Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 4

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Part 4

Diablo returned to their room at the inn.
Shera really was in there.
Rem and Shera were sitting on top of the bed. Alicia was standing at the doorway as usual. Did she intend on acting as a guard?
Although she had a worn out face, Shera smiled.
「Welcome back, Diablo.」
Rem breathed a sigh.
「……I didn’t think that he would actually do a musical performance. With that pipe with a bad taste in tone.」
「Hey~? What do you think that tune was~? It kind of made my head itch and felt unpleasant~.」
「……Did you guys not talk?」
「Only for a bit, about the past……Although he’s not here anymore, we talked our older brother……Also, about what would happen from now on, I guess? He said that if I don’t go back now, I won’t be able to go back ever again.」
Rem groaned.
──So she was made to choose between going home or abandoning her hometown.
She probably had friends and family other than her older brother in her hometown.
There was no doubt that choosing to abandon them was difficult for her.
However, a smile was expressed on Shera’s face.
「It’s fine! I had already decided that I would never go back ever since I ran away from home after all!」
「……Are you alright with that?」
「Un, it’s fine. From now on, there won’t be a need to be afraid of pursuers, and when I think about how I won’t be a bother even if I say in this town, I feel relieved.」
It was a voice that sounded energetic.
However, there was something about it that was different from usual.
As he thought, she was probably depressed. Perhaps, she might still be wavering.
Alicia called out to her.
「By the way, the meal from a while ago, it was a bit late for lunch, and a bit early for dinner but……Would you happen to be hungry?」
Shera came down from the bed.
「Now that you mention it! My tummy is feeling pretty hungry!」
Rem smiled.
「……I am also feeling a bit hungry.」
「Ahaha, let’s go eat something! I want to eat some fruits. Ones that are crunchy.」
「……I am totally up for some meat.」
「Rem, thank you. Diablo and Alicia-san too, thank you! Since it was kind of sudden, I now want to eat a whole lot~. Today, I’m going to eat twice as much!」
「……Be sure not to get fat from overeating.」
「Nn? I won’t do anything like get fat.」
「……High-in-fat Shera.」
「So mean~!?」
Rem quickly left the room.
As if chasing after her, Shera followed.
Alicia made a wry smile.
「Fufu……It sure is nice with them being so lively.」
Diablo was about to say 「I don’t like them being noisy.」 like a Demon King would.
However, he wasn’t able to hold down the smile that leaked out onto his face.
Finally, it felt like his usual everyday life had come back.

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41 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Trying to Avoid War – Part 4

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  2. ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
    /.  []    (´・ω・`)

    (Perfectly viewed on mobile)


    • Thanks for the Chapters!!!
      Could it be a mind control flute/song that wasn’t used in the game but was programmed into it for a future update or removed feature because it was overpowered or bugged (a lot of games do that and that would make it to where Diablo wouldn’t know it) and why didnt he place a mental buff or something yet, also he could have said something like “I Order you to speak your mind to your brother” or something like that instead of trusting him like that because well i want Diablo to KILL HIM


  3. Thanks for the chapters!!!!
    My god I have a bad feeling…. a really bad feeling….
    Please tell me is not a cliche mind control kind of tool… It would be funny if Diablo break the spell or whatever the brother did and he like an idiot spilled the beans. Anyway, I hope the author doesn’t do a ntr.

    Liked by 6 people

  4. damn, 1,3 and 4 are sooooo smalll 😦
    I hope more updates are in line, if they are this small, they should be out faster too right?
    I mean instead of releasing all of them together, releasing those small ones regularly would be better, I guess.
    Just my opinion 🙂 😀

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  5. Haa… fcking diablo is pussy… can’t he just kick his ass (prince) and just walk straight to the elven kingdom to convince the king….since sheera already decided that she wont go back…. as a man he should do everything even if he need to resort to violence…. that prick clearly is no good and what did he do… haaaa…..well this is only my opinion….
    Btw thanks for the update…

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  6. LOL… so many rage… i understand that….
    i think…. that brainwashed tool… and when the hypnosis active (when the flute is playing)…. Shera would betray Diablo…. run away with asshole prince….


  7. M really feel like puking . y is my imagination getting perfect? Y does it have to get so disgusting? If I were Diablo at the end of this Shera retrieval arc, I’d make a very very gore event like that of Berserk


  8. That flute definitely was something like a mind control device or at least uses the power of suggestion. I’m seriously becoming unhappy with this main character. At least loan her the magic-repelling ring, or use a potion or spell that breaks status effects -_- Even if it’s pointless, considering the status and mentality of the prince, he should freaking be prepared for those kinds of things.


  9. I’m Guessing Its a Fake Shera. The Music was Suppose to Muffle the Sound of Shera’s Capture. Fake Shera Will Probaly get Found out When She Dosen’t Know about the Fight at the Bridge.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Woah, when I read this the possibility is very huge.
      The sound is disturbing, so they would not notice her being kidnapped. But is it possible to have someone act like the original ? The fact that shera’s brother ask diablo that he would not gave order to shera and all is also suspicious, it reeks of traps and ntr


  10. I think the training in magic sensing will help to solve the problem. And MC, never trust an arrogant bastard who despises others like that prince.


  11. Such a shame. I was really enjoying this, too. As others have said, it’s obviously some kind of Mind Control tool. If it succeeds, I’ll be dropping this like a rock. Mind Control is a tool that only terrible authors and shit stories use.


  12. Definitely mind control, possibly the effect is about to occur. There is also the possibility that the mind control give order to kill other human / harm them so that it would make her stressed and going back to elf country.

    Then again, I’m thankful for the translator to put until this part, it doesn’t give too much cliffhanger.


    • in fact he is more cautious because he is not confident in his own knowledge, that is indeed a behavior that anyone normal would have, he has no social experience so is harsh for ask more of him,and even if he knows the items in the game he could forgot some of them or simple be a new item he didn’t know.

      Even if something feel bad it isn’t mean to be bad in his circunstance that would render him unable to sleep in paranoid

      And also he is not that smart either (there are far more things that he can do even in his demond lord that would easily free him from this event but he just dont use them because he is bad at them and don’t have confidence to talk to people) so been strong wouldnt give him a full view of his current state

      for me he is far more a normal guy who is overhelmed of develope of the things.

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  13. I don’t like it…. I don’t like it at all… you don’t need a special item or something to brainwash someone…. a deep rooted suggestion would do the trick…. even the receiver would never know that they are controlled…. I don’t like it…. I don’t like it at all…. Someone… destroy that flute!!!


  14. I’m soooo disappointed in Diablo? How come he is so naive? From the way that piece of sh*t elf prince talked its already clear that he is up to no good… DAFUQ??? If Shera was really brainwashed, it would be soo stupid… Like stealing a candy from kid…


  15. this is so disappointing!!! there is no way that a person like this is a top class gamer, he cant see through plans or schemes and with his lack of intelligence there is no way he would be able to solo bosses without a tutorial. Even just being from our world would have had him see this trope a thousand times in games and movies and be well aware something was not right.


    • My thoughts exactly. From what I seen of him, I cant see him as a pro, but yet he gloats of winning 1v6s, but he hasnt had anything to show for it, other than his current 150 level. But other players back then would of been 150 level too. It doesnt make much sense how he constantly destroyed people of all classes, unless it was all because of the OP ring he wears. Meaning its not him winning with skill. Hes only winning in this world because of his ring and his 150 level. Hes not even a real Demon king status, hes a fake.


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