Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 5

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Part 5

Late at night──
Diablo felt that only his consciousness was awakened.
However, it wasn’t enough for him to get up.
Even though his body was exhausted, his eyes were awake──it was that kind of feeling.
He opened his half-open eyes.
The room was close to pitch dark.
Since the climate of the Faltra area was warm, he wasn’t cold.
──I wonder, about what time is it right now?
There was no clock.
If sunlight were to come in through the small window, it would be morning, the time to wake up.
However, the room was still dark.
Then, he suddenly noticed. Shera was standing beside the small window.
With an expression that looked like she was thinking about something, she was looking up at the sky. Her golden hair glittered from the light of the moon.
It was an appearance that could make one even think that she was holy.
He felt like he could understand the reason why Elves were said to the closest to the Divine Beings.
What could she be thinking about?
Diablo wasn’t able to call out to her, and simply gazed at her.
Rem’s voice could be heard.
「……Are you unable to sleep?」
Rem brought her legs down from the bed. She was now sitting on the bed.
Rem made a slightly surprised face.
「Rem, you can’t sleep either?」
「……I can’t trust Prince Kiira at all. I woke up ready for an attack.」
「Ahaha……Nii-san, he really isn’t trusted, is he. Well, I guess he wouldn’t be~」
Maybe because they thought that Diablo was asleep, the two of them talked while lowering their voices.
Rem once again asked.
「……What were you doing?」
「U~n……I was thinking about various things, something like that I guess? Like memories of my hometown, or like things I did in my travels, I was reminiscing about various things.」
「……Were you immersed in sentimentality?」
「That’s right, that. That’s what I wanted to say!」
「……Don’t let out such a loud voice. Diablo is going to wake up.」
「Ah, sorry.」
Shera blocked her mouth with both hands.
──Well, I’m already awake though.
It became hard for him to join the conversation.
Because he kept silent due to not knowing how he should talk to them, it turned into him eavesdropping on them. He thought that he would try to go back to sleep since that would be rude but……maybe because he got nervous from the strange situation, his sleepiness flew away even though he was tired.
The two continued their conversation.
「……Shera, what are you going to do from now on?」
「From now on?」
「……You won’t be chased after by the Elves anymore, right……I believe you don’t have a reason to continue being an Adventurer. Don’t you have some kind of dream or goal?」
「Do I, really have no reason to continue being an Adventurer?」
「……I won’t stop you if you do it because you like it, but being an Adventurer is a dangerous job……To begin with, if your objective was to become strong so that you wouldn’t be brought back to your hometown, then I believe your need to continue on has disappeared, don’t you?」
「Ah~, now I get it.」
「……If you say that you’re going to continue being an Adventurer, I think it would be alright to look after you as your Senpai.」
「……However, because it isn’t something that you can continue doing forever, it would be good to think of a way of living for when you retire from being an Adventurer, right? Shera, you have a future after all.」
「Ahaha, Rem, you also have a future, right?」
「……Th……That’s right.」
Rem became an Adventurer with the objective of taking out the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul and terminating it.
However, that was an outrageous objective.
Because of that, she probably never thought about her future.
──But, the Demon King Krebskrem will be defeated by me!
That was what he promised.
Shera, who didn’t know the circumstances, tilted her head.
「You’re so weird, Rem! So, well, Rem, you’re asking me what I want to do, right?」
「……That’s right. Although it feels like you’re misunderstanding me a bit……That’s fine.」
「Well then, I want to try running a cafe.」
「……A cafe, is it.」
It was a voice that sounded curious.
Shera strongly nodded.
「I mean, cafes have a kind of lovely feeling, don’t they? Drinking coffee, having a light meal, and everyone enjoys themselves!」
「……That’s quite a loose image, isn’t it.」
「I mean, I’ve never actually gone to a cafe before. There aren’t any around unless you go to the Royal Capital, right?」
「……There’s one in Faltra City as well. It was made recently.」
「There is one!? No way!? Where is it!?」
「…………Your voice is too loud……I haven’t gone there myself, but it should be in the Central District. The place where the Feudal Lord’s estate is.」
「Wah~, let’s go there next time! Rather, let’s go tomorrow!」
「……You sure are hasty. To begin with, I don’t know the specific location. Tomorrow, since I plan on going to report the details of what happened to Celes, when I do, I’ll also ask about the location of the cafe.」
Looking truly delighted, Shera grasped her fists.
With a “Fufu”, Rem laughed.
「……Although it probably isn’t a cheap store, it’ll be my treat……It’ll be in celebration of your decision for freedom.」
「Aha! Thank you! With this, I’ve gotten one step closer to my dream!」
「……Is that so.」
「You see, you see, I’ll be the Master. And then, Rem, you’ll be the waitress, and Diablo will be the person that polishes the glasses behind the counter!」
「……Why are we included in your dream?」
「It’s fine! If the three of us do it, it will definitely be fun!」
「……I have my own plans for the future.」
「Then, Rem, your kids will work in my store! What do you think? Isn’t it amazing?」
「……Why……Why are you so fixated on me?」
「It’s because you’re the first companion I’ve made since I left the Elven country!」
Shera said that as if it were only natural.
Rem’s voice trembled.
「……Your first, companion……am I.」
「That’s right. For me, although I can’t go back to my hometown……Rem, as long as I have you and Diablo, I’m sure that will be my new place that I want to go back to.」
「……Shera, don’t you have any regrets?」
「Un. In the truest truth, my decision of not going back is true. Believe me. But, I do……have feelings of loneliness……But, as long as I have you and Diablo, I’m fine. That’s why, see?」
「……I understand. I will believe you.」
「I’m thankful that I met everyone. If Diablo weren’t here, and if you weren’t here either, Rem, I surely would have……been brought back to the country. The two of you are my benefactors──as well as my precious companions. You’re already more like family than my own family.」
Shera scratched her cheek looking embarrassed.
Rem cast her eyes downward.
「……Having you say that is……um……embarrassing, but……I don’t have any negative feelings about it.」
「……But unfortunately……Right now, I can’t participate in your plans of the future.」
「Is, is that so……」
With a *shun*, Shera dropped her shoulders.
Rem stood up, and stepped up to Shera.
「……Please listen closely.」
Diablo was surprised.
──Could it be, she plans on opening up to her about her secret?
Rem talked as if reflecting upon each and every word.
「……Right now, I, have a certain problem that I am carrying. Unless this is settled, I don’t have any allowance to think about the future. And then, this problem, is very difficult, enough to make me feel times where I just suddenly want to give up……It’s something very despairing.」
「Is, is there, anything I can do?」
「……I don’t know.」
「Then, there’s Diablo!」
「……That’s true……If it’s Diablo, he just might be able to do something. If I can get him to cooperate, I believe there is a possibility. That’s why……」
Rem hesitated to talk.
Shera tilted her head.
「That’s why?」
「……That’s why, after my problem has been resolved, if you, are still willing to accept me, at that time……I might be fine with running a cafe together with you.」
Seeming shy, her face became red.
Shera jumped at her.
Hugging Rem with all her might, just like that, they fell onto the bed.
With a *domuh*, the two of them dived on top of Diablo.
If he didn’t have a level 150 body, he probably would have let out a voice that sounded like a crushed frog.
Rem protested.
「Wh, what are you thinking!? Are you trying to hit Diablo up!?」
「Sorry……It’s just, I’m suuuper happy.」
In fact, it was stranger to think that he wouldn’t wake up with that just now.
Since it seem like they thought he hadn’t woken up yet, Diablo continued to pretend to be asleep.
The two of them continued to talk on top of him.
「……You’re happy?」
「I mean, I’m sure that Diablo will be able to go “papah!” and resolve your problem in a snap」
「……You say that so simply.」
「I also need to do my best! Since I’m going to start a cafe, I’m going to need money, right? As I thought, I’ll continue being an Adventurer!」
「……Very well. Although I think that you are more suited to the bow and arrow……If you still aim to be a Summoner, I’ll first assist you so that you will be able to acquire your first Summoned Beast.」
「I already have Diablo as my first one, don’t I?」
「Same to you, Rem. If you don’t summon one as strong as Diablo, you’re going to immediately lose to me, you know?」
「……I can’t understand you. Exactly when did Diablo become your Summoned Beast……Please theoretically make the causation clear, and prove that you and Diablo are bound by a two-way contract.」
「Eh, today, I kind of……had a fluffy feeling, and I thought that there was no mistaking it anymore, you see?」
「……Wasn’t that just you having a flower garden spreading out in your head.」
「I wonder?」
「……Go to sleep already. I also need to get up early tomorrow after all.」
While yawning, Rem took her original position on top of the bed. She lied down on Diablo’s right side.
However, Shera was still clinging on to Rem.
「I don’t wanna~.」
Rem talked sounding gloomy.
「……You go on the left side, don’t you? We should have decided that Diablo’s left side was your place.」
This was the first time that Diablo, the person in question, had known that they had made such an agreement.
However, Shera wouldn’t separate from her.
「It’s fine! Because, today, I’m going to sleep close to you, Rem!」
「……You’re getting annoying.」
「Why you~……If you say that, then I’m going to do this!」
「ッ!? Y, you, how could you grab a person’s ears like that!? Nn, just what are you thinking!?」
「For a while, I’ve been wanting to try and touch them~.」
That feeling, it was something she knew very well.
Rem trembled her body with at twitch.
「Han!? No……way……Even though only Diablo, had done this to me!」
「Eh!? You had this done to you by Diablo? Like this? Was it like this? Though, today, I also had it done to me……」
「What was that!? Ah, was it at the Slave Shop!?」
「That’s it, you see……Just like this, right at the stomach area……」
「Higuh!? Why, are you reproducing it with my stomach!?」
「And then……he put some magical power……」
「Magical power!?」
「Nn~……also……Since I was only watching as well, I have never poured magical power before. How was it again? Was it like this?」
「S, sto, stop it righ……Nn! Nnnn!!」
「That’s it, it felt great, and I totally let out that kind of voice~.」
「Kuh……You stupid Sheraaa nhaaaaa…………ッ!?」
「Ah, so this is what it means to pour in magical power. The part below the stomach, it become warm, doesn’t it. And then, this is where the real part starts……」
Rem had her body trembling.
That trembling was transmitted to his shoulder that she was touching.
Diablo was already no longer sleeping.
After Rem had raised a scream and fallen asleep as if she had fainted and after Shera had gone to sleep from the tired feeling of releasing MP──
Diablo was anguished all by himself, and was unable to sleep until morning.

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