Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to War – Part 1

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Part 1

Diablo tore up the tent with the War Scythe.
Smoothly, the blade didn’t slide, and instead it had a tearing feeling to it.
Shera was there.
Her wrists were restrained, a Slime wrapped itself around her up to her chest, and her skin was being exposed.
Diablo felt anger gushing out from his body.
An anger that was not an act.
An intent to kill.
The Slime that coiled around Shera, with a force as if it were water that was spilled from a high place to a low place, ran away to the inner part of the tent.
Having been released, Shera collapsed from losing strength, and the handcuffs that were entrusted with her body weight creaked.
While breathing with her shoulders, she gazed at him.
「…………Diablo? Are you really……? This isn’t a dream?」
「Looks like I’ve kept you waiting, Shera.」
Diablo stepped a foot inside. He got closer to where she was.
Rem and Alicia also followed in after him.
The two of them also looked at Shera’s appearance, and gulped. And then, they gave the one other person that was in the tent──Kiira eyes of anger.
「……ッ……You! How could you have done such a thing!」
「Prince Kiira, something like this, even if you are royalty, this is something that can’t be allowed, do you understand that!?」
「Oi oi, don’t screw around with me, got it? To push yourselves into the camp enclosure of a prince in the middle of official business, do you want to go to war? Or could it be that you want to be killed? What is the meaning of this?」

While still leaning his back on the tree, Kiira tossed the alcohol bottle in his hand to the ground.
Putting his anger into it, Diablo glared at Kiira.
「……Official business, you say?」
「Being sure to not let the blood of the royal family die out, it is fine official business.」
「You call placing her in handcuffs and hanging her up, and then inciting a Slime on her to be fine official business!?」
「That was a side show. It’s better to get things more exciting, right? For both the man and the woman, you see?」
「As I thought, I was wrong……At that time……Even if the city were to be changed into a sea of fire, I shouldn’t have let Shera go with you.」
When Diablo stepped up, he undid the handcuffs from Shera’s wrists.
He called out to her.
「Sorry, I was late.」
「Diablo……Diablo……Did you really……come for me?」
Shera made a face that looked like she still didn’t believe it.
Alicia handed over a mantle.
「Please use this.」
He covered Shera who was in her underwear appearance with the scarlet mantle.
Shera spilled large drops of tears.
「Thank……you……Thank you……」

Gazing at that situation, Kiira breathed a sigh.
「Haa~……Good grief! I had deployed the Elven elites around the area but……to think that they didn’t notice these trespassers, they are surprisingly a useless bunch, aren’t they? Each and every one of them, they’ll be punished!」
It would seem that he thought that Diablo had stolen the eyes of the soldiers that were protecting the surrounding area and snuck in.
Diablo asked him a question.
「Did you not hear the sounds from outside?」
The considerably loud sound of magic should have resounded but……
「Ahh, I heard it, you know? You guys really are stupid, aren’t youー, making such noise……Wouldn’t it be better if you hurry up and start running? If you make that much noise, I think the Elven elites will notice, and have already gathered, you know?」
Pupupu, he laughed with his shoulders shaking.
「You……so you still think that your forces are usable. Well, I suppose that would be “common sense”, for you that is.」
「Go outside, and take a good look.」
Kiira made a dubious face, and stuck his face outside of the tent.

A burned forest was spread out.
He could see the figures of a great number of Elves.
All of them were injured, and were groaning in pain.
Those that were healing their comrades, those that were hugging their knees and trembling, those that had broken down crying.
All of them, they should have seen that Diablo went into the tent.
That the enemy had drawn near to where the prince was──
However, the Elves had no signs of standing up.
They had already lost their fighting spirit.
Kiira hysterically shouted.
「You’re freaking kidding me! What the hell are you doing all on your own like that!? Rather, this is an international problem! This is going to turn into war, you know!?」
Diablo answered him.
「I have only come to confirm something. Whether Shera truly wanted to go home or not.」
「There’s no way a lowly Demon could ever meet with the Elven Princess! What are you doing arguing with such a selfish reason!」
「With an unscrupulous means, you manipulated Shera……」
Kiira trembled with a start.
「Ha, ha, haa!? The proof!? Where’s the proof!?」
「There is no need for proof. This will end if I can just ask Shera about her true feelings once more.」
「Ahh……In other words, you aren’t able to prove it, is that it? In that case, hurry up and get out of here, got it? Spouting out such weird false accusations, I am going to make a formal protest about this to the Lifelia Kingdom!」
Composure came back to Kiira’s face.
Though it doesn’t look like he doesn’t know what he just did……
He probably thinks he can still make excuses.
「Once we hear Shera’s true feelings, we’ll leave immediately.」
「LikeーIーsaidー, Shera came back here of her own will, right? You see, this girl, she is my possession! She was self-aware of her mission as the Elven Princess, and came back here! Don’t you get it?」
Harshly speaking to her, Kiira commanded her.
「Oi, Shera! Say it, what is it that you have to do?」
Shera, who was crying large drops of tears, went to that half-assed facial expression.
There was no smiling or crying.
It was an ambiguously normal facial expression.
If it weren’t this kind of situation, it wouldn’t be strange, but in this kind of situation, it was a facial expression that was nothing but strange.
「I, just have to go back. The Greenwood Kingdom is, my hometown after all, and if I don’t make children with “Onii-sama”, the royal family will die out……The continuation of the Elven country is, much more important than me being free by myself.」
And then, those words that were repeated, they were nothing but unnatural in this kind of situation.
Rem and Alicia’s facial expressions were grim.
There was no longer any confusion. Diablo felt anger.
Only Kiira raised his voice and laughed.
「Puhahaha! That’s what she says! See that, are you satisfied!? Go home, go home!」

──So it’s a so-called Geass.
Moreover, it was a vomit inducing thing where, depending on the situation, the thing being manipulated could be so simple, one couldn’t tell what it was.
As far as Diablo knew, in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, this kind of magic didn’t exist.
There were times where he had seen it in other works, and even in reality, he had heard that there was something called brainwashing.
To think that such a thing existed even in another world!
Come to think of it, slavery didn’t exist in the game. So in short, the component that wasn’t intended for children was eliminated.
「Such a vulgar magic, I’ll smash it.」
「Oi! Weren’t you going to respect Shera’s views!? Don’t screw with me!」
In response to Kiira who had flared up, Diablo turned his War Scythe to him.
「Of course I’ll respect it. This is the last time……In the end, let us hear her opinion in a way that is absolutely certain and impartial.」
There was only one thing to be done.
He turned toward Shera and loudly shouted.

「I order you as the master of the 《Slavery Choker》! Shera, say your true feelings. Do not be tied by any sort of magic, and speak out what is truly within your heart!」

Light returned to Shera’s eyes.
She looked around at the surroundings.
After that, she looked at her own palms.
Slowly, while trembling, she opened her lips.
「I, I……」
Her eyes were overflowing with tears.

「I, want to be free! With Diablo, with Rem, I want to be together with you……ッ!!」

Diablo embraced Shera.
She also embraced him back.
Rem turned the iron claws that were on her hand towards Kiira.
「……That was a foolish move that is hard to forgive. You should receive divine punishment that is appropriate for that foolish deed.」
「Though you may be royalty, this is a legitimate crime!」
Alicia place a hand on her sword.
Kiira howled.
「What the hell is up with you all! Useless useless useless useless! Each and everyone one of them are way too useless! Don’t make me so irritated! Isn’t this just strange!?」
Diablo asked a question to Shera.
「Are you able to talk about everything? What did he do to you in those five minutes?」
「Yup, I’m fine……I, said that……I wouldn’t go back anymore. But, Nii-san didn’t believe me and said that since I might be saying it due to the 《Slavery Choker》, so he proposed to cast a magic that would erase orders.……」
「Did you believe that?」
Certainly, Shera might be a bit too easy to deceive.
Though, the feelings to believe people is precious.
「On my forehead, with his finger, he wrote something……And once Nii-san played his pipe, my consciousness became distant……That’s right, I was told this……The next time I hear the pipe, there would be an “overwrite”……To go back together with Nii-san, for the sake of the country……And to forget, about all of this……」
「This is clearly magic.」
Diablo strongly hugged Shera.
Her shoulders were trembling.
Kiira kicked at the pot that was rolling on the floor, and it loudly broke.
「Haaaaaa!? Don’t screw with me! We had already reached a conclusion, hadn’t we!? This……Attacking after everything had been finished, what the hell are you doing overturning it on your own for!? I won’t acknowledge this, you hear that!? It’s unfair!」
Diablo entrusted Shera over to Rem.
「I leave her to you.」
「Yes……Shera, can you walk?」
「Y, yup……I’m fine.」
Alicia was advocating the law to Kiira, but this wasn’t a situation where such a thing would pass.
He might become rough.
Diablo tightly grasped the War Scythe.
「You should be the one to be receiving judgement.」
「Kuh……ッ!? Ah, ahh, is that so, is that so, is that how it’s going to be! You guys, could it be, you were aiming for the Greenwood Kingdom, weren’t you!? You would tempt Shera and then get rid of me! That’s dirty, you damned Humans!」
Kiira was pulling his hair.
「Why! Why won’t things go as I planned, you damned pieces of shit! This, none of this is fun at all! Irritating me even though you’re just ignorant people, what’s the meaning of this!?」
Kicking over the desk, kicking down the boxes, he was making a complete mess.
Though, because it was his property, Diablo’s group didn’t mind.
There was no reason to stay for long.
Alicia talked.
「Prince Kiira, I am going to restrain you.」
Diablo noticed. From among the miscellaneous scattered about objects, Kiira picked up a large jewel box.
Within that box, emitting an ominous radiance that was like an oil film, there was a rainbow-colored jewel.
It was quite big.
Kiira looked at Diablo’s group, and smugly grinned.
「Enough……I’ve had enough……You guys, all of you, it’s the death penalty……!!」
Shera shouted in a panic.
「Nii-san!? That Summoned Beast is no good!」
──Summoned Beast!? Then, that large jewel is, the Crystal of a Summoned Beast!?
「The Elven treasure, you see, it’s possible to destroy even this entire world! This world that I can’t enjoy, it might as well be destroyed!」
Diablo made Rem and the others step back.
He put the War Scythe at the ready.
「Very well, if you are going to challenge me──I shall give you a suitable repayment.」
「First of all, I’ll have you die, Demon! Come, come forth, 《Force Hydra》!」
He threw the rainbow-colored jewel down to the ground.
It smashed up──
And from that ominous colored jewel, a Summoned Beast, manifested.

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