Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 9

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Part 9

When they left the room, Alicia was waiting in the corridor.
Diablo carried the War Scythe on his shoulder, and was trying to cross his arms. 《The Staff of Tenma》 and the potions were in his pouch.
Alicia talked with a stiff voice.
「Diablo-sama, I believe this might be quite rude, but I took the chance to listen in on your conversation.」
「And so?」
「I understand your feelings quite well. However, Princess Shera has already declared her own intentions herself, and has left Faltra City. Although you may only be going to simply meet with her, she is the princess of a whole country……We must not let this become a trigger for war!」
「Hohou, going to simply meet her, is it?」
「Diablo-sama, your actions, there is a possibility that they will be treated as criminal by both the Human and the Elven countries!」
Alicia’s voice was desperate.
At this rate, Diablo’s group would become criminals. She was probably trying to get them to desist from going.
However, Diablo shook his head left and right.
「Shera might be being manipulated with magic, you see.」
「Th, that’s……If you are able to prove that……Even if they are the head of a state, they probably wouldn’t be able to escape slander. However, even with that, Diablo-sama, whether or not you would be charged for a crime is……!!」
「That’s not it, Alicia.」
「If she is being manipulated with magic, there is someone that is thinking of trying to free her of that.」
Alicia looked at Rem.
Keeping her lips pressed together, Rem nodded.
「……I’m sorry. I’m going, to go and wake Shera up.」
「N, no way! Are you trying to make enemies of the Humans, of the Elves……No, of the world!?」
It was a panicked voice.
Diablo expressed a fiendish smile.
「Alicia, who do you think I am? I will do the things I want to, and go to the places I wish to see. There is no one that is able to stop me.」
「However……If you were to go to where the Elves are, the Feudal Lord will surely notice. If he were to sense a disadvantage from this, I believe the possibility of him mobilizing the army is quite high.」
──Come to think of it, we were under the Feudal Lord’s surveillance, weren’t we.
He was unable to confirm their appearance or presence. Even if it was just the quality of surveillance, he understood that Galford’s army was refined to a high degree.
However, his feelings were already hardened.
「Hmph……If they are going to get in my way, it will just turn into me burning the Feudal Lord’s army first.」
Alicia staggered.
She repeated the words “This is unbelievable”.
「Rem-san, are you truly fine with that!? You are going to lose your achievements as an Adventurer and your livelihood in the city, you know?」
「……It’s because, I will also feel unpleasant if I don’t ascertain Shera’s true feelings. I don’t believe that her words were lies……But, if her words were distorted due to magic, then I want to help her. Erm……Not being helped by anyone is, painful.」
「We will be going. If you say you are going to stop us, I shall be your opponent, but since we are in a hurry, don’t expect me to go easy on you.」
Leaving Alicia behind, Diablo led Rem down the corridor.
Alicia went around in front of them.
──Is she planning to fight!?
「In that case, could you allow me to accompany you?」
「What was that? Same to you, are you sane?」
Rem hastily stopped her.
「……What are you saying, Alicia!? The positions between you and us are different. We are originally Adventurers that don’t depend on the country. However, casting aside your position as a State Knight, that is just crazy!」
From here on, Diablo’s group might become criminals. That was because they thought of Shera as their precious companion. It was because they believed in her.
However, Alicia had a relationship of having just met her. She had no obligation nor bond to her.
Alicia shook her head left and right.
「It’s not that I wanted to become a State Knight, I simply just want to help people that are in trouble. About Shera-san, I certainly am not satisfied with the situation. Besides, I was thinking that I also can’t just abandon you, Rem-san.」
「……You said that before, didn’t you. However, there isn’t enough merit for you cast aside that position, you know?」
「If that’s the case, I question if it’s enough to cast aside one’s livelihood as an Adventurer?」
「……I see. I have no words to retaliate with. If Diablo says that it’s fine, then I can’t stop you.」
He was worried.
Adventurers were originally taking life one day at a time, and would also have times where they would spend several days in a dungeon.
However, was really alright to wrap the State Knight Alicia, who wasn’t really all that intimate with Shera, up in all of this?
──No, in everything, discovering the worth of something, is something that only the person themselves will know.
If she wants to prioritize helping Shera over her position as a State Knight, then those feelings weren’t any different from the feelings of Diablo’s group, and was something they should be grateful for.
「Alicia, I will ask you the same, will you truly not regret this?」
She nodded with a serious expression.
「Of course. Besides……this might be rude but don’t the two of you not have the time to discover where the Greenwood Kingdom’s army is? I have heard in full detail on the location of where Prince Kiira’s forces are.」
「Hou? Was it from the Feudal Lord?」
「Yes. How about it? I don’t believe there is any loss in taking me along with you, you know?」
Certainly, she would be helpful.
He didn’t care about Kiira, but Shera was probably in the same location. Walking around and searching the forest of 《Kohigashi》 was a pain. Having said that, since Shera might be there, he couldn’t just cast huge fire power into it.
It would take up time, and if Shera were to be taken into the Greenwood Kingdom’s territory, things would become even more troublesome.
Based on that personality of Kiira’s, Diablo thought that Kiira would probably come out if he plainly provoked him but……they would be really helped if they knew the army’s location.
「Hmph……You don’t have to be helpful, is what I said but……You surprisingly have a personality that wastes effort.」
「Yes, I’m told that often.」
Rem took Alicia’s hand.
「Alicia! Thank you very much!」
「……No problem, let’s do our best and save Shera-san. There’s no mistake that she is surely suffering from being manipulated by magic.」

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  2. Now that I think about it… What if Diablo had taken off his magic reflecting crown and put it on Shera? That would make her unable to be manipulated by magic or am I wrong? Even if he wasnt sure he could still proove whether there was magic involved or not, hahahaha


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