Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 6

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Part 6

The next morning──
After having breakfast, Diablo’s group of four took separate actions.
It was to report the details of the matter to various people.
After telling Sylvie at the Adventurer’s Guild, Rem would report to Celes in the Magician’s Guild.
And Alicia was going to report to the feudal lord.
It seemed that the two of them would return just before noon.

Seeing as how Diablo didn’t seem like he would be of any use if they were just talking since all he would do is coerce the other party, he stayed at the inn.
Shera was together with him.
It was because she was probably tired out──That was the ostensible reason.
There was still no positive proof that Kiira had withdrawn. It would be foolish to let their guard down here and leave Shera alone. There would be a chance of her being kidnapped.
Nonetheless, he couldn’t just laze about in the room.
This time, they were able to avoid war, but despite that, he would have anxiety if he were to be negligent in his preparations.
For Diablo who used the 《Demon King’s Ring》, not having HP Recovery Potions was a huge pending problem.
Diablo plumped down on to the floor and sat cross-legged.
The truth is that he wanted to do this on top of a desk, but since there wasn’t any furniture in this room other than the bed, it couldn’t be helped.
Diablo put a hand in his pouch, and pictured the item to take out.
First was the 《Potion Can》.
When he had it in mind, his fingertip touched a hard sensation with a clunk.
Grabbing onto that sensation, he pulled it out.
Sliding out, rather than calling it a test tube of metal, a small thermos that was longer than the pouch’s outward appearance came out.
──Taking stuff out and putting stuff in, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with it.
Experimenting with it many times over, since he had also stored away 《The Staff of Tenma》, he would be troubled if trouble were to happen at this point.
Even more items came out. The 《Forest Poppy Leaves》 and the 《Green Nature Water》──
And then, the 《Compounding Set》 that he obtained when he became a 《Compounder》. This was the first time that he had seen the real thing, but it was a mortar and pestle.
The mortar was a ceramic with a size that was bigger than the palm of his hand and was apparently a bowl. It was a bowl with a shallow circular shape, its edge was thick, and, to make transferring the contents into another container easier, it had a pointed part like a beak.
As for the pestle, this was also ceramic and was apparently a pole with rounded edges. Its general shape was a cylinder, but in order to pulverize things, the pointed end was thick and rounded.
It was probably fine if he just ground and crushed the ingredients with this.
If he crushed them, would it really become a potion? If it was really that simple, wouldn’t there be no value to the subclass of 《Compounder》?
Diablo thought that while looking at all of the tools.

「Di~ablo~? What are you doing?」
Shera squatted down on the opposite side of him and peeked over due to her growing interest.
──How should I answer her?
If his prospects of success were high, he could honestly say that he was making potions using Compounding, but there was also the possibility of him failing.
At the very least, the person inside of Diablo didn’t have any medicinal knowledge of the Middle Ages.
He decided to say it in a way where it would be fine even if he were to fail.
「I thought I would try to reproduce the potions of the world that I was in.」
「……Ahh, so you’re going to make potions?」
「Umu. However, there are similar ingredients in this world, but they are not the same. Therefore, I was going to experiment to what kinds of results will appear.」
That was a lie.
”If I fail, it really is because it’s different from my world’s ingredients. It fails when the ingredients are different.” That’s what he intended to assert.
──That’s fine and all, but how do I make it?
The ingredients were all put together.
The tools were also there.
Probably, he also had the motivation.
But he didn’t have the knowledge.
Shera was on the opposite side of him, on all fours. She was peering in at where his hands were.
「Hey, aren’t you going to make it?」
「Ugh……I was just starting to focus.」
「Heeh, it kind of feels like you’re going to make something incredible! I’ll keep quiet, so it’s fine if I watch, right!?」
「U, umu.」
Her eyes were sparkling.
He knew that she didn’t have any ill will, but she was pressing him mentally.
For now, he grabbed the 《Forest Poppy Leaves》.
──Is it alright if I just put it in the mortar like this and grind it up? Or, is there some kind of small touch to it?
As he concentrated, the knowledge came flooding! He had expected such a development but……
Unfortunately, that didn’t occur.
Shera was staring at him like a child.
However, the part of her that totally wasn’t childish, was swaying.
As she leaned her body forward on the opposite side of him, her breasts, it was already enough that he was almost able to see to the pointed end of them.
This wasn’t the time for the potion. Rather, he wanted lotion. He had no idea what he was talking about.
Shera raised a loud voice.
「Ugh!? Ah, no……Wh, what I was looking at was the button of your shirt and therefore……」
「Amazing, amazing! So you can make it that fast! As expected of you, Diablo!」
──What is she talking about?
Diablo looked at his hands. He should have been holding on to the 《Forest Poppy Leaves》, but it had changed to the 《Potion Can》.
Moreover, it had a cork stopper, and going by its weight, it had contents inside.
Shera talked somewhat excitedly.
「I’ve watched a craftsman make a potion in my country before, but they weren’t as quick as you, you know!?」
「Wh, which part……of it was quick?」
「I say~, all of it!」
「Wait, try telling me all of the procedures that you can remember.」
His true intentions were 『Please tell me. Just what did I do?』.
But it was so fast, I didn’t really understand it──is what Shera said as she explained, but it seems that first, he separated the 《Forest Poppy Leaves》 into pieces, put the remainder into the mortar, and ground that up with the pestle.
And then, he added 《Green Nature Water》 in little by little about ten times, and at that time, he would add in one of the separated leaves little by little.
In that short amount of time? In the time that her boobs swayed about three times?
──That, that’s something that’s impossible for me to reproduce even if she tells me.
He didn’t know where on the leaves he needed to take them apart, and he had no idea about the right timing of when he should put in the separated parts.
It was truly the work of a craftsman.
In other words, if he were to be conscious of it and try to move his hands, it would be the hands of the person inside of him that had no knowledge about it.
However, if he were to change the focus of his consciousness on something else and do it unconsciously, his skill would become the hands of a 《Compounder》, and the potion would be made in an instant.
──Is it fine if I just avert my awareness?
Shera tilted her head, looking curious.
「Are you done making them?」
「Ah, no……I’ll make them but……Ahem! Shera, be sure to watch carefully. If you are also an Adventurer, since it would be better if you know how to at least make a potion, look “only” at my hands! Firmly at them!」
「’Kay! I’ll watch!」
With sparkling eyes, Shera stared at his hands.
And then, Diablo looked at Shera’s breasts.
Perfectly round.
Her soft bulges, every time she twisted her body, they would change their form for only a bit.
This was, considerably dangerous.
He needed to be careful so as to stop himself from getting too excited.
And then, with just a little bit more, the tip was.
The tip was!
With a “Ha!” Diablo looked at his hands. Nine 《Potion Cans》 were rolling about.
──It sure is incredible, the skills of a 《Compounder》!
Shera was going “Amazing, amazing!” and clapping her hands in delight.
Honestly, he felt a bit sorry, but at any rate, he was able to harvest the fact that he knew he was able to make potions.
「No……There is still the need to test it out.」
「Test what out?」
「To test whether these potions are usable. Technically, they are supposed to be HP Recovery Potions but……」
「Should I, drink one?」
「No, there’s no point in having you drink it when you aren’t injured. Well, I’ll just test it out the next time someone gets injured. With these ingredients, it shouldn’t lose its effects nor become poison.」
Even if it were a success, to Diablo, the amount recovered would be less than 1%. It wasn’t an item that he could rely on in times of battle.
Once he gathered ingredients with much higher scarcity and make an MP Recovery Potion, he would try it out himself.
The situation where it looked like he might need potions had passed, but that didn’t mean that he shouldn’t be prepared.
They were able to avoid the war.
According to Shera’s words, Kiira should be withdrawing his troops today.
──Though, that’s only if he keeps his promise.
Since he was an opponent that he couldn’t trust, there was still a long time before Diablo could loosen his guard.

The tone of a pipe could be heard.

He had a memory of this eerie and repulsive sound of a pipe.
──So it’s Kiira’s pipe.
Forget still having not withdrawn yet, to think that he would come to town again……As he thought, this probably meant that he had no intentions of keeping his promise.
Diablo quickly put the goods concerning 《Compounding》 away into his pouch. Taking hold of the War Scythe, he stood up.
He peeked outside from the window.
Near the front of the inn, a high class carriage that was unbalanced with the surroundings was at a halt.
The figure of someone holding a pipe could not be found.
With a *suu*, the sound of the pipe ceased.
──Did he run away?
He couldn’t find Kiira’s figure.
Diablo returned to the place he was at before.
Motionlessly, Shera was crouching, and was solidified in that same posture.
Because of the sound of the pipe, she probably remembered the difficult choice she made yesterday.
He took a look at her state.
As if she were looking neither into the distance nor anything nearby, Shera had eyes that looked like she wasn’t looking at anything.
Her lips were subtly moving, and she muttered words in a voice that couldn’t be heard.
Diablo became worried.
「Oi, Shera, what’s wrong? Get ahold of yourself!」
Shera looked at him.
「Ah, Diablo……Yeah, what?」
It was her usual self. She had been disturbed, but it looks like she returned to how she was.
「Are you alright?」
「What do you mean?」
「No……If you are fine, then it’s alright.」
「Is that so? Ah, that’s right……hey……? I, have something that I need to say to you, Diablo, but is that alright?」
It was an abrupt claim.
「What’s wrong?」
「You see, what I needed to tell you was……」
Her eyes were swimming.
For Diablo, since he had no idea about what she was going to say, he simply waited.
With an ambiguous facial expression that looked like she was making a smile where she was about to cry but looked like she was troubled by something, Shera gazed at Diablo.
And then, while hesitatingly rubbing her fingers, she opened her mouth.

「I’m, going to go back to the Greenwood Kingdom.」

──Just now, what did she say?
HIs comprehension couldn’t keep up.
Could it be he misheard her?
However, while Diablo was silent, she continued her speech.
「Y, you see, I, just have to go back. The Greenwood Kingdom is, my hometown after all, and if I don’t make children with “Onii-sama”, the royal family will die out……The continuation of the Elven country is, much more important than me being free by myself.」
「No way.」
「Ah, it’s not like I’m doing this out of a sense of duty. After thinking about it carefully, about Onii-sama, you could say that I respect him……and if I go back to my hometown, I won’t have to do the dangerous job of being an Adventurer……casting aside safety for the sake of freedom, that’s just foolish.」
「There certainly is that way of thinking, though.」
──What is this? Did something happen?
Shera, she should have refused Kiira’s temptation.
Even in her conversation with Rem last night, he knew that her feelings of remaining in Faltra City were strong.
What happened to that, all of a sudden?
──What is this, this inconsistency? Is a radical change in thought like this really possible?
In her conversation with Rem, was she hiding her true feelings and just going along with the mood?
However, was Shera really a girl that could do something like that so skillfully?
「Ah, I need to gather my things……Wait, I didn’t have much to start with.」
Shera packed her luggage into a leather bag.
Diablo, while looking at that scene, was thinking about various things. He had a thought.
──Did I, did I do something to hurt her feelings?
He felt like he did do something.
He was bad at understanding other people’s feelings. He was self-aware that he himself was a good for nothing person.
If his social disposition were his strong point, he wouldn’t have always been playing Net Games by himself.
Could it be, that he stepped on one of Shera’s land mines?
He didn’t know.
He completely could not see what Shera was thinking.
He didn’t know.
Was it because he himself made some kind of mistake?
He didn’t know.
Shera finished packing, and stood up.
「See you, Diablo.」
Diablo was still in confusion.
「……No, um……Let me at least see you off.」
「Thank you.」

Shera was still with an ambiguous facial expression the whole time.

They left the room.
Still in bewilderment, he followed after Shera and descended the stairs, then they walked to the inn’s exit.
Diablo asked her a question.
「Don’t you need to say goodbye to Rem?」
「”More importantly”, I need to hurry and return with Onii-sama to the Greenwood Kingdom.」
──Does that mean she doesn’t have any words of parting for Rem!?
Even though they were getting along so well.
Was a change in mind like this really possible? Or could it be, everything was an act? Was there any meaning to something like that?
He couldn’t believe it.
However, without any hesitation or even looking back, she went outside of the inn.
Immediately there, a carriage was waiting. It was the carriage that he saw from the window a little while ago.
That, repulsive sound of a pipe could be heard.
The door of the carriage slowly opened.
As he thought, it was this guy.
Holding a transverse flute, there was the figure of Kiira with ridicule plastered on his face.
「Shera, hurry up and come over here. The smell of the Demon is going to cling to you. The smell of a loser that is!」
「Yes, Onii-sama.」
It were as if he knew that all of this was going to end up like this.
Shera got onto the carriage.
Kiira chuckled.
「Kukuku……Demon, you understand, don’t you? Be sure to keep your promise, got it? You’ve got to respect Shera’s intentions the most. You promised that if this girl says that she’s going to return to her country, you’re not going to grumble about it.」
Diablo was unable to say anything.
Kiira poured on his scorn.
The carriage’s door closed.
Shera didn’t even look outside.
Rather, as if she weren’t looking at anything, she solidified as if she were a plaster figure.
The carriage started to move.
Way too easily, Shera left Diablo’s side.

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