Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 8

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Part 8

Laying on the bed, Diablo gazed up at the ceiling.
──It feels like, it was always like this.
Misreading someone.
The moment he thought that he had gotten along with someone……
Feeling that the other person thought of him the same way he liked them……
But that, all of that was a misunderstanding.
To the other person, he himself was a worthless existence, and after learning of that, he would be hurt by that person.
Did Shera come in contact with them only on the surface?
She didn’t look skillful enough to make lies. Was even that just an act? Did she just get along with them on a whim from the beginning?
No, their bond with Shera was genuine……
But that might be his own selfish impression……
He was going around in circles.
A knock could be heard.
From the sound of the door of the room being struck, Diablo picked himself up from the middle of his muddled thoughts.
He wouldn’t answer.
The one that made the knock came into the room.
It was Rem. She sat down beside the bed that Diablo was laying on.
「……No matter how I think about it……I believe Shera’s actions to be, unbelievable.」
It wasn’t a tone that criticized him.
She was probably announcing the results of her rational speculations.
Diablo kept silent.
Rem continued her speech.
「……That stupid Elf can’t do something like fake an act……If she could, there were a lot of things that she could have done to more profit. She’s dumb, and she has terrible memory……From the beginning, she tried to hide the fact that she was royalty, you know? Despite that, she’s an idiot that grandly named herself as Greenwood, you know? That girl……She can’t make something like a lie. Both faking an act and making a pretense, she can’t do either.」
Certainly, that was true.
If she wanted to hide the fact that she was royalty, she simply just needed to use an alias.
Shera didn’t do that.
Even though there was no merit whatsoever in not doing it.
Rem asserted.

「……There’s no mistake that it’s magic. There is magic that can manipulate intent after all.」

That possibility, it was something that Diablo had considered.
「However, she didn’t look like she was being manipulated. At the very least, among the magic that I know of, there doesn’t exist a magic that can make someone assert their thoughts that precisely.」
「……There’s the 《Slavery Choker》, isn’t there? This is also magic that manipulates other people.」
「It didn’t look clumsy to that extent.」
At the time when they first met, there was a time where he ordered Rem and Shera against their will.
To get along and shake hands with a smile──that was the order.
At that time, the two of them shook hands with a smile.
However, they were saying complaints out loud, and had a strange expression where they smiled while looking like they didn’t want to.
Even it if coerced them to do the action, it didn’t change their will.
After taking a moment of silence to think, Rem made a rebuttal.
「……However, last night, Shera and I had a talk. It was a talk about her dreams of the future. After that, it was a talk about her future with us.」
「Didn’t she just think that you would be delighted if she were to have that kind of talk?」
「……What meaning would there be in that? Moreover, to think that she would go away without saying a single word to me.」
「It was probably because you guys got along that it was hard for her to see you.」
「……Was it that kind of atmosphere when she left?」
Diablo recalled the Shera from earlier and the conversation──

「Don’t you need to say goodbye to Rem?」
「”More importantly”, I need to hurry and return with Onii-sama to the Greenwood Kingdom.」

There was something that felt out of place. There was too many to count with both hands.
However, things that could have opened up the distance of the heart with the other person without noticing them, there were a lot more of those.
Rem repeated herself.
「In any case, it’s impossible……I can’t imagine anything else except the fact that magic was used.」
「There might be the fact that she didn’t like something.」
Rem started to ask questions to Diablo who was lying down.
「Do you truly think that Shera’s speech and conduct weren’t strange? Can you absolutely assert that her thoughts weren’t coerced by magic?」
He couldn’t assert it.
However, there shouldn’t be that kind of magic. He had memorized every magic and treasure introduced in the MMORPG Cross Reverie. He had even cleared all of the Story Events.
「There are……several, treasures that can manipulate other people.」
Rem made him rise up.
「But, it wasn’t a flute……even the manipulated NPCs, you can tell them apart more clearly, and they would make clumsy speech and conduct……」
「……What are you talking about?」
「To think that in this world, there was something that could make them converse so normally……」
「……Isn’t it possible that there might be. Elves are said to be the ones closest to the Divine Beings, and have inherited the most of the Divine Beings’ treasures. This might be rude but……It wouldn’t be strange for them to have treasures that not even you, Diablo, know of.」
「That’s just cheating too much……」
──Cheating too much?
If it were in the game, it would destroy the balance.
It would be criticized as a shitty scenario.
However, this world, it was different from the game. Could he assert that it really didn’t exist?
Shera was manipulated with magic──when he tried to reach that conclusion, the failures of the past beat his head. His heart hurt.

“Self-convenient misconstructions”

“Wretched delusions of a guy that was cast away”

“Obstinate regrets”

──How disgusting.

It had pierced his heart more than enough already.
At the time he was summoned to this world, not just appearance and abilities, it would have been better if even the innermost depths of his heart had become the Demon King Diablo.
Not just him acting like a Demon King.
He himself was nothing but a simple gamer. Chasing after her after getting rejected, only to get rejected even more, he had enough.
The willpower to get up didn’t appear.
「……I……will respect her intention.」
Rem breathed a sigh.
Maybe he disappointed her. That might be fine as well. Surely, even Rem, someday, she’ll leave on her own. That was something that would happen before long.
She stood up from the bed.
「……I, believe in Shera. Even if it wasn’t magic, there’s no mistake it’s just hesitation in her heart!」
──Why does she go so far for her? Even though being rejected again would only make it a deeper pain.
It was mysterious.
Rem stared at him.
And then, as if she were trying to digest it, she talked.

「It’s because I’m, Shera’s, companion.」

It was a voice that permeated him.
He gulped down the negative words that were going to come out of his mouth.
She headed towards the doorway.
──Companions, huh.
Being told that in that manner, he felt that Shera was the first one to tell him that.
*Suuー*, he took in a deep breathe.
It was a strange sensation. It felt as if fresh air had been taken into his lungs after a very long time.
Diablo raise his body on top of the bed.
「Wait a moment, Rem.」
「……Are you going to stop me?」
With a stern facial expression, she turned around.
Diablo boldly smiled.
「You can’t possibly be thinking of riding into the Elven encampment all by yourself, could you?」
Rem cast her eyes downward.
「……Th, that’s……If it’s just to meet her, I thought that they wouldn’t get in my way.」
「Are you serious?」
「……No, the truth is, I understand. Most likely, they would get in my way. Even whether they would let me go back alive is……With my conjecture, because there is no mistake that Shera is being manipulated with magic……There is no way that Prince Kiira wouldn’t get in my way.」
「If they were to get in your way, what would you do?」
「……Until I meet with Shera……I wouldn’t give up. Since I’m an Adventurer that is thinking of defeating the Demon King, I am the type that is bad at resignation.」
That was a powerful voice.
Diablo got down from the bed while smiling.
「You are an interesting one. So just to meet with someone that left of her own accord, you would challenge that much difficulty.」
Diablo picked up the War Scythe that had rolled down to the floor.
It was something that felt heavy at the time he first held it, but maybe due to his mental state, right now, it was light.
He spread out both arms.
「Kukuku……Rem Galeu, one of the people that summoned me, I ask you this──」
Diablo fired extraordinarily Demon King-like words.
「──Do you want power!? Do you desire the power of a Demon King!?」
Rem nodded with all her might.
「Yes! I, require your power, Demon King Diablo!」
「Very well, I shall lend you my power! In order to accomplish your goal, I shall show you a portion of this superfluous power!」

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  2. It was really dumb for them to let him do whatever he wanted with her for even 5 minutes. So he didn’t know of a flute. Perhaps its not even the flute specifically, just being a trigger. It made no sense for him to ask for it, so super suspicious and should have been refused.


    • In exchange for war? Besides, it’s suspicious but cannot be proven, just like in cases in court. If it’s not proven, you are not guilty, When negotiating in a group, feelings are just a subjective matter.


      • It’s not a court, it’s a individual, a individual who’s willing to risk war for her sake. Proof is irrelevant. Basic logic is all that is necessary. Besides, this wouldn’t fly in a court either.

        Let’s say these were two diplomats of nations meeting, one demands to be left alone in say, the communications center, missile silo or some other sensitive spot of the others nation, for a certain amount of time. That you can’t immediately see any particular risk in giving in, doesn’t mean you should. That it be asked alone is suspicious enough for the request to be refused.


  3. diablo is so dumb. magic is exist .. is very easy to guest that her mind is being manipulated.. even someone like me can tell.. why a demon king cant.. lol


  4. It’s because he’s ‘the Demon King’ who studied all the magic in the game. He assumed he knows all the magic of the world.
    Baka! Argh! 😠
    + his social rejection traumas
    Well at least he’s bipolar, manic AND depressive, lol

    Thx for the chapter 😆


  5. “If it were in the game, it would destroy the balance. It would be criticized as a shitty scenario.” Just like Diablo having a magic reflect ring. All the pvp that challenged him, it reflected. Those guys must of thought that was a shitty scenario to face someone who reflects everything. Bad game balancing. Diablo has shown no indication of being a talented/skillful player too. It all his equipment sadly :/


  6. Had to get on here just to say, no. You can’t play this off author, that level of stupidity is simply inhuman. this is less a question of a trauma and more of simple logic and understanding of any human being that has even the smallest depth of understanding in ANY fantasy genre. Diablo just became the dumbest MC i have ever read of from a decent story in record time. Every single reader saw this coming, don’t even try to play it off and just move on. >.<


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