where it would a bit out of the screen even when zoomed out.
At the very least, among the monsters he had fought against since coming to this world, it was without a doubt the largest.
Because he had always looked from outside of the screen, he just couldn’t see it, but when looking up at it like this, there was an intensity to it.
He froze from fear.
Dragons were generally covered in hard scales, and were quite tough.
──Can I win?
Taken by Rem and Alicia, Shera shouted from a place that was a bit separated from him.
「It’s better to just run away! That is a Summoned Beast that has been passed down through the Greenwood royal family for generations──and Nii-san is absolutely unable to control it! It can’t be stopped no matter what, and it’s said to be a Summoned Beast that absolutely cannot be defeated!」
So that is why it “will bring the world to destruction”.
Diablo consented to that.
That Summoned Beast, it looked reasonably strong.
Kiira didn’t look like a high level Summoner, but if it was a treasure, then he could understand.
Unrelated to Summon Magic, it was probably an item that anyone──or rather, someone of the Elven royal family could use.
A treasure that could bring out a Summoned Beast, such a thing wasn’t introduced in the game. The pipe that manipulated Shera also wasn’t introduced.
The Elves treasures seemed to be of the parts that weren’t implemented in the game.
Cross Reverie was a net game that had components added every week and every month through updates.
However, in this world, the parts that weren’t implemented also existed.
To him, it seemed like he was in a “Cross Reverie where ethical restrictions were disregarded, and all of the planned components were implemented”. When he thought of it like that, there was a kind of excitement to it.
According to what Shera said, it couldn’t be controlled.
However, Kiira was commanding it with 「Do it! 《Force Hydra》![1] Kill them!」 as if he were able to control it.
In fact, just when Diablo thought that Kiira might be able to control it……
It looked like Kiira was about to get crushed by the Summoned Beast’s tail.
It was because he was carelessly close to it.
Although he ran away in hot haste, the truth was, with an impression of “not caring about him”, the Force Hydra started to act violently.
It really did seem that it wasn’t being controlled. Even though he was in that kind of state, to think that it was his own power, what kind of train of thought did he have?
There was no point in thinking about it.
He decided to defeat the Summoned Beast before anymore damage spreads.
Just in case, Diablo decided to call out to Rem and the others.
「I am going to crush that thing. Shera, you don’t mind, right!?」
「You can do that!?」
「Of course!」
Rem nodded.
「……You don’t need to worry about us over here……I’ll hold onto Shera so that she doesn’t do anything stupid anymore.」
「You said stupid in a time like this!?」
「……Having made me worry about you to this extent, you are without a doubt stupid.」
「Rem, you were worried about me! Thank you!」
Shera hugged Rem tightly. Rem pushed Shera’s shoulders looking like she didn’t like it, but it didn’t look like they were separating.
Alicia drew her sword and saluted.
「Even if it costs me my life, I shall protect these two.」
「Umu. Get away from here so that you don’t get wrapped up in my magic. Most likely, that thing can also do some long distance attacks.」
「Y, yes!」

Diablo stood at the front of the Force Hydra.
It had a large number of heads, and was short and stout.
Looking at it from up close, it truly was big. From only that, it didn’t look like he needed to hold back.
He thrust the blade of the scythe into the ground.
And then, he took out the 《Staff of Tenma》 from his pouch.
Kiira expressed a cramped smile.
「Hahahahahaha! You fool, there’s no way you could win against it! Your existence is my stress! Hurry up and disappear, Demon!」
He didn’t seem to be able to control it, but it looked like he had complete confidence in the strength of this Summoned Beast.
Diablo had consumed quite a bit of MP in the fight with the Elven forces from before.
He should probably bring it down quickly.
Diablo raised his staff.
「《Heaven’s Fall》!」
All over the sky, many rocks had appeared.
It was earth attribute magic that was learned at level 100.
Making countless meteorites appear, it gave damage over a vast range.
By determining the aim with a FPS point of view, the meteorites could be guided to a certain degree, and it was possible to increase the power in exchange for narrowing the range.
It was hard to use against small opponents, but it becomes extremely effective against gigantic monsters.
He swung down his staff.
Making a wind cutting sound, countless meteorites fell upon the Force Hydra.
The tremendous sounds and impacts shook the earth and trees.
A dense cloud of dust was raised up.
Before long, his field of vision cleared up.
One of the Force Hydra’s heads was destroyed.
──It was more brittle than I thought.
So it would be defeated if hit with four or five more of those. All that’s left is to see how the enemy will attack.
That is what he estimated but……
Abruptly, the Force Hydra’s destroyed head, grew back from within the neck.
──Regeneration!? Moreover, that’s way too fast, isn’t it!? It’s bugged!?
There were monsters that could regenerate parts in the middle of battle, but this was the first time he saw one that was this fast.
The revived head breathed out a green breath.
──A Wind Breath!?
Attacked while he was unguarded, Diablo received a direct hit and was blown away.
Dragon Breath was a pure attribute attack.
It was treated as neither as magic nor as a physical attack. Because of that, 《Magic Reflection》 and 《Physical Damage Reduction》 didn’t activate.
Diablo didn’t have it, but if he had something like 《Wind Type Defence》, it would have been quite effective.
This could be said for a majority of Fantasy RPGs but Dragon types really do tend to get treated favorably in terms of ability.
Diablo thought──
He understood that the Force Hydra had the two abilities of 《Regeneration》 and 《Green Breath》.
Normally, Summoned Beasts had a limitation of “having only one Skill”
Of course, there were Summoned Beasts that possessed not only a Skill but also special characteristics like “high defensive power” or “high offensive power”.
However, could the regeneration ability that the Force Hydra displayed a little while ago not be a “Skill”? Could that have been insisted to be a “high resistance special characteristic”?
──Or could it be, there would have been a time where Summoned Beasts with multiple Skills would have been implemented in Cross Reverie?
Strengthening the misfortunate job of Summoner was a very possible argument.
Or maybe, could it be that this world is nothing more than “a different world that was only similar to Cross Reverie”?
While placing one hand on the ground, Diablo stood up.
He had quite a bit of damage, but the external wounds were just a bunch of small injuries.
They were probably kamaitachi wounds due to the Wind Breath.[2]
It’s not like his HP had a drastic decrease, but he wanted to avoid continually receiving such damage.
Since the distance had opened between them, the remaining three heads breathed out Flame, Ice, and Sand Breaths.
「Kuh!? You’re telling me it has five Skills!?」
A little while ago, he thought it was around level 80 but……
It probably surpassed level 100.
So it had strength that was able to rival even the Demonic Beasts that would appear in the central parts of the Demon King territory. It might even be stronger than the Demonic Being commander Edelgart that he had fought before.
Kiira got carried away by the mood and raised a shrill voice.
「That’s good, that’s good! This is my power! Both the guys that get in my way and the guys that hold me back from success, I don’t need any of them!」
Shera shouted out.
「Diablo! I’ve heard that it has a core somewhere, and that it will turn back into a jewel if that is destroyed!」
──I see, so it’s that kind of type.
There were a lot of these in the Boss Class, but there were also monsters that were the type where damage could only be given through a particular part.
Kiira sneered.
「Ha! You know some unnecessary stuff even though you’re just an idiot. But you see! This guy’s core moves around inside of its body, and moreover, the core’s size is only about as big as the jewel it came from……As if it’s something that could simply be found by someone like you!」
「The vital spot changing places, that is standard routine……Well, from the start, I had no intention of looking for it.」
These types of monsters, things from their movement patterns to their vital spot patterns were generally written on the walkthrough sites. Even Diablo had provided some of that information.
However, in cases where it was the first time being fought, he would have to go through the hardship of coping with it until it was researched.
Diablo attacked with magic.
He destroyed one of the Force Hydra’s heads, but it once again regenerated, and it once again shot a Breath just like before.
Taking the Breath, Diablo’s damage accumulated.

Shera impatiently shouted.
「H, hang in there! Don’t lose!」
「……Could it be, is it strong enough that not even Diablo can win against it?」
Rem leaked out a worried sounding voice.
Kiira burst into laughter.
「It can do it……! It can do it! It’s my win! Get beaten to death, just like that!」

Diablo nodded with a “Fumu”.
「I see, its specs are high but……it’s lacking in intellect.」
Third time.
He destroyed the same spot.
As he thought, just like before, the Force Hydra immediately regenerated it’s head.
And then, just like before, a Wind Breath was breathed out from the revived head.
──It’s a drifting fire, but with my AGI, it’s possible to run and avoid it.
While charging his magic, Diablo avoided the Force Hydra’s Breath.
The Breath continued on three times after that. Flame. Ice. Sand.
It was fixed routine work.
In other words, this guy only had one skill.

「A 《Four Variety Breath after Regeneration》──So that is a single “Skill”. It looks strong, but if its actions are this repetitive, it wouldn’t be usable in personal battles.」

Its behavior pattern might change depending on the amount of HP reduction or a different head being destroyed.
However, right now, he didn’t have the spare time to confirm all of the patterns.
There wasn’t a site to post the information and share it didn’t exist in this world any way.
Diablo confirmed his surroundings.
Within the range that would get enveloped, Rem and Shera, and Alicia of course, as well as the Elves weren’t in it.
He quickly drew near the Force Hydra.
And then, he pointed the tip of his staff towards it, and chanted.
「《Matoi Izuna》!!」
A “clump of lightning” appeared at the staff’s tip. It had an outward appearance that could be called a sparkling orb.
It flew towards the Force Hydra.
Since the opponent was gigantic, although there was some time before it would hit, it wasn’t a slow enough speed or distance that it could be evaded.
The shining orb touched the opponent.
At that instant──
The Force Hydra went *Bikun!* and trembled.
It made intermittent convulsions many times over.
And then, lightning rushed out from its eyes and mouth.
《Matoi Izuna》 was a Wind and Light attribute magic.
By cladding a kamaitachi in lightning and firing that at the opponent, it would tear the opponent apart from the inside.
In terms of the game, while it would continue to bestow slip damage to the opponent for a fixed amount of time and paralyze them, it had the effect of bestowing large damage at the end.
The “tear the opponent apart from the inside” part was nothing more than the explanatory note from the game but……
The effect of when that happens in reality was happening right now before his very eyes.
After it had convulsed many times, it was covered in electricity all over its body and was giving off white sparks.
And then, the “final large damage” activated.
A pure white explosion occurred.
A pillar of light that completely engulfed the Force Hydra had risen.
It was so excessively radiant that Rem and the others had to shade their eyes with one hand and obstruct their field of vision.
Kiira simply gazed at it.
The pillar of light vanished.
In the spot that the Force Hydra was at, a deep hole where the bottom couldn’t be seen had opened up.
This didn’t give the impression of the earth having burst open.
This phenomenon was “annihilation”.
The ground underfoot, the surrounding air, even the clouds in the sky, they were all taken along as the Force Hydra was completely annihilated from this world.
──Light attribute magic, no matter the reasoning behind it, whenever it takes something down, it always turns into a grain of light and then annihilates them. It’s beautiful, yet heartless.
Kiira gapingly opened his mouth, and stared at the spot that had turned to nothing.
「……What the hell is up with that. I don’t understand what just happened.」
He dropped to his knees.
Rem and the others rushed up to Diablo.
「Diablo! To be able to win against a Summoned Beast as strong as that one! As expected of you!」
Shera jumped at him.
「You did it~, incredible! The Force Hydra is something that the Greenwood Kingdom uses when it’s been invaded up until the royal palace, it’s their trump card, you know!? It’s a Summoned Beast meant to go against an army, you know!? Why were you able to win all by yourself!? Diablo, you’re so~ strong!!」
Alicia looked like she was so surprised that she didn’t have any words to say.
Diablo confirmed the girls’ safety, and felt relieved.
Though, since saying “thank goodness you’re safe” isn’t Demon King-like, he didn’t say anything.

Kiira groaned.
「What in the hell are you? Y, you, aren’t you just a Demon……?」
Diablo glared at Kiira.
「You require punishment. And also, because you tried to kill me, there is only punishment. Make up for it with your death!」
「Hii!? S, sto……」
Kiira stepped back with a frightened face.
Diablo pointed his staff towards him.
「At the very least, I shall finish you in an instant.」
「……You……What the hell are youuuu!?」

「I am Demon King Diablo! One that binds himself to no one, a Demon King of a chaotic other world!」

Kiira turned his back and started running.
「Uwaaaah! What the hell is up with that……what the hell……!? Why, why!? Why, is something like that standing before me!? Impossible impossible impossible! Someone! Anyone, save meeee!!」
So he was running away.
Diablo opened his mouth.
With magic──
「W, wait!」
It was a voice that was like a scream.
*Tosun*, Shera embraced Diablo.
「Please! Diablo……Please, let Nii-san go.」
It was the person that had done such terrible things to her. He thought that even Shera wouldn’t forgive him but……
Diablo made sure.
「You aren’t still being manipulated, are you?」
「That’s not it.」
「I command you as the owner of the 《Slavery Choker》──Speak your true feelings.」
「About Nii-san……I hate him……Really hate him. But, I, don’t want any more of my family to die……I mean, he is someone that I had once laughed together with.」
Maybe because she was spinning this out due to the order, her voice was shaking.
There was no mistake that these were Shera’s true feelings.
Diablo lowered his staff.
「Hmph……That, insignificant small fry……there’s no value in killing him……」
「……Thank you, Diablo……Sorry.」
Shera cast her eyes down.
Diablo sent a glance at Kiira.
He had disappeared to the depths of the forest.

「It’s a bit troubling for me for you to let him off on your own.」

As if raising an objection to Diablo’s decision, the voice of a cool-headed, prime of his life man resounded in the forest.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: フォースヒュドラ. Could also be “Fourth Hydra”
[2] Kamaitachi has two translations. One is a cut caused due to a whirlwind. The other is a Japanese folklore monster. This uses the first. Look it up for a fuller explanation.

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