Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 7

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Part 7

Still seeing off the carriage, he stood stock still.
The surrounding people passed by him, turned their eyes towards him, and then left.
──What just happened?
He didn’t know.
The various thoughts that were spinning around inside of his head were vanishing.
Just how much time, did he stay like that. He was called out to by Rem and Alicia. The two of them seemed to have come back.
Rem tilted her head.
「……I didn’t think that I would be meeting up with you……Did I worry you since I was running late? Let’s go call Shera and have lunch. You guys couldn’t have eaten already, right?」
Alicia expressed a gentle smile.
「Though, having gone through such a disaster, it would be good if Shera-sama were to eat before us and become energetic.」
「……That might be true but.」
Diablo, with the swirling questions in his head as they are, informed them with a voice like that of a machine.
「Shera, returned to, the Greenwood Kingdom.」
Rem and Alicia opened their eyes wide open.
The two of them, even though they tried to say something, their words didn’t seem to come out.
It seems they were greatly surprised.
Alicia made a meek face.
「Um, Diablo-sama, it’s not that I am doubting your words but, is that really the truth? For me, it is exceedingly unbelievable.」
「……Yeah……I’m also clueless as to what kind of change of mental state she had. I just saw her off a little while ago.」
He looked to the direction that the carriage left towards.
Rem drew closer to Diablo.
「Did you say something to Shera!? Something that, um, made her not want to stay here!?」
「Nope……Today, all I did was make some potions……But, there was probably something that she didn’t like. It’s something that happens often.」
「N, no way, to say that it’s something that happens often! Let’s chase after her!」
「We can’t catch up to them. Shera left in a carriage. That’s right, as if, they had arranged to meet, Kiira was waiting for her……Did Shera plan on doing this, ever since she had that talk alone with that guy? I don’t really know though.」
It was in a tone that wasn’t that of Diablo, but he didn’t have the energy to pay attention to that.
He turned his back towards the two, and headed to the inn.
Rem asked him.
「……What are you going to do?」
He went into the inn.
He had heard Rem’s voice behind him but──
Ignoring her, Diablo went back to the room.

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